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23 Replies to “Macron has his Clinton moment, calls non-communists, “lepers””

  1. This is what happens when a country divests from its original currency toward a global currency. The French Franc no longer exists thus they have no choice than to support the Euro.

  2. This snivelling little prick sounds so much like Trudeau. Notice how he speaks in riddles. All of these globalist hedgehogs must, lest they be called out on any and all of the specific lies they dare utter.

    This worm refers to French history and the endearment of local regional cultures, yet endeavors to destroy all of it. His is–as it the pomo way–an inversion of the truth. He juxtaposes the virtuous ideal of retaining one’s history with the “stupidity” of nationalism. Sorry pal but that’s just plain bullshit.

    The only reason these sophists get away with it is because real journalists are permitted nowhere them. Canada’s climate Barbie is a great example. A valley girl airhead faced by a serious question? Never. So she trashes the Rebel because she’s afraid of the Rebel.

    Macron’s veiled references to Orban are cowardly. –Same thing Trudeau did when Trump left the G7 by trash talking him. And make no mistake. Orban has been the fly in their ointment since the beginning. Orban invoked the Schengen rules much to the surprise and dismay of Brussels. Orban formed the V4. Orban put up the fence. Orban was the first to suggest setting up Libyan camps before the invaders crossed. Orban outsmarted the IMF on Swiss denominated Hungarian mortgages. Orban now smells blood in the water as Merkel faulters.

    The globalist neomarxists will lose because truth wins in the end.

      • gobbledegook
        Great minds: I was just about to look it up for spelling!
        Trudeau-pian nonsense. Spat out dramatic doubletalk. Clichés of the mutually exclusive.

        Protecting the “farmers” and those who wish to fish? With ferocious predators menacing every inch of coastline?

          • Sweet merciful crap! How this board’s greatest minds arrived at such an anonymous … er, unanimous and contentious crapulence is entirely beyond me!!!


    • The only reason these sophists get away with it is because real journalists are permitted nowhere [near] them. Canada’s climate Barbie is a great example. A valley girl airhead faced by a serious question? Never. So she trashes the Rebel because she’s afraid of the Rebel.

      Great comment, as usual, Johnnyu! Never has:

      If you can’t baffle them with your brilliance, blind them with your bu!!sh!t.

      … been more applicable. As you rightly note, these sophist little tin-horn peckerwoods lie through their teeth and then yell, “Ooooh … Look! Something bright and shiny, over there!” the moment someone starts nailing them down with anything heavier than a tack hammer.

      Whenever they are cornered intellectually, these Liberal sh!tes will use Rebel Media, and every other Conservative outlet, as a first-resort whipping boy. When it becomes increasingly obvious that these Conservative media outlets are the only conduits for truth and unbiased reporting, this sort of Liberal finger pointing will only enhance their reputation for reportorial honesty. Simultaneously, this “whipping boy” attitude of Leftists will only continue to degrade their own credibility (difficult as that may seem).

      The central issue remains that the Left has its oddball strategy of top-loading with Ivory Tower, central planning types (i.e., totally out of contact with reality), then filling out their broad voter base at the bottom with people who’re too retarded to think for themselves and lubs ‘dem their Nanny State (and all of its gibsmedat handouts).

      Small wonder that these snowflakes and multi-generation welfare spawn react so viciously to anything slightly resembling MAGA (Make America Great Again). Kicking out the struts from beneath this whole economic Potemkin Village takes most such propagandized minds well outside the limits of their ideological comfort zone and into that most dangerous of mental minefields, “A place where you have to think for yourself [gasp!].”

      Let’s face it, if Conservatives had reacted to 0bama’s double stint of chair-warning in the Oval office with all of their firepower, the streets would have been incarnadine with Liberal blood. Yet the Left positively encourages, even today, attacks on Conservative gatherings and continued violent protests about Trump’s original election, not to mention every time he’s sneezed in the past eighteen months.

      Liberals, by their outright persecution of Conservatives, and crushing of all Conservative media channels are creating an opponent that has, “Nothing to lose.” This is the most dangerous foe imaginable because they will use every last wile and bit of cunning to do incredible harm as a “Last Hurrah!”. Just ask any of those WWII Kamikaze pilots … Oh, wait, you can’t…

      We’ve seen this being done on a voluntary basis all across Europe in the course of (what are too obviously semi-retarded) Muslim terrorist attacks. Imagine what happens when really smart and very well-armed people get backed into a corner. That whole corner just might blow out with dynamite as a new escape route is created. There’s even the possibility that some of those who were crowding everyone into that corner might experience severe physical trauma or mortal injuries during the detonation (which they themselves precipitated).

