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2 Replies to “Breitbart interviews the most excellent Hungarian FM on migration and Donald Trump”

  1. I wonder if we are going to see a “white flight” phenomenon into Poland and Hungary? Are the UK and France going to turn into Bangladesh and Somalia while the central European countries flourish and become the new world powers? Who knows…? Once London votes to secede from the UK and establish a Caliphate all bets will be off. Perhaps the West truly has chosen to commit suicide and there is nothing we can do about it…

  2. Said the boy to his very old Hungarian grandfather, “Grandpa, are Hungarians a race?”

    “No,” they are everything that has passed through. And everyone.”

    “But what about the Magyars and the Huns?” asked the grandson.

    “There were seven tribes that came from the east, originally. Maybe from the other side of the Urals. But that was a very long time ago. Since then many people came and mixed with those original tribes. There’s not much left of them. They are German and Slovak and everything. Jew. There have been many wars and many armies there.”

    “Then what is a Hungarian?”

    “A state of mind.”

    “That’s it?” said the boy. The answer seemed too stark and empty. He wanted something more tangible for his pride.

    “That’s it.”

    “Then what’s a Jew?” he asked.

    “A person of the Jewish religion.”

    “Not a race?”


    Just then the grandfather was interrupted by the doorbell. The boy went to answer. It was the grandfather’s Hungarian keeper. She had been crying. The boy saw that her eyes were puffy and red. “Come in,” said the boy.

    The woman joined them at the kitchen table. “I brought some veal cutlets and fish soup,” she said as she placed her bags on the table.

    “What’s wrong?” asked the boy.

    “I have received some very upsetting information,” she answered.

    “Oh? What’s that?” asked the grandfather.

    “I sent out for my genetics testing and just got back the report. Yoni got his also.”

    “So what’s the problem?” asked the grandfather.

    “It’s a long story. I, I don’t know where to start.” She stammered and looked a bit lost. “I am confused.”

    “Don’t tell me, you found out you’re Nigerian,” the grandfather joked.

    “It isn’t funny,” uncle, she said, the tears returning to her eyes. “Uncle” was a term of endearment. “I don’t know what I am now…I am not what I thought.”

    “What are you?” the boy asked.

    She wiped her running nose with a Kleenex. “Yoni is 91 percent Ashkenazi. He says they never, ever mixed.”

    “Not even in Hungary?” asked the boy.

    “Not even,” she answered. “Absolutely not. But I, I have ten percent English. There is fourteen percent Slovak. Basically it says I am sixty-eight percent of what is Hungarian. I am nine percent Jewish and…and…”

    “–So you got Yoni’s missing nine percent,” said the grandfather facitiously. “Apparently they did mix after all.”

    “So I don’t understand why you’re crying, Eva,” said the boy. “What’s the big deal?”

    “Well there is a part…a very small percentage…” She could no longer hold back her tears. She began to sob and sniffle and snort. “They say I am one percent of something Turkish and Iranian and from Iraq.” The boy handed Eva a roll of paper towels.

    The grandfather started to laugh out loud and slapped his knee. “What did you expect from a thousand years of war?”

    “Does this mean next week you’ll bring kabobs for us to eat? asked the boy?

    “Stop it!” she cried.

    “This explains alot,” said the grandfather.

    “–Park your camel out front?” asked the boy.

    “”Fucking shit!” she cried.

    “There’s a nice burka store not far from here,” the grandfather said.

    “Please, stop!” Eva cried. The grandfather and the boy couldn’t stop laughing. Finally they settled down.

    “Hungary has been a crossroads for over one-thousand years,” the grandfather said. “Our genetics will show it.”

    “But what about all of the Hungarian geniuses and Nobel Prize winners? Isn’t that genetic?” asked the boy.

    “”Maybe the genius genes come from the mixing,” he answered. “Look at the United States. It’s a melting pot–not this multicultural bullshit. Hungary is a melting pot. Everyone learns Hungarian. You can be what you want but you are Hungarian first. This is also what has made America great. It is a state of mind. It makes for a more dynamic and creative society. Stronger.”

    “Are you hungry? Here. Eat this.” Eva had stopped crying. Despite her identity crisis she had proven her Hungarian-ness by her penchant for swearing. Hungarians liked very much to curse creatively. “Please now both of you just shut-up and eat.”

    “Allah-hu akbar,” said the boy as he dove into his fish soup. “I’m sorry, Eva. I’ll stop now. I really falaful. Is this soup halal?”

    Here’s an interesting and recent look at the Hungarian Foreign


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