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2 Replies to “Searching for justice that we can see, at last”

  1. The FBI and DOJ are filled with many fine people who are honest patriots who want to keep their oaths of office. Unfortunately there are also a much smaller number of crooked cops who are interested only in acquiring personal power and becoming rich enough to become one of the Deep State power brokers.

    Which group does any on individual FBI or DOJ Attorney belong to? When you can’t tell which group the investigators belong to you have to bring in people from outside to do the investigations.

    Larry Klayman who founded Judical Watch and who is now running Freedom Watch is chomping at the bit to be named special counsel to investigate this mess, he promises that he will clean out all of the corrupt people and insure that everyone that needs to will go to jail.

    Remember politics is the art of the possible, if you sue the right timing a lot more is possible. This is the first time that it has looked possible to get someone honest appointed to investigate all of the corruption discovered by the house committees. The House has no prosecutoral authority, they can only make criminal referrals, the time is finally right for them to strike, to demand (it is a demand no matter what the wording is) a special counsel that is honest to take their evidence and run with it. Pray that the person appointed is one of the good guys.

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