Israel thanks Hungary, invites Orban to visit

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  1. Thanks, Eeyore.

    Btw: The two ladies who keep Mr. Peterson company, Jo Coburn and Ayesha Hazarika, are Jewish, according to Wikipedia. Friendly and competent women.

    Now some morons are pulling over Israel’s contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest. As if it were Israel’s speciality to choose that form of representation!

    On the contrary: Apart from the fact that Israel was voted by European juries as winner because it apparently best met their expectations (ordered and delivered), there are also less “offensive” Jewish bands and artists, even if they do not live in Israel. For example, the sisters Haim from L.A., who are completely unknown in Europe.

  2. Now look at what Germans understand by “music” now. Is this Israel’s fault?

    One must always be the guilty one, the main thing being that one is only a “victim of circumstances”. The self-responsibility of Orban and his people is sympathetic to Israel. The Hungarians do not whine and complain, but take their fate into their own hands, just like Israel. Those who want to be respected should start with themselves instead of being surprised that millions of Muslims and Africans trample them underfoot and take advantage of them.

  3. The Jewish concert and tour organizer brought all the international stars to Germany, who are still watched millions of times on YouTube, like for the “Peter Illmann Show”.

  4. Hungary would be one of the last places I would want to live in with my family if I were a Jew.Read the history of Antisemitism in Hungary.Anti-immigrant sentiment goes hand -in-hand with Antisemitism.

    • Solution is easy Ron. Don’t convert to Judaism and don’t move to Hungary. However if I was Jewish, and needed to get out of, well anywhere that has allowed millions of muslims to run the streets unabated by law or culture, and I didn’t want to go to Israel, the V4 is exactly where I would go as Hungary is the only place on Earth that has no need for security at Synagogues.

  5. There are Jewish personalities like Jennifer Mendelsohn or Afua Hirsch who are clearly pushing a multicultural agenda, not for Israel, but for the West. Not to mention people like Yascha Mounk, Barbara Lerner-Spectre, Gregor Gysi or Anetta Kahane. They are massively damaging the Jewish reputation in the world, as anti-Semites feel confirmed in their prejudices millions of times over.

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