      “Nothing to lose”, may well become a battle cry. If it gets to that state of affairs, Western Civilization will be teetering on a knife-edge of barely balanced Nationalist (or Populist) versus Globalist, Tranzi interests that have entirely polar opposite concepts about borderless immigration and Rule-of-Law, especially with regard to America’s unique flavor of Constitutional Rights.

  3. The Euro will fail once the dollar fails. The reset will require a new paradigm as did that brought on in ’71’s default. The new world currency will either be another fraudulent fiat animal or a fraudulent crypto fiat animal. The Russians, Chinese, Indians and all the rest of those swarthy malcontents will demand a gold-based component because they’ve been buying that relic hand over fist for years in preparation.

    Whaddaya think Sassy?

    • might be good for some technology that does not tolerate biofilm but I hope it is not used to represent money again

      • Do you want us to continue using Fiat Currencies? The current economic mess was caused by the leftist governments inflating the money supply trying to use inflation to make paying the national debts much easier. If we are to return to a rational economic system we have to use something besides fiat currencies and crypto currencies are fiat currencies that don’t have any national backing.

    • The Euro may fall before the Dollar falls, it depends on what happens to the worlds economy. In 01 it was down below a dollar and in free fall, the 9/11 attacks happened and that saved it, right now the dollar is strong because Trump was elected so the US dollar and economy strengthened due to optimism about the future. Let the South American economies fall and they then default and we will see how strong all of the world’s currencies are.

      As to Russia and China demanding a hard precious metal backed currency to be the worlds reserve currency don’t forget that the US, Australia and Canada are three big gold producers. That will do a lot to help the US, Canada and Australia ride out the economic chaos.

    • The Euro will fail once the dollar fails

      Just hope like fü¢k it’s the other way around, Johnnyu. Eh?

      The Euro is (in most every sense) … a Basket Case already.

      The only currency that needs to collapse much faster than the € is the Yuan (or idiotically named Renminbi) that needs to implode faster than a black hole in a dense tritium atmospheric environment with an event horizon the diameter of a gnat’s @ssh0!e. Just in case we weren’t entirely clear about this to begin with.

      Thank you,


      • Don’t forget NR the best way out of this whole mess may be a default. Debt finances the Left much more than it does the Right. Not a single dim-witted Progressive social program would find money if not for debt. Small business would be vastly unburdened. Hard work would become required for all–not just those of us who currently carry the rest.

        • Until Obama took office the US National Debt pretty much equaled the amount spent in the War on Poverty that LBJ started.

        • Don’t forget NR the best way out of this whole mess may be a default. Debt finances the Left much more than it does the Right.

          For several years I’ve been advocating a selective default of American debt to Communist China. They have done more to destroy America’s economy than any other nation. Only the Soviet Union’s program of demoralizing the USA has been more damaging to this country.

    • It reminded me of Trudeau actually. That drawing down of substitute-drama teacher powers to try and sell the unsellable to the rubes.

  4. That speech was brilliant! There is no doubt that the lady now his wife and once his teacher did a good job of educating him. Pity he is stuck at that grade level. An equality of outcome?

    • I´d say a bit overdone, over acted – he is not convincing in his “role” as statesman – like a little boy pretending – lack of command/authority.

      The speech sound like desperation – like the institution of the EU has become a gigantic Jones Town cult – gave me the feeling Macron would be asking to pass out the Kool-aid next.

      • … the institution of the EU has become a gigantic Jones Town cult…

        Too right, MissPiggy! Just like Communism, the EU requires blind faith right up and until that final step off the precipice (or last big chug of Kool–Aid™).

  5. The best way to watch this speech is without sound and subtitles and then with sound and subtitles.
    Then what do you see?
    A man not trying to convince his audience but trying to convince himself.
    He doesn’t believe what he is saying.
    He is rambling and incoherent and he knows he is losing it.
    There is no line in his story and its pure emotion.
    He knows the gig is up.

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