German Parliament will not allow 1 min of silence for victim of Muslim murder-jihad

Earlier, a reader sent in a link to a Russian MSM article which has sources that more than indicate this was an antisemitic attack for the purposes of Islamic jihad.

We will be publishing a full translation of that article later today.

Many thanks to all concerned.

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  1. Anyone who knows the network of power and interest groups in the “globalized”, or rather globalist world, must come to the conclusion that although Merkel appears to possess “power”, she is, of course, only a projection surface, a kind of “dummy”.

    Recently I saw an interview with “jester” Vladimir Kaminer, of Russian-Jewish origin, who was passed around in the liberal-left scene. He gratefully takes on a double role in which he can make fun of Russia and Germany or its inhabitants at the same time.

    Now he has written a new book to profit from the “refugee” flood too. Anyway, he said Putin had never possessed real power, but the mafia clan structures in Russia were far too powerful for them ever to let the grip of action be taken out of their hands.

    Whether Mr. Kaminer has an opinion on the bestially abused and murdered Jewish girl Susanna Feldman or would ever express it lies outside the “fun culture” and would ruin his image.

    It is inconceivable how adapted, well-behaved, sycophantic, GDR-like today these state channels financed by force crawl before a vain narcissist like a bursa in Stalin’s anus.

    This year, the “68ers” (which one should actually call “fake fifties”) will be 50 years old. With what hard bandages 50 years ago on TV was argued, discussed and debated, had at least the appearance of democracy and participation. No chance was taken.

    Is it possible to describe communism mathematically? A scientist explains that communism in space would mean the death of the universe.

    • I recently saw a documentary about the so-called roll bomb. The intention was supposedly to destroy the German armaments industry, which failed. What is outrageous, however, is that civilians in particular were killed, most of them non-German forced labourers. England, however, still celebrates these inventors as “heroes”. This shows very clearly that it is all about interests and selfishness, however absurd.

      • I recently saw a documentary about the so-called roll bomb.

        All of this reminds me very little of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski’s marijuana-addicted younger brother … The Rollabomber.


      • Against my better judgments I am going to answer you.

        The idea of taking out the dams was to reduce the German electrical supply for a few months. by doing this they would shorten the war.

        As to the civilians and slave labors that were killed, the decision was made that shortening the war and preserving freedom for several decades was worth the cost. If you think that not destroying the damns and lengthening the war possibly allowing Nazi Germany to get nukes was the way to go you are allowed to have your opinion but instead of guessing what the motives were do a little research on why various actions were taken in WWII.

        • Same here: despite my opinion that such as Dresden were unnecessary, Germany should have not thrown stones at the glass houses of others if it did not wish some in return. The diaries and letters of frontsoldaten are full of worry and concern for their families at home and it certainly was effective, Not at slowing industry or damaging morale, but at draining aircraft, pilots and resources. I do not like the bombing of civilians but when your enemy does not care you have no choice and do remember that Warsaw, Rotterdam and Coventry came long before Dresden.

    • In other words, these lunatics now rule Germany. They sit in all institutions. They never had any limits. So believe madness is their world, and their world has to be our world.

      In the mid 1960s, Djerassi and Pincus (Jewish) with others like Peeters (Dutch) and Miramontes (Mexican) invented the contraceptive pill that halved the birth rate in white countries (abortions not included), to “free” sexual activiries, but not in Africa, because despite HIV and other epidemics, the Vatican always prevented the use of pills and condoms for “religious” reasons.

  2. The films about the childless British women sound harmless. But there are many women who have had abortions five times and more and howl at the moon at the end of their lives at night. They’re victims of their stupidity, fooled by brainwashing and idiology. They are murderers of their own descendants. They must “justify” this to themselves, if necessary to God.!


    An official of the Merkel party CDU wrote on Facebook about the victim of an Iraqi rapist:

    “Susanna could just as well have died in a car accident”.

    The North-Rhine Westfalia board member Venny Lang wrote on Facebook about the circumstances of the murder of Susanna and sees no connection to refugee policy or with any religion. Screenshot at the link:

    Venny Lang :
    “The girl is dead irregardless of the suspects nationality. How many mass murders or rapists has Germany already produced (in its history)? To push the blame onto all refugees, even those who are not criminal and try to integrate, doesn’t help this girl. I’m so very sorry for her relatives.”

    Luis Torges responds: “If the borders were closed in 2015, Susanne would still be alive”
    (Because this guy and his family wouldn’t have been able to enter or apply for asylum)

    Venny Lang:

    “How do you know that, she could have been run over by a car or some one else could have killed her. Whether one is violent has nothing to do with their country of origin or religion. And closing boarders is cowardly and goes against all Christian principles.”

  4. Germany: Turkish man stabs 15-year-old girl in city park — She died in hospital — On Monday, a homicide was committed in the Casino garden in Viersen around noon. The crime took place in the city park, where a man stabbed a young woman and then fled the scene. After a witness called the police via the emergency call, the seriously injured person was taken to hospital by rescue services. There she succumbed to her injuries after a short time and died. — More:

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