Soldiers who had pic taken with Tommy are under severe investigation

We will not let the army submit to Islam through political correctness

Its time to fight back – please sign the petition here:

We cannot let the Army hang these guys out to dry. They send them away to far off lands to fight and die to give others freedom whilst removing all of their own freedoms back home.

How can someone not be allowed to take a photo with another person!

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  1. The whole British psyche is being undermined by these ineffectual arrogant self indulgent so called leaders of this once great country. No more can we rely on good common sense and understanding of right & wrong from the politician’s. They seem hellbent on giving over all rule to muslims who preach hate on our street’s and get away with it !! Can we stand on street’s and preach such hate as muslim preachers do ? No of course not, WE end up in courts that are indoctrinated towards the so called “muslim inclusion into our society” and magistrate/judge’s that are frightened to use common sense. This country is slowly being taken over by muslims who are happy to see us English & our ways swept up into their way of governing , they hate our(very fast eroding) freedom and christian religion . These muslim fanatics must be stopped any where they preach. We/our politicians and armed forces need to see the danger of the actions that are taken, or not, against these fanatics.

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