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  1. Oklahoma: Muslim woman stabbed 11-year old daughter “50 to 70 times,” hit her over head with a pick-axe

    A Tulsa woman who was captured on Tuesday after police said she stabbed her 11-year-old daughter and left home with her 8-year-old daughter, said she committed the acts after becoming angry about the children’s behavior while reading and looking at her, police said.

    Taheerah Ayesha Ahmad, 39, and her 8-year-old daughter Hafsa Hayle — who also goes by Hafsa Hussein — were found in a parking lot near Cameron and Main streets about 12:20 p.m. Tuesday. The girl was found safe.

    Police located Ahmad and her daughter after two women — Anastasia Brazendeh and Emily Wilson — spotted Ahmad’s 2002 black Lexus sport utility vehicle and called authorities. They learned of the case after police issued an Amber Alert late Monday.

    The 11-year-old child who was stabbed is in critical condition, police said. She was described as in “very serious” condition as of Tuesday evening, adding that she was unconscious and underwent intubation.

    Ahmad is accused of binding and gagging two of her three daughters at 7:40 p.m. Monday at their residence in the 500 block of Mohawk Boulevard, Tulsa Police Officer Jeanne MacKenzie said. The 8-year-old helped a third child, who is 9, escape when Ahmad began stabbing the eldest child, MacKenzie said. The child was able to contact relatives at a nearby residence, a police report states.

    After Ahmad was taken into custody, she reportedly told investigators during interviews that she had become upset “because of the way they were reading and looking at her,” according to a police report.

    While Ahmad was restraining her daughters, the 11-year-old fought back, which prompted Ahmad to stab the girl an estimated “50 to 70 times” and strike her over the head several times with a pick-axe before then trying to set the home on fire, the report says.

    • While Ahmad was restraining her daughters, the 11-year-old fought back, which prompted Ahmad to stab the girl an estimated “50 to 70 times” and strike her over the head several times with a pick-axe before then trying to set the home on fire, the report says.

      As mentioned elsewhere, Ahmad’s behavior is a ‘completionist’ type of attitude whose proper ‘adjustment’ may well be something that involves requires particularly nasty (industrial-grade levels of) retribution. This potentially represents a degree of inhumanity previously unknown, ever since WWII. Not at all a nice thing … that is, of course, unless a permanent reprieve from Islam’s constant mass-psycho-sociological rape is a desired outcome. Please face the question squarely.

      FULL DISCLOSURE: My own, second-hand, torn, tattered, and coffee-stained, low-budget, Reader’s Digest Condensed™ version of the, “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5)”, cites such obsessive pursuit of highly destructive and, essentially, suicidal culturally “purifying” disorders as meriting particularly powerful psychotropic-euphoric, and mind-altering pharmacological dosages that, in many other societies, would probably represent drug-possession at capital punishment levels.

      It is at times like these that cold reassurance can be extracted from the knowledge that those, “particularly powerful psychotropic-euphoric, and mind-altering pharmacological” drugs, are also capable of inducing tangential, previously un-empowered thoughts of suicide.

      In fact, during the past decade or two, psychiatric observers have noted how previously over-medicated (e.g., lithium suppressed) bipolar patients have, once effectively prescribed with other more efficacious treatments, finally found the intestinal fortitude to top themselves. This is NOT a positive outcome.

      Most conspicuous of all is how it has been shown that direct, interpersonal counseling is, without any medication at all, equally effective as prescription drug protocols, just one helluva lot more expensive.

      So, in the long run, evidently it’s better to have psychologically influenced patients digging their own graves with opioids rather than spending the money on genuinely helpful therapeutic counseling that [gasp!] might prevent Big Pharma™ from raking in the Big Bux™.

      Go figure…

      • PS: Please pardon me for having strayed. Psychologically depressed, immigrant Muslim patients topping themselves due to unearned and, consequently, unavailable mental health care may not be such a horrible thing. All the same, far too much of this is the, “…blinkered, Philistine, pig-ignorance I’ve come to expect…”

        Regular Americans (military vets, especially) being denied adequate one-on-one, interpersonal counseling as they are concomitantly forced to migrate over to increasingly powerful (and addictive) medications is something I have a serious problem with.

      • During WW2 in the east the Germans justly(they were tried legally)hanged a group of partisans for their murder/mutilation of some young recruit soldiers. One of the last ones to be hanged was a very large man and not surprisingly(it was very cold) the rope broke, not once , not twice, but three times. The Ukrainian crowd(if was probably a Saturday matinee in a world free of entertainment) all cheered as under the rules common to most civilized nations (then) this was the will of god. Not to the feldjager as he had a job to do and used a telephone wire noose which did not break. This is the difference between the rule of law(pathetic though it can be) and the rule of authoritarianism(be it hitler or muhammad) as the aim was to kill not execute a sentence under law.

