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10 Replies to “Tommy and the Troops”

  1. Army launches probe after Tommy Robinson poses with group of young men in fatigues for Instagram video

    The far-right activist shared a picture of himself with young men in camouflage
    He also posted a video on Monday with Army personnel shouting his name
    The Army said it is aware of the photograph and footage and is investigating
    Muslim Council of Britain said Mr Robinson ‘does not represent our Armed Forces, however much he tries to claim otherwise’
    Imam Asim Hafiz, Islamic religious advisor to the Armed Forces, said that ‘any form of racism, discrimination or extremism is taken extremely seriously and will be dealt with accordingly’.

    • It is the usual bullshit talked about Tommy – he just had his picture taken with those guys – they are really trying to break him with all this constant hassle but there is no way they can. Why cant they just see him for what he is – a patriotic Brit who cares for other Brits. He deserves a medal for what he has done.

  2. When you see Tommy’s diffident expression when speaking to the troops, the typical politician’s photo-op looks so artificial and stilted, and the politicians themselves look like marionettes, wielded by some committee of PR experts.

    Bah. He’s a man who *really* appreciates his country’s soldiers.

  3. the rebel – Tommy Robinson: Stop the political witch hunt against British troops

    Tommy Robinson reports on the Muslim Council of the UK getting the British Army to investigation soldiers who took a photograph with him.

    GO TO http://www.standwithourlads.com and demand that General Sir Nick Carter call off his political witch-hunt against our troops, prepared to fight for our freedom.

  4. We will not let the army submit to Islam through political correctness

    Its time to fight back – please sign the petition here: http://www.standwithourlads.com

    We cannot let the Army hang these guys out to dry. They send them away to far off lands to fight and die to give others freedom whilst removing all of their own freedoms back home.

    How can someone not be allowed to take a photo with another person!

  5. BBC – Army investigates Tommy Robinson photo with soldiers



    the sun – ‘REAL HEROES’ Army investigates after Tommy Robinson posts video selfie with cheering soldiers

    Tommy Robinson, 35, posted video of the ‘young recruits’ to his Facebook page



    the guardian – UK army investigates after Tommy Robinson poses with soldiers

    Far-right activist posts photo of himself surrounded by young men in uniform


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