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  1. Turkey’s Erdogan pledges investment in Bosnia ahead of rally (reuters, May 20, 2018)

    “Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, who will on Sunday address in Sarajevo his supporters from across Europe ahead of a June 24 election, pledged a multi-billion investment in a key motorway connecting Belgrade and Sarajevo…”

  2. Afghan government under pressure as Taliban threaten new district (reuters, May 20, 2018)

    “FARAH, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Taliban fighters closed in on another district in Afghanistan on Sunday as officials sought to reassure an increasingly angry public that security would improve.

    On Sunday, the insurgents were besieging the governor’s compound in Ajrestan district in Ghazni, south of the capital Kabul, although officials said reinforcements had arrived and were relieving police defending the town.

    The fighting in Ghazni, which has long had a heavy Taliban presence, follows several days of fighting in Farah province, on the other side of Afghanistan on the border with Iran where the insurgents came close to overrunning the provincial capital.

    General John Nicholson, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan visited Farah on Saturday with the ministers of the interior and defense and the head of the NDS intelligence service…”

  3. Cohen record leaker could face jail, as sources debunk missing-file claim

    The mysterious law enforcement official behind the leak of confidential documents on Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s business dealings is facing new pressure as sources debunk his rationale for leaking — and one report suggests it won’t be long before he’s caught.

    The leaker could face up to five years in jail if identified and prosecuted.

    The individual, who has not been named, came forward in an interview with The New Yorker on Wednesday, taking responsibility for disclosing records that show Cohen used a shell company to receive payments from firms seeking access to the Trump administration — including AT&T and a New York-based investment firm linked to a Russian oligarch.

  4. Iran’s Leaders at War with Western Civilization
    Why is the West Putting Up with It?

    by Giulio Meotti
    May 20, 2018 at 5:00 am

    The United States just withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal. The move is fully justified not only on the grounds security, but primarily because Iran’s Iranian Khomeinist revolution is a deadly and propulsive ideology that the West cannot allow to become a nuclearized one.

    At the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, everything changed when Said and Sharif Kouachi murdered 11 people in its Paris office. Among the texts recovered on the Kouachi brothers’ laptop was the Iranian call for death against the novelist Salman Rushdie, calling it “fully justified”. The killers were inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini’s deadly edict against Rushdie. The bloodbath at Charlie Hebdo is one of the poisoned fruits of the Islamic Republic. The Iranian ayatollahs fear the allure of Western culture. That is why, since 1979, they are at war with it.

  5. Note: another fake racism claim…

    A South Carolina NAACP chapter president who says he was racially profiled during a traffic stop was accused of lying after police released video footage of the encounter, according to reports.

    “Tonight, I was racially profiled by Timmonsville Officer CAUSE I WAS DRIVING A MERCEDES BENZ AND GOING HOME IN A NICE NEIGHBORHOOD,” Timmonsville NAACP President Rev. Jerrod Moultrie said in an April 13 Facebook post, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

    “He made a comment that the officer accused him of having drugs in the car,” Timmonsville Police Chief Billy Brown said, according to the station. “He said that his wife and grandchild was in the car. He asked them not to move because the officer looked as if he might shoot them or something. He also made mention that the officer continued to ask him about his neighborhood. Why was he in that neighborhood? And threaten[ed] to put him in jail in reference to something dealing with the registration to the vehicle.”

    Brown told the station that after reviewing the bodycam video of the stop, he determined there was nothing to Moultrie’s claims.

    “When I saw the video, I was shocked that someone who is supposed to be a community leader, a pastor, and head of the NAACP would just come out and tell a blatant lie,” the police chief said. “It bothered me. It really bothered me, thinking about the racial unrest it could’ve cost in the community and it’s just troubling to me that someone who held a position like that would come out and just tell a lie.”

    Based on the body camera footage, the officer who stopped Moultrie neither asked if he had drugs in the car nor why he was driving in the area,” the Raleigh News & Observer reported.

  6. Christianity CRACKDOWN: Inside Iran’s sick ‘TORTURE PRISON’ where Christians are PUNISHED (express, May 20, 2018)

    “CHRISTIANS in Iran are being locked up in a prison known as “the black hole of evil” in a chilling bid to wipe out the religion in the country.

    Evin Prison, also known as “the regime’s torture factory” and “Iran’s most notorious prison”, currently counts among its inmates 11 Christians being punished for their faith.

    Anti-persecution charity International Christian Concern (ICC) revealed one of the inmate, Nasser Navard Gol-Tapeh, is in danger of “completely losing his teeth” due to inhumane treatment and lack of medical aid.

