Leftists grow more violent, more hateful

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    • Yes, I’m certain of that.
      The Dems are drowning and will drag down everyone around them.
      We live in great historic times.

      • They are going to use the Sampson option, if they can’t get their way they are going to try and destroy everything so their enemies will also lose. We in fly over country (the middle of the US, the land the left flys over traveling from coast to coast) are better prepared to survive and rebuild from their attempt to destroy everything then the Dem states are.

  1. To say violence does not solve anything is shallow…..
    Self defence is not shallow….it’s a God given right…
    Pity he didn’t get the plate number on the vehicle….if it even had one……

    • Ground Control to Major Tom:

      To say violence does not solve anything is shallow…..

      After all, US violence NEVER SOLVED ANYTHING except:

      Ending American Monarchical colonialism


      European Fascism

      German Nazism

      Japanese Imperialism

      Soviet Oppression

      Need I continue?!?

  2. Carry, be alert, don’t back down and be prepared. The Leftards are a violent, cunning, but cowardly lot.

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