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15 Replies to ““Seattle. We’re better than you””

  1. Refusing to learn from the past

    This … as the camera (momentarily thereafter) overflies the Space Needle, which (however ornamental) remains an enduring emblem of America’s incredibly successful, “space race”.

    Sidebar: Anyone who doubts the worth of America’s “Moon Shot” program had best study up on Cold War history. That the USA landed, and safely returned, some half-dozen manned lunar expeditions (including the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission) altered this world’s entire course of history. Imagine if the USSR had retained preeminence in the Space Race … then picture the resulting fallout of “non-aligned nations” and other fence-sitters migrating towards Communist alliances.

    Refuse to learn from this superlative American “past”, and risk all as an unwashed, ignoramus—prancing about upon a supremely-fertile field of endeavor—whilst scattering about your bushels of artisan-crafted, red Himalayan salt.

    There are some American “farmers” that deeply resent such deliberate poisoning of our nation’s ideological “cropland”. AND THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY FOR THIS DISFIGURING OF OUR GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    About compassion to a pathological level…

    D’ja mean like in Europe? Where they’ve opened their jugular veins for innumerable alien and foreign leeches to harvest countless centuries of hard-won, Enlightenment Value, BLOOD from our ancestors … all in the name of “fairness”, “inclusiveness”, and that end-all, be-all utopia of MULTICULTURALISM?

    These are the most perilous Barbarians at the Gates™. They are not the “beturbaned-yogurt-delivering-ruffians” of a once-innocent 1960s England. We are now confronted with indistinguishable consorts within the Caucasian race that happily assist in the utter annihilation of Western Civilization.

    The war crime trials cannot begin soon enough. That is … if any of us are truly intent upon surviving this King Tide of Leftist irrationality and violence.

    “Fighting fire with fire”, is a phrase that springs to mind. As in: It may become necessary to ignite however many political “back fires” (as when fighting forest wildfires), to burn off a corridor of “no man’s land”.

    While this is precisely the sort of political polarization that currently splits America (in the most harmful of ways), it is the Liberals that have knowingly deployed this weapon-of-division and, accordingly, deserve to have it wielded against them.

    Turnabout … sauce for the gander … IN YOUR FACE!

    • PS: Vomit bucket, please. Dear, Rita. The snotty-@ss, sanctimonious, toffee-nosed airs expressed in the video clip were enough to make any sane person immediately undergo several rounds of projectile vomiting.

  2. Seattle, we’re better than you. As my copywriting lecturer would have said many years ago “so what, so bl**dy what, Mr B.”?

    • As my copywriting lecturer would have said many years ago “so what, so bl**dy what…?

      Thank you so much, KaaBee. Let us all please take pause to pay a brief moment’s deep, everlasting respect for the “So What Test?”

      Few on earth seem to have had to pass this (otherwise rigorous) exam in recent times and I remain intensely worried that continued generations may experience an absence of such a ridiculously simple and fundamental challenge to basic knowledge.

      Yer Pal,


  3. Please wall Seattle in to insure whatever exists there, stays there. They are crazier than anyone and we all know it. Keep Seattle crazy, it serves as an object lesson for the rest of us.

  4. Very funny, very clever. It made me laugh. I presume, as Homer Simpson once said, it’s funny because it’s true.

  5. I am a 3rd generation near 70 year old Seattleite.

    I have watched this once great, quaint, small city, (think Boeing 747 in 1969) descend into a PC cesspool.

    Boeing packed up and left town because the local politicians were too busy with PC homeless camps than find solutions to horrendous traffic problems. Our politicians include a recently run out of office, child pedophile homosexual mayor, and an avowed communist. Starbucks’ head, Howard Schultz, forced thousands of employees into PC indoctrination classes over a race/bathroom publicity stunt. Tent cities rule the sidewalks. Bicycles have priority on the streets. And with less than $1 million don’t try to buy a home.

    Seattle is what happens when the progressives take over.

    • I wish you would write an essay on this progression. From how you remember it, to where it is, with the changes that led to it as best as you can remember.

      If any of our documents survive the coming Islamic-leftist alliance, we will need them like we need old Soviet dissident literature now.

      • I wish you would write an essay on this progression. From how you remember it, to where it is, with the changes that led to it as best as you can remember.

        Mega-ditto. This is a priceless historical record that the Left wouldn’t blink to destroy.

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