    Mr Nasser was sentenced to a 10-year sentence after he set up a prayer group in his home.

    Iran charged him with “acting against national security through the formation and establishment of an illegal church organisation in his home” and said he must serve his term.

    His lawyer Hossein Ahmadi Niaz told ICC: “My client has not broken any of the criminal code and is not guilty of his charges.

    “All other Christians arrested with him also confirmed all of their meetings were strictly focused on their faith and worship and nothing else.”

    Former inmates have revealed the harrowing conditions inside the prison, which in the capital of Iran.

    One said prisoners are “never the same” after experiencing life behind bars in Evin…”

  7. [Herald Interview] ‘Accepting migrants is in national interest’: IOM chief

    Swing attempted to sell his interviewers on the idea that “Migrants are [the] ultimate agents of development,” claiming they should be pushed on prosperous South Korea as an alternative to increasing automation and productivity because “robots don’t pay taxes”.
    “[Migration] is inevitable, but also necessary,” he insisted.
    “It is in [the] national interest. And it is absolutely desirable if we have the right policies rather than being stuck in the past, he ” he added — suggesting national should use their visa systems more “resourcefully.”

  8. German Gov’t Reveals It Is Aware of Hundreds of Militants With German Passports (sputniknews, May 20, 2018)

    “A significant number of German residents, many of whom hold citizenship, have traveled to Syria and Iraq to support various terrorist organizations there over the last years, with many of them now returning. Politicians believe that they may pose a threat to German citizens.

    The German media group Funke reported on May 20 that Berlin is aware of more than 1,000 German residents, who have left for Syria and Iraq, since the war broke out several years ago, in order to support various terrorist groups. More than half of them have German citizenship. 243 of them left Germany to support the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK, considered a terrorist group in Germany) and the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) in in their battle against Daesh*. According to the media report, the government revealed the numbers while answering questions from parliamentary representatives of the Left Party.

    The number of those who left Germany to fight with terrorist groups is still growing, but slower than 2-3 years ago, the German government said. Some of them are beginning to return to Germany.

    The government also revealed that, in accordance with coalition agreements between the CDU/CSU and the SPD parties, a mechanism will be developed aimed at stripping those returning from Syria and Iraq of German citizenship, if evidence of ties with terrorists is found.

    Left Party representative Ulla Jelpke slammed the initiative as “unconstitutional” and reminded that it could affect those who fought alongside with Kurds against Daesh*. SPD representative Uli Grötsch also criticized the idea as ineffective, saying that prosecution and de-radicalization are required to solve the domestic terrorism problem. At the same time, the domestic affairs expert of the CDU party noted that the measure will allow authorities to prevent potential jihadist terrorists already at the German border.”

  9. United Nations Migration Chief Attacks Trump, Claims Mass Migration in ‘National Interest’ (breitbart, May 20, 2018)

    “United Nations Migration Agency Director-General William Lacy Swing has issued a barely concealed attack on the U.S. President, claimed mass migration is in the “national interest”, and that concerns about migrants are based on “false stereotypes and unfounded fear”.

    “People say … we don’t want any migrants, build a wall and burn the bridge,” Swing sneered. “They identify [migrants] as ‘the other’. That is a big fear,” he claimed.

    The former U.S. diplomat issued his thinly veiled attack on President Trump in an interview with the Korea Herald, buttressing it with a sustained assault on populism more generally.

    “It is very toxic in nature, built on a lot of false stereotypes that they are coming to take our jobs and bringing in criminal elements, probably bringing in diseases. None of which was proved,” he claimed.

    The statement seems incredible, considering the ferocious violence which migration-background organised gangs like MS-13 are known to employ in the United States, or the mass sex attacks by migrants on New Year’s Eve in Germany, among other examples.

    In terms of disease, it has also long been established that mass migration from the Global South is worsening public health in the West, with migrants known to have doubled the rate of HIV, trebled the rate of tuberculosis, and increased by twentyfold the rate of hepatitis B in the United Kingdom as long ago as 2003…”

  10. Controversial Middle East scholar, Bernard Lewis, dies aged 101 (memo, May 20, 2018)

    “Middle East historian Bernard Lewis, who attracted considerable controversy for coining “clash of civilisations” and favouring Western wars in the Middle East, died on Saturday at an assisted-living facility in New Jersey.

    The London-born British American scholar was aged 101.

    Lewis was a prolific writer, penning more than 30 books and hundreds of articles in a career that spanned decades…”

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