American left moves to mob rule, South Africa and how to make a counter-jihad, cake: Links 2, June 25, 2018

1. Maxine Waters doubles down on her inflammatory rhetoric. One can only hope that she personally pays the price for it rather than the useful idiots whom she inspires.

2. This is a great thread from Thomas Wictor about the Sanders and the Red Hen Restaurant story. Its worse than we thought. One example from the thread:

3. Lauren Southern’s South Africa documentary:

4. Albanian Street party?

(As a kid in the West, they used to teach you, “what goes up, must come down”. I guess that doesn’t translate into Arabic)

5. Count Dankula on the absolute state of the UK

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, English Alec, Xanthippa, Egri Nok, Perfect Child, Shabnam A., and many many more who sent in a lot of quality information about important events. not to mention of course, our hard working translators, such as Ava Lon, for the Macron video in the previous post.

Today we decided to test drive the transplanting of a Spanish tradition here to Canada. The first annual Santiago Matamoros day with a traditional Torte de Santiago.

Our good friend Xanthippa made one from a traditional recipe which was really enjoyable and as we ate it, I started to think about how before the internet and TV, people seemed to create traditions in Europe by creating baked goods as a way of commemorating the elimination of islam and muslim rulers and invaders from European nations.

The Croissant for example, was made in the shape of an Islamic crescent specifically to destroy by eating, and one might presume that it was a way of keeping the remembrance alive of the defeat at the Gates of Vienna which was under siege from muslim attackers for so long till King Jan Sobieski III from Poland rode to the rescue of the good people of Vienna. Marzipan also was a creation from those times and for related reasons.

This Wikipedia source gives two origins stories, both related to the defeat of invading muslims, at Tours, and at Vienna.

I have a dim recollection of Marzipan being a food that was invented in Vienna during the siege when there was nothing left but flour, water, and almonds and some sugar, but I cannot find that link or story anymore.

But it would be no surprise to find across Eastern Europe foods that were created and made traditional after the ejection of Islamic invaders and overlords. The Jewish people have a 3 cornered cookie made once a year to celebrate the failure of an early enemy of the Jews to eliminate them as a people as well.

So any readers aware of such things, please do post the stories and recipes. These are clearly traditions that need reviving.

Also a reader of this site pointed out that Santiago Matamoros day is not today, but July 25th. I don’t know for sure but we did it today.

But if its July, that gives you all a month to make one of these, and share it with family and friends and tell them about the tradition, the Reconquista of Spain, and why this baked treat exists.

I made a little whipped cream in the blender to go along with it. Just 35% whipping cream and 3 or 4 drops of Stevia and it was fantastic. Although the cake is truly wonderful on its own. Recipe linked here!


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15 Replies to “American left moves to mob rule, South Africa and how to make a counter-jihad, cake: Links 2, June 25, 2018”

  1. Remembering the day of St. James Matamoros is reason enough to celebrate all by its widdle liddle self. So, lets go with … “Whatsamatta Moros?!?” “Eh?”

    As in, thank you so much, Eeyore, for giving us downtrodden Westerners the slightest excuse to party. As in: Hoisting one in your general direction for no particular reason…



  2. 2…. This simply proves the point that it is primarily the LEFT who are the enemy and until they are taken down there will always be the yoyo rule in politics whereby one party does all of the damage when in rule while the other has to clean up the mess and then is booted out over these so necessary stringencies. Rampant idealism destroys civilizations and you can see this effect immediately by looking at the joke that is now the law in the west. Without the aid of the Left the muslim problem would not have happened. From my POV the Left(placing their DNA in their food….in 2) are no better than muslims if decidedly more gutless, and should be given totally short shrift. I would be pushing for Draconian law reform ASAP.

  3. 4.- Hungary will need help. We’ve seen this coming for a long time. The Balkans are Europe’s achilles heel ready for exploitation. Hungary needs a much larger army to prepare for the invasion.

      • Hungry, Slovenia and the Czech Republic need our help.

        Trust good-old Murican know how. We’ll figure out how to load the V4 with a brand new, dual camshaft, fully manifolded, over-bored, blower-fed*, Super-Hemi V8. If the West allows another Iron (or Islamic) Curtain to descend upon Eastern Europe it will represent the greatest self-betrayal of the Caucasian race since WWII.

        * As racers will tell you, “Injection is nice … but I’d rather be blown.”

  4. Maxine is a Muslim convert. She wants nothing short of getting rid of Trump. For what Maxipad? you talk shit and say you are only concerned about kids, but what did you do to protect the families when Obama and Clinton made those first rules of separating the kids from the Parents, if they were parents at all. They may have well been kidnappers who used kids by buying them from families in Mexico.

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