Got plans to visit the UK? Go to Hungary or the US instead

Remember the woman with the sense to point out to the police that they were in fact being selective and deceptive in the way they did not enforce the anti-religious behaviour act against muslims in a public park in London? And she showed them the park regulations and then they admitted they let them break the laws even after denying it?

Here is the video of that event:

Watch this stunning and disgusting video of her subsequent arrest by what can only be described as droogs from A Clockwork Orange scenario.

The UK is a sh*thole now

PerfectChild sent in the following information:

In the UK:

“The police arrest procedure
If you’re arrested the police must:

identify themselves as the police
tell you that you’re being arrested
tell you what crime they think you’ve committed
explain why it’s necessary to arrest you
explain to you that you’re not free to leave”

She explains why there is an investigation.

There is more in the comments.

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33 Replies to “Got plans to visit the UK? Go to Hungary or the US instead”

  1. Bloody hell. Unless they had a warrant signed by a magistrate they have broken every damn law in the book. If the law won’t deal with them accordingly then there is only one option left. Pray to God that we all can find the courage for that necessity.

  2. Is there someone like a solicitor or ombudsman that people can call for assistance when official thugs come to your door?

    Barring that, is there some citizens group, like maybe your local football lads??

  3. Hey you all gave up your guns to a dictatorship, don’t come to us for answers. Your own people are choosing Muslims over your own laws and respect.

  4. This is not freedom of speech, this is England submitting to Islam. Any time that Muslims are given any special respect by an Infidel, they take it as weakness and submission, that they are the Superior above all the fools.

    • Agree. “Muslims don’t feel gratitude towards those who gave Muslims the ‘Special’ rights, Muslims see that it is their ‘Allah’ which is helping Muslims and weakening the Kaafirs” — say many people about Muslims, are they wrong?

  5. What the…!

    First the “Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal” going on for decades without any arrests.

    Then a lady points out that officers don’t doing their job applying the law in a park. She gets arrested only a few weeks after!?!

    I mean the U.K has turned into Monty Python land – “Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks”:

  6. Truly the UK has become a total Police State thanks to the mooslim invasion. No more free speech, no more civil rights- how the hell do decent people put up with it?

    This video is one of the scariest things I’ve seen yet. That poor woman- don’t they even have to read her her rights? Oh wait, I forgot, UK citizens have no rights unless they swear allegiance to Allah.

    • It was a US court decision in the 1960s that started the reading of rights in the States prior to that the cops could do just what the British Cops are doing.

    • Is that woman far more dangerous than him?

      “London Terror Suspect Once Appeared on Docuseries, ‘The Jihadis Next Door'”
      Inside Edition – Published on June 5, 2017

      Security Expert Bob Strang…
      “Law enforcement has to make decisions about what is the most risk to the public, because we only have so much resource and those decisions were made that there were other people that were far more dangerous than him.” BS @ 0:45.

    • So look at this situation dispassionately.

      The police officers were sent to make an arrest.

      “If someone has been violent or hostile towards you because of your sexual orientation, this is known as a homophobic hate incident.

      Hostile or violent incidents because of your transgender identity are known as transphobic hate incidents.”

      Moving away from this case, until the facts become clear…

      When Socialists write themselves Preferential Laws, the proletariat cowers more and the rest will be arrested for being British. Speaking your mind is verboten in the UK.

      In Comminist China in 1968
      “We were told to destroy four types of things: 1 ~ anything of the old feudal culture (relics, statues, monuments); 2 ~ anything connected to capitalism; 3 ~ anything related to the development of the mind (libraries, old university buildings, art, classical musical instruments); 4 ~ traditional Confucian customs, symbols, philosophy and education”

      1. British History. 2. Free Market. 3. Libraries. 4. Christianity.

      History has shown how the Communists used this technique of giving everything to the lowest beasts until Mao then reversed the policy. Suddenly the petit-intellectual Teachers and Social Workers, homosexuals and fornicators were rounded up and killed by Generation Z. The Red Army children who were raised under this hell were like just the muslims today who become suicide bombers for the only freedom they will ever own. That is their end game for Socialists. And the psychological and financial help the conservatives would have given to such people get their lives back on track… these they were encouraged to destroy.

      No one will have the light in their eyes, but become glazed over for any and every Sexual Opportunity.®

      • You are right, we can still win this fight but a lot of our history will be destroyed in the war, during the dark age caused by the war more history will be lost. Future generations of historians will dig through the books and hard disks that survive trying to find evidence they can use to recreate the knowledge that we now take for granted.

        Remember as long as we fight we can’t lose, we can only lose when we decide we have lost.

        • The only hope for the British is Brexit. A return to a moral, accountable and civilized country.

          Then when people complain they were called names and pushed, they are threatened with arrest for wasting Police time.

        • HDDS? That implies power. Books? that implies that someone recognizes what they are(the Nag Hammadi scrolls were used to start a fire..far too many). The next Dark Age will be unlike ALL others as there will be NO easily mined ores, few fertile seeds, very little food (roof rats were common food in WW1 Germany..cats) and the failure of power will turn most cities into open sewers. Only such as the Kalahari tribesmen and the few real Australian indigenes (who actually live off the land as opposed to welfare) may survive. The book “The Road” is limited but gives a reasonable clue as to what is coming. Humanity is disease upon the planet thanks to uncontrolled breeding and Gaia will take it all back one way or the other. Who is to say that we are not the first to go under like this?

          • Civilization, cultures and indeed, humanity in general, either adjusts and evolves to meet a changing environment, or perishes. Perhaps we will find out whether consciousness and that large brain of ours really were all that much of an evolutionary advantage. Other species seem to have done quite well without them: earwigs, for instance, have been around since the dinosaurs.

    • Video Description Box Link:
      “Jason Burns gets pushed by Muslim, but Still continues to Preach.”
      Inspired Champion – Published on May 21, 2018

  7. Welcome to Air Strip One.

    That is totally insanity. Her story needs more coverage, from Fox News to Pew Die Pie.
    Are Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson aware of this?
    Such a perfect opportunity to put the police state on display for everyone to see – never let a good crisis go to waste.

  8. And the royal wedding was such a loving, caring family oriented celebration of a United Kingdom. Rather a country skating on thin ice if you ask me. I have cancelled any thoughts of again visiting the land of my fathers and his father before him.

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