      • PS: Imagine staying for many weeks in a totally over-crowded, polluted, Formosan metropolis of more than a million people and—not just being awoken by municipal garbage trucks playing, “Für Elise” (Beethoven’s Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor), but far more importantly—having to search for any graffiti, anywhere!

        I know that it sounds weird, but I finally found some tagging on a train trestle off to one side of town. Other than that, it appears as though the Taiwanese prefer to spray paint fenders than walls. Go figure.

    • The western world has become vulnerable because it lost its identity and allowed Islam to penetrate it without facing any resistance. It can only survive if it retains Christianity, but this revitalization seems almost hopeless in the face of the feeble-tailed churches, which outdo each other in “liberality”.

    • They’re already dressed as if they came from their own funeral. Women are strange creatures, as soon as they notice a weakness they leave the sinking ship. Poor Martin, risen so promisingly, fallen so deeply. Life is mean.

    • Hillary’s the “bad ex-girlfriend” of the DNC

      D’ya mean the “coyote ugly” type where you willingly gnaw your own arm off rather than wake her up before leaving in the morning?

    • Why Muckymuq Tater Tot is still stealing oxygen at this late date in time will mystify future generations of historians.

  2. Trump administration ends aid for northwestern Syria

    The Trump administration has withdrawn all assistance from Northwest Syria, according to administration officials. This is the newest demonstration of the administration’s intent to briskly exit the country once ISIS is fully defeated.

    The decision, made through an inter-agency process over the last few weeks, will mean that tens of millions of dollars will be cut off from previous U.S.-backed efforts to strengthen and stabilize the local society. Projects included Countering Violent Extremism , supporting independent society and independent media, strengthening education, and advocating for community policing. The region will become the first area of the country where, other than humanitarian aid, the U.S. is officially disengaging.

    After President Trump’s request to review all U.S. assistance to Syria, administration officials were tasked with looking at where the U.S. could save money and, in short, get more bang for their buck in the country. The U.S. assistance in the northwestern region is viewed as not having a great impact on Syria in the long-term. Some of the money that has been cut from the northwest is being reprogrammed, those decisions are ongoing.

    The administration intends to narrow its focus onto the fight against ISIS and has recently halted funding to groups like the White Helmets, a famed rescue and civilian assistance operation in Syria. ISIS has been cleared from 95 percent of the territory it once occupied, but is clinging on to its last strongholds. Last month, when Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis was asked about withdrawing from Syria, he said there would be a “re-energized” fight in the Middle Euphrates River Valley against ISIS. Mattis did not say what would happen after that fight had concluded.

    A State Department official told CBS News, “$200 million of stabilization assistance for Syria is currently under review at the request of the President. Distinct from that amount, U.S. assistance for programs in northwest Syria are being freed up to provide potential increased support for priorities in northeast Syria, as will be determined by the outcome of the ongoing assistance review, including the D-ISIS campaign and stabilization efforts.”

    The northwest, where the U.S. is now completely withdrawing, has been cleared of ISIS. The region includes Idlib, which is the largest area of Syria that is still under rebel control in that country’s civil war. Idlib also has close to 3 million displaced Syrians that need both humanitarian and stabilization assistance. The region also includes Afrin where, earlier this year, Turkish forces battled the U.S.-backed Kurdish YPG militia, exacerbating tensions between Washington and Ankara.

    The rest of the region is largely under control of the Assad regime.
    Yet there are also pockets of territory controlled by terrorist groups in the area, including al-Qaeda and al-Nusra.

    Critics of the administration’s policy say that maintaining a U.S. financial presence in the region, and funding projects that build up civil society, are important to helping the country get back on its feet. It also gives the U.S. more leverage when the political future of Syria is determined down the road. Alternatively, the U.S. withdrawal from the northwestern region allows for the Assad regime to more easily recapture the territory.

    There are also concerns about providing an opportunity for terrorist havens to expand and become the leading ideology in the region, as the only alternative to the Assad regime.

    “My primary concern is they are basically saying we are willing to let al-Nusra do what it wants and we are leaving 3 million internationally displaced people at the mercy of al-Nusra. It is a massive security risk that is completely misunderstood,” explained one contractor who works with U.S. projects on the ground in Northwest Syria. “That means we have a whole generation of people who will grow up under al-Nusra society without any challenge to that.”

    Turkey is expected to welcome this limited U.S. withdrawal.

    “Turkey already exists in Northern Syria, where it has started to do its own humanitarian aid and honestly they will be very happy if the Americans stop everything. They will be in charge of everything, they can get more money from the EU and they will have more say politically,” explains Bassam Barabandi, a former Syrian diplomat and co-founder of People Demand Change, an advocacy group. “Turkey will be using this to have more legitimacy.”

