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12 Replies to “Tommy Robinson: UK soldier discharged for taking a photo with me”

  1. “UK Government Launches Probe after British Soldiers Pose with Tommy Robinson for Photo” by Jim Hoft – October 10, 2018

    “Please go to http://www.StandWithOurLads.com and sign the petition. Say NO to our British Forces being investigated simply for having a photo with #TommyRobinson” Katie Hopkins – Twitter – October 9, 2018

  2. Armed Forces Muslim Association

    “AFMA provides advice and support to Muslim personnel on how to balance the needs of their faith whilst maintaining operational effectiveness.”

    The ranks within the ranks.

  3. If you want to lose the loyalty of your own armed forces than this is the way to do it.
    Another notch on the beam and the tally is growing.

  4. This is the globalist elite in the UK attempting to revive the “aristocracy” of old (via plutocratic means) and to put the “serfs”/plebs back into their places and to stop them interfering with their concept of “noblesse oblige”(which really means that only we can be allowed to lead and it is your job to obey, shut up and/or die). This is what that perverted foolishness called socialism was meant to combat but instead is supporting. If I really dwell on this I want to pull my hair out, so insane is their reasoning and so dark seems the future.

  5. The british government sent A message, you better not get your picture taken with tommy Robinson if you want to have A career.

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