Terror attempt on German high speed rail, Arabic threats attached

In this video, there is an Arabic symbol scribbled on the concrete railway overpass which our translator made as: “In 15”. But a note was found blown a mile away from the tracks but left near them at the time of the sabotage.

Thank you MissPiggy for the work on these.

I hope there is at least one German media that will be honest with the public when they find out what the note said and what the police know. Which would mean Germany has one more honest legacy-media network than Canada does.

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2 Replies to “Terror attempt on German high speed rail, Arabic threats attached”

  1. Naive and stupid investigators.
    Right-wing won’t kill its own citizens.
    A mentally-deranged person is what? And they would need help to carry it out.
    All that is left is ISLAM.
    And the Germans will fall into the trap, once again.

  2. I don’t know who is stuipider the investigator who says this many be right wing or the idiots who tried to stop a train with a cable strung across the track. The people who strung the cable have been watching too many bad movies about stopping a train that way.

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