Germany, and globalist manipulations of information and population: Links 1, Oct. 20, 2018

1. Terror training exorcise in German hospital:

(Thank you Rita for the translation and link. I am trying to find the date this took place as I would be quite shocked to think that they would be allowed to yell “Allah hu ackbar” during a training exercise in terrorism today in Germany)

2.  Interesting how a day after the Bavarian elections goes non-left, tons of relatives of migrants are flown in to the region.

(Somehow that is not election rigging.)

3. Merkel ACCELERATES the Kalergi Plan in Europe

4. Robinson Blasts UK Judge Over Giving Bail to Gang Rapists, Denying One for Him

Leeds Crown Court found 20 men guilty of over 120 offenses committed against 15 under-age girls between 2004 and 2011, which included rape, abuse, pimping and forced drug use. The court also lifted the reporting restrictions on the case for which right-wing activist Tommy Robinson was charged and sentenced in May 2018.

Right wing activist and journalist Tommy Robinson went on a rant against Leeds Crown Court Judge Geoffrey Marson QC and the British media following the lifting of reporting restrictions on the case of the notorious “grooming gang,” that operated between 2004 and 2011.

Link to Tommy’s video here at Facebook

(It is strongly recommended that you watch Tommy’s video. One of the serial child-sex slavers was granted bail and then fled the country. Tommy was denied bail.)

Here is the Rebel version of the video

5. In this video of far left wing violent extremists attacking people for law, order, and individual rights, you see classic fascist tactics at around 5 minutes. An Antifa moves forward, and dumps an unknown chemical liquid on a patriot who is then grabbed and moved back into the crowd so he cannot directly be retaliated against.

The substance appears to be urine and this all takes place somewhere in Rhode Island on or about Oct. 15th

6. The Globalist, Euronews, claims that the small army of determined invaders on their way to crash the US border, has been stopped at Mexico.

Euronews is a paid propaganda organ of the European Union, and frequently manipulates video and facts to suit a globalist agenda.

But AP reports that women and children were in fact, allowed to cross into Mexico.

Which is fascinating as the left insists there is no difference between men and women and that despite that, women are oppressed and men have privilege. Women and children first throughout history tends to make a mockery out of that however. Men in fact, are disposable,

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  1. Germany: Is the pro-Muslim chairman of the Jewish community an impostor? “Neither born nor converted Jewish”–
    Wolfgang Seibert (71), chairman of the Jewish Community of Pinneberg, has rejected the accusation that he is not Jewish. Seibert said on Saturday that he wanted to make a public statement on the accusation in the course of the coming week if he had consulted with his lawyer. The assertion that he would give up his office as chairman of the congregation would also be wrong. According to research by the weekly Spiegel, Seibert was neither born nor converted Jewish. Accordingly, he was born on 16 August 1947 in Frankfurt on the Main as the son of Protestant parents and was baptized three days later.His grandparents had also been Protestant. Seibert’s assertion that his grandmother Anna Katharina Schmidt (née Marx) was an Auschwitz survivor could not be true because her grandfather had already been Protestant. Jewish ancestors are also unlikely, writes the “Spiegel,” because Seibert’s paternal grandfather in World War II was a non-commissioned officer and his father a grenadier. If they had been regarded as Jews, they would not have been recruited to the Wehrmacht. Wolfgang Seibert also made headlines nationwide when his congregation granted church asylum to a Muslim refugee in the summer of 2014.
    Read more:

    • The Elders Of Ziyon have been following this freakish trend. Increasing numbers of FAKE joooz alongside bonafide JINOs or jooo-ish un-joooz….

      Joining the ranks of the noisy jooo-haters.
      Who HATE IsraHell and NUTanyahoo. That’s the main thing, of course.

      As if the genuine, self-hating, DNA(?)-joooz aren’t enough of a curse.

      One is/was running for Congress in the USA, calling zerself Hooolia Salazar: poor immigrant Latina, jooo-of-color, etc.
      Till her own brother came out to say, ‘Uh…NO! Florida-born, upper-middle class, Catholics for generations. Stop!’
      For Germany, on a positive note:
      Genuine Jews whose families left Germany between 1933 and 1945 can claim German citizenship for themselves and their immediate families. A sort of compressed version of Spain’s Sephardic Repatriation Bill, it’s been on the books for some time.

      It’s trending now on social media. A second (or third) passport might be fun. But all say the main reason would be to _VOTE AfD_.
      – Reconcile with history, do a good deed at the same time.

    • Six years ago or more in Ottawa I spoke to a fellow who was asked to join an anti-Israel group, might have been ‘Not in Our Name’ but I can’t remember. He said “I would but I’m not Jewish”. THey answered, “That’s OK nearly none of us are!”

      But the group distinctly sold itself as a Jewish voice against Israel.

  2. The destruction of the west continues despite the speed bump that the latest batch of invaders hit as they rushed to the US border.

    I wonder which dystopian future novel came closest to what the world will end up with.

  3. Fake Jews inside Jewish organizations? Now I’ve heard it all. Remember this and trust nothing, and no one, until enough time and scrutiny has vetted them. How much time and scrutiny? As much as it takes. There are very clever and very dangerous imposters everywhere. Hemingway (Imho a brilliant esthete writer, commie yes but…) said you must test your friendships. He was right. How many times in our lives have we invested in people only to be epically disappointed? But this is worse. Organizations created to support many people do exponential damage when compromised over years. Rendered useless, they can then do real damage to the enemy. Look at Diana West’s studies on the Long March in U.S. politics and institutions and then tell me that hyper-vetting was not warrented all along. Look at the Republican party right now? The FBI? CIA?

    This is dangerous and caustic and leftist plants talk their way into conservative orgs, only to destroy the org. from within. It happens everywhere.

    In Canada it was happening in Ontario until Ford grabbed the premiership. Federally, it took nothing short of a brilliant Harper to offer but a speed bump to “progressive” conservatism. “Progressive” has become the longest four-letter word in my vocabulary. “Andrew Scheer” may prove to be an even dirtier word.

    I apologize for going on about this, but I don’t mind being a bore for the sake of this point.

    Vet for mettle the people in your sphere. I have age-old “friends” I’d never trust in a fox hole. Sad but true. At least I know what I’ve got. I use differences of opinion to test. Pick a fight, even. So what if the other guy is more informed on a particular subject and wins. It’s not what you were after. Even if you’ve lost, you’ve still won in the greater context of knowing the value of your peers. Where have you seen this strategy lately? PTrump? Sure, none of us likes confrontation, but it’s a good tool.

    On the other side of the fight you know who’s who and what’s what. Some here at VTB have been doing it all along. True blues survive the wash. Yellows are quickly sorted.

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