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11 Replies to “Security footage shows arrest of muslim terrorist attempting mass casualty on NYC subway”

  1. Security footage shows arrest of muslim terrorist attempting mass casualty on NYC subway

    Let’s say that only one mosquito out of one thousand is a vector for malaria.

    How many do you want in your back yard?

    I no longer care if it is pipes thrown through Synagogue windows or subway pipe bombs. All of this screams “sharia law” and it can bite my clank.

    • PS: Imagine how much treasure was expended on attempts to revive the perp.

      Just “Rolling the Taxi” (i.e., Ambulance) has a $1,500 price tag (+ wait times).

      As always, without wishing to seem hard-hearted …

      Were there other wounded in the subway? Oh! Let’s jack up the tax burden by 2X.

  2. American RICO statutes (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) were intended to go after the mafia. The acts of Islamic mullahs and jihadis clearly falls into the same pattern as the mafia. The only difference being, Islam’s claim of an oddball form of “religious legitimacy”.

    The US should use the RICO statutes to, declare Islam, a criminal enterprise. Then close Islam down as it presently exists in the US.

    RICO allows the government to follow crime and money. Then, arrest all, and confiscate anything in its path.

    You can be sure the movement of money for jihad is widespread. You can be sure the incitement and communication between mullahs and mosques is wide spread. You can also be sure there is foreign involvement. The RICO statutes were made just for this type of activity.

    Use a small army of CPAs and attorneys to investigate every jihad attack. Follow 100% of the money back to its source. Track anyone involved, in any way. Then use the RICO statutes to jail, confiscated, and shut down all involved. That includes:

    M1 – Shutting down mosques involved in any jihad attack.
    M2 – Arrest mullahs involved.
    M3 – Follow, and confiscate, all jihad money back to its source.

    Read it all at: http://rico-m3.blogspot.com/

    • You’re not the first to note parallels with maffia / organized crime:

      I don’t know if it’s any good, haven’t read the book. So I’m not recommending it.

      Islam in general can’t be approached this way, but the Brotherhood and its fronts certainly can. Same for all the mosques and organizations that are part of a muslim government’s “long arm”, such as Diyanet.
      I don’t understand why western countries aren’t doing this on a large scale. Germany has laws against cults, part of their anti-nazi rules (“armed democracy”). They reject Scientology’s claim to be a religious organization, and ban it for its anti-democratic, subversive activities in the 2nd/3rd world. They also put pressure on ZEGG, a dubious new-age sex cult.

      • Muslim Mafia is a very good book. I totally recommend it if you want to understand CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood in the US of A.

    • I thought the same thing. Photos didn’t even show blood, any serious belt would have killed him instantly.
      Might have been just a detonator, maybe it wasn’t plugged in the main bomb for safety. Or just one pipe of 4 or 5 in his belt went off, with a faulty cap so it didn’t burst. Just speculating here.

      He was an amateur, so a mistake is likely. A pipe with black powder can go off when you screw the cap on, if there’s powder in the thread. And TATP is very sensitive to shock. If the bomb leaked, a blob could have hit the floor, and it’d explode. Same goes for home-made nitroglicerine.
      Some explosives react to light, a photo flash can already trigger a reaction. There are also explosives, like TNT, that can burn without exploding. Only if the temperature is below a threshold, which may be reached by the heat from the fire eventually. Then remaining explosive goes kaboom.
      It’s not easy being a terrorist.

    • revert, Divert and Pervert.
      Mother-God, Mother’s-String, Mother’s-Shoes
      The Bitch through the veins of Muhammad
      Cries, “submit, cuck-dhimmi or lose!”

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