Trudeau remains consistent in his admiration for China’s basic dictatorship: Links 1, Oct. 30/18

1. Global News report reveals even more invasion of Canadians privacy by the formerly-trusted agency.

The more closely we look at Statistics Canada, the worse it gets.

After revelations that the Trudeau government-controlled agency was seeking to take the private banking info of 500,000 Canadians, Global News is reportingthat under the Trudeau government, Stats Canada has already taken 15 years worth of our credit card info:

“As Statistics Canada plans to build a massive new personal information bank with the real-time financial transaction data of hundreds of thousands of Canadians, Global News has learned the agency has scooped up 15 years’ worth of credit rating information from a major international credit bureau which could include millions of Canadians.”

“The data harvest was done without the consent or knowledge of those Canadians whose credit history was passed on Statistics Canada.”

2. Gay Man Attacked ‘For Being White’ In Suspected NYC Hate Crime

The New York City Police Department is investigating a suspected anti-white hate crime that was captured by surveillance cameras at a Bronx pizzeria two weeks ago.

The victim, 60-year-old Bronx man Chris Bilcik, suffered a broken eye socket and a torn retina when a man attacked him for being white, he says.

Bilcik told NBC New York 4 that his friends initially figured he was attacked for his sexual orientation upon hearing of the incident.

“‘Oh my God you got gay-bashed?” Bilcik said his friends asked him. “No! I didn’t get gay-bashed! I got bashed because I was white!”

The victim claimed the man who attacked him, who has yet to be identified by authorities, was yelling about how evil white people are before assaulting him.

The would-be assailant “turns around and starts pointing to me,” recalled Bilcik. “And he’s talking to the people at the table about how white people are the devils of the world.”

3. Police Officer in Charge of Security for Charlie Hebdo Boss Allegedly Linked to Islamic Radicalism

(There is no shortage of news events where the success of the attack was in part due to a muslim security officer. This will be no surprise to anyone who has read the koran of course. I have it on good authority that more and more of the official government security people at government buildings are muslim out of all proportion to their percentage (officially at least) to the population. We can guess where this is going.)

A French police officer in charge of security for Charlie Hebdomanaging editor Riss has been relieved of duty after investigators found he had viewed radical Islamic material and feared he may have become radicalised himself.

The officer, who was a member of the Service de la protection (SDLP) which protects high-profile dignitaries, was suspected of radicalisation following concerns from the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI), France’s domestic intelligence agency, BFMTV reports.


The DGSI found that the officer, who is a Muslim, had viewed and interacted with known Islamist websites and said that the officer’s colleagues had reported a change in his behaviour which they labelled as “disturbing”.

4. Iran Refutes Claims of Iranian Intel’s Illegal Activity in Denmark

Earlier, Danish police announced the arrest of a Norwegian citizen with an Iranian background in connection with an alleged Iranian Intelligence attack on an individual in Denmark. At the same time, Norwegian police confirmed they were assisting Danish law enforcement on the issue.

Tehran rejected statements made by the head of the Danish Intelligence and Security Service (PET) about the illegal activities of Iranian intelligence services in Denmark, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Kasemi said as quoted by IRNA.


The official, as cited by IRNA, rejected “hostile” statements. He stated that “such statements correspond to plans and conspiracies against strong and constantly developing Iranian-European relations in the conditions of modern serious and special conditions,” the statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry official said.


Shortly before that, Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen announced that the country had recalled their ambassador to Tehran over alleged connection between the Iranian intelligence and an attack on an individual in Denmark. Apart from the move, the minister stated that the Danish side would push for more EU-wide sanctions against Iran.

5. Is this how Shiia muslims treat their Downs Syndrome family members?

6. In case you are wondering if they get small children to cut themselves and injure themselves in this bloody ceremony,

7. Russia: FSB detain 18 IS-linked terror suspects in Tatarstan

The Russian Federal Security Service, FSB, released footage on Tuesday showing the detention several people allegedly acting under the guidance of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) in the Republic of Tatarstan. According to FSB, a total of 18 cell members were detained. The agents also confiscated weapons, extremist literature and identity documents. FSB’s press release said that the members of the sleeper cell were planning to carry out attacks in Russia, and afterwards join ISIS in Syria.

A lot of people have been contributing this week. Let’s double anonymous this one though. No one wants to be attached to this kind of real horror. Especially on the day before the great celebration of fake horror. But thank you one and all for the consistent efforts.

More to come today and this week. Interesting things are in the works.


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  1. 3 – Once the Islamic Invaders use their positions to kill the top political leaders how many of the useful idiots will wake up to reality?

  2. OT again! Apologies : ) I recently commenetd upon the gabai furore on Breitbart and had my posts all deleted and now I am perma moderated if not blacklisted. can someone explain to me why they did so? Below is my post>>>>
    The problem with any free speech site is that any lunatic with an agenda can post there and you cannot and should not let it worry you. I found an extreme anti-Semitic site there and posted accordingly and the abusive flak I received was incredible as they really were Jew haters one of whom posted under the name of Gregor Strassers’s old hate paper(Der Sturmer) and they were quite open about their hatred. It was stupid of me to try and intervene as like with leftists and muslims fanaticism cannot be debated. Thus at a site like gab you have to expect differing opinions and while respect for them may be impossible, ignoring them is not. That is the real world. Hating someone or some group HAS to be accepted as normal however distasteful. Attacking them physically because of that hate is NOT acceptable and never will be but some idiots cannot tell the difference.<<
    Breitbart seem to be imitating FB/witter/Google by their censorship IMO

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