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5 Replies to “UC Berkeley seems like a fun school”

  1. Doing exams at home with Wikipedia on the screen in front of them for ummm relaxation. Well at least the leftist drivel on Wikipedia wont upset the leftist academics when it is regurgitated. How these two managed to even get into the college is beyond me as neither are fluent in English. 30 years down the track with such ignorant, stupid SJWs replacing the current leftist, non stupid(well..IQ wise at least) SJWs as academics should be fun. Western universities will plummet out of the top rankers and deservedly so

    • The smaller Collages and Universities are already graduating better qualified people then the big ones, here in Missouri MU (at Columbia) aka Mizzou use to be a world class school. Since the far left started flexing its muscles a few years ago enrollment has dropped and the other State Universities are increasing in enrollment.

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