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6 Replies to “Swiss parliamentary debate on nature of crime problem”

  1. OT/ Several times a week our President has been campaigning on behalf on Republicans for the elections on Nov. 6. I watch as many as I can. They are amazing morale boosters.

    We spend so much time watching the world fall apart, we forget that here in the USA, we fight! So enjoy!

    President Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Erie, PA 10/10/18
    [start at 1:55]

    • Compare and contrast:

      Trump’s commitment to have cadres of electrical workers trailing in hurricane Michael’s wake and having large supplies of drinking water for those impacted by this tropical storm. Clearly, these are advance preparations of critical importance. Consider that current FEMA administrator, Brock Long, has 18 plus years of experience assisting and supporting local, state, and Federal Governments with building robust emergency management and public health preparedness programs.

      Now, let’s rewind to 2005:

      Bush 2.0’s casual flyover of the disaster and throwing a similarly unqualified confrere like Michael “Brownie” Brown—Judges & Stewards Commissioner for the International Arabian Horse Association—at Hurricane Katrina with all of the ensuing horror stories coming out of the Superdome.

      The account of Australian tourist, Bud Hopes, paints a grim picture of just how badly emergency services and social cohesion broke down in the storm’s aftermath. Aussie tourist saved from the nightmare of Hurricane Katrina looks to return the favour. An excerpt:

      Food was running out.

      Knife-wielding addicts were smoking crack in bathrooms overflowing with feaces.

      Gun shots rattled the Dome, a man had jumped to his death from the upper tiers and Bud had seen a grown man attempt to sexually assault a 10-year-old.

      The stench was unbearable.

      All of it was about to get worse with the imminent shut down of the power generators – which would leave thousands of hot, hungry and damp storm victims in complete darkness.

      Which individual will be remembered and treated most favorably by history?

      Trust a businessman to comprehend logistics.

  2. Swiss parliamentary debate on nature of crime problem

    That should have been a quick five minutes.

    HINT: It’s the “immigrants”, stupid.

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