Thilo Sarrazin debate with imam, Austrian TV, all 4 parts

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Thank you very much, MissPiggy for thee huge amount of work that went into this difficult project. Difficult both for the language used and effort in translation, and having to listen to that imam with microscopic detail.

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8 Replies to “Thilo Sarrazin debate with imam, Austrian TV, all 4 parts”

  1. I just finished watching the whole debate. Wow. Thank you MissPiggy for all that work! You are a force of nature.

    This Imam is in way over his head. He could not and would not argue facts with Sarrazin. He looked like he wanted to take someone’s head off even before the debate began. The Austrian teacher gets better in time. She naively wants to have more “give and take” with a fascism that only takes. We at unfortunately, weknow this tard’s taqiyya too well.

    • You Welcome! The teacher thinks those kids are our future!? Our future jizya collectors if we don’t stop this invasion! We already pay them indirectly when they all live on welfare -that`s gotta stop.

  2. Hi Vlad,

    thanks for this.
    What’s the reason the last vid is on freezoxee (never heard of it) instead of Bitchute? Can’t be because of copyright / censorship?
    Just curious.

      • Looks good, high res and no stuttering.
        You may still want to upload to BC as well though. For archival purposes, who knows how long freezoxee will be around? Also, some people check your channel and go to vids directly, instead of through your blog.
        Just my 2 cents.

        • Yeah it allows for a much better look and it generally plays better than BC. But the rest of your observations are good.

          I believe I have a unique video channel there at FZ as well though, and I am hoping, that the site continues to exist of course, and that people go over there and look for videos soon, as BC presents certain problems and I actually am in touch with the FZ people, which makes it easy and fast for me to trouble shoot.

          Also its ideologically aligned. Which grows more and more important now that the organized left has pushed the world off of its ideological axis.

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