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4 Replies to “LIVE protest and counter-protest in Chemnitz”

    • Most of it is just people running around so no need. But things that are worth translating are getting translated. And yes, we are all doing the best we can in formerly unimaginable circumstances.

  1. @ po says:

    “well thank you , we are english speaking majority‚Ķ so this is useless”

    1. It is very rude to look a gifthorse in the mouth.

    2. This was a life-feed at the time of posting and you would be surprised to see how many German speakers Vladtepesblog attracts. However, this is not the Oil-Dollar-bloated UN who can afford simultaneous translators.

    3. Vladtepesblog and its translators do an ENORMOUS amount of work, UNPAID I might add.

    4. Last but not least: Have you ever considered helping this outstanding source of information that is Vladtepesblog out with a donation? Or even by buying one of the Sterling Silver Crosses of St. James Matamoros?

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