SUSPECTS IN CUSTODY Six men allegedly raped girl (15)

An original translation with much thanks, by MissPiggy

From this German news publication:

30.10.2018  Munich – The Munich police have arrested five Afghan refugees, according to “Bayerischer Rundfunk”, another alleged perpetrator is on the run. The allegation: They allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl.

The Munich public prosecutor confirmed to BILD upon request, there is an investigation involving a sexual assault and the arrest of several people. The spokesman did not want to comment further.

The case:   The girl, who is receiving psychological care according to BILD’s information, has filled charges against her “partner” at the end of September. The asylum seeker is said to have verbally threatened her and thereby forced her to intercourse. Also, he forced her to have intercourse with several of his friends. She was so intimidated, she had to endure being abused by them all for several days. Each case is to be handled individually. Physical violence had played no role in the incidents.

In addition to the alleged victim’s partner, four other refugees (all between 20 and 25 years old) were arrested. The alleged perpetrators are recognised asylum seekers. In the meantime, warrants have been issued against them on suspicion of rape. They are in custody.

The assaults are said to have occurred at the end of September. The first arrests were made four weeks ago.

Some interrogations remain to be conducted to substantiate the allegations of the alleged victim, which is one explanation why the authorities have not made the case public.

Some of the detainees admitted that they had intercourse with the minor, but said that it had taken place by mutual agreement.


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10 Replies to “SUSPECTS IN CUSTODY Six men allegedly raped girl (15)”


    I have no compassion whatsoever for these girls. I know the guys have nice deep dark eyes and are very charming when you meet them. But the facts are out there. Sorry, but it’s her problem aka she’s not using her brain but rather her hormones are driving her.

  2. Innit this same-old-rape-song sorta tired and worn out, like years ago?

    If it weren’t for the mass media blackout about rampant sexual assaults being perpetrated by immigrants, I’d have little to no sympathy for these thems European women that keep winding up in the hands of Muslim men.

    Instead, there’s a Six-Pack of Whupa$$ that needs opening, and it ain’t gonna be purty.

  3. I think you guys missed the part that said she is 15, which leads me to believe none of you who wrote she deserves what she got -have children.

    She deserves to be raped and passed around to be raped as much as the 15 year old that got set on fire in the the Cologne Train station with a Molotov cocktail.

    I guess her parents haven’t read about grooming gangs in the U.K. and you might want to review the methodology those creatures used there. They target young under middle class girls, who’s parents are uninformed or don’t give a shit.

    I usually agree with what people post here, but not this. Didn’t Tommy Robison´s niece get groomed and raped? The blame doesn’t rest on the shoulders of immature 15 year-olds.

    • I agree 100%.
      These people prey on the most vulnerable they can find. They hang around shelters for homeless children, schools for girls with learning disabilities etc. They’re hyenas. I don’t see what good victim blaming would do.

      i should also point out that young women are actively encouraged to date such men sometimes, even through state media. I’ve seen several such “news items”, in at least one case it was clear they were actors.

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