    Europeans were informed that this decision was coming from the U.S. and some are fearful that it will lead to a domino effect.

    “Other countries are going to see the U.S. leaving and think that is ok for them to leave as well,” explained a European diplomat who works on Syria. “This will create an Idlib flight as those countries reassess what they are doing there.”


    Turkish troops set up observation posts in Syria’s Idlib

  3. Morocco Recruits 188 Teachers of Arabic for Moroccans Residing in Europe (moroccoworldnews, May 18, 2018)

    “Morocco’s Ministry of Education, Vocational training, and Scientific Research has announced the final results of the Arabic language teaching test for teachers who will instruct Moroccans residing in Europe (MRE) in the Arabic language and Moroccan culture.

    The regional academies of education and training and the regional directorate declared that 188 teaching candidates have been hired.

    The department announced on its website that the teachers will be sent to three countries. France will receive 146 teachers, Spain 26, and Belgium 16.

    The purpose of the program is to strengthen the Moroccan community abroad and foster its identity with Morocco’s deep-rooted civilization. All Moroccan children residing in Europe are eligible to learn from the teachers in the program…”

  4. 200 Arrests in Anti-Terrorist Operations in West Africa (tasnimnews, May 19, 2018)

    “TEHRAN (Tasnim) – More than 200 people were arrested last week in a joint anti-terror and security operation in the West African countries of Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin and Togo, the Burkinabe army said.

    “Fifty-two individuals were arrested in Burkina Faso, 42 in Benin, 95 in Togo and 13 in Ghana”, Colonel Blaise Ouedraogo told AFP late Friday.

    Explosives and contraband goods were also seized.

    At least two of those arrested in Burkina were suspected of being involved in jihadism, Ouedraogo said, adding that “40 sticks of explosives, 38 guns and 623 illegally registered motor bikes” had been found.

    Around 2,900 security and defense officers from the four countries took part, he added.

    Burkino Faso’s Security Minister Clement Sawadogo said the joint operation was the result of an agreement between the leaders of the four countries in Ghana’s capital, Accra, last year.

    He said such operations would be repeated in future “so that we can pool our resources, our expertise and our ability to overcome serious crime and terrorism.”

    The number of deadly attacks has been on the increase in the north of Burkino Faso in recent years, as well as in the east of the country and the border areas with Togo and Benin.”

    • Tasnim gets info from West Africa via Hezbollah operatives there.
      Drugs, arms, used-car money-laundering. At the same time there’s energetic dawa, great efforts to convert local tards to shitte flavor.

  5. Erdogan assassination plot foiled ahead of Bosnia visit (alaraby, May 20, 2018)

    “Details of an assassination plot against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reportedly planned to be carried out during the leader’s visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina came to light on Saturday, according to Turkey’s Anadolu state news agency.

    According to the agency, Turkish intelligence confirmed reports that a Turkish group planned to assassinate the Prime Minister during his visit to the Balkans on Sunday. Security services reportedly received intelligence from Turkish citizens living in the Macedonian capital of Skopje.

    Western intelligence services had also passed on information related to the planned assassination to Turkey. Turkish authorities are investigating the matter, but gave no further details on the alleged plot.

    Turkish government spokesman Bekir Bozdag said on Saturday that Erdogan’s trip to Bosnia would continue as planned, adding that the President “is not afraid and does not run away from causes he believes in”.

    Erdogan is set to hold a rally in the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo on Sunday, almost one month before Turkey heads to the polls to vote in the general election on June 24.

    If re-elected, new laws will be enacted that would expand Erdogan’s presidential powers, that he claims is in the interest of “streamlining” the political system, however detractors claim is a slide towards authoritarianism.

    The Turkish strongman has several groups fiercely opposed to his leadership, most notably the country’s Kurdish minority, whose PKK Kurdistan Workers’ Party have been leading a separatist insurgency since 1984.”

  6. Taliban vows to step up attacks despite appeals to stop violence in Ramadan (khaama, May 19, 2018)

    “The Taliban group in Afghanistan has vowed to step up attacks despite the appeals made by the government and the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan to respect the holy month of Ramadan and stop violence.

    “Islam’s major battles were fought in Ramazan like the Jang-e-Badr and the Conquest of Mecca. So we will step up operations against the invaders and their backers,” Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid quoted by Daily Times has said.

    President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had earlier also urged the Taliban group and other militants to respect the Holy Month of Ramadan and refrain from violence.

    In a video message released on the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan on Thursday, President Ghani said he expects that the Taliban and other armed militants do not spread chaos and instability for the worshippers during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

    The UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Tadamachi Yamamoto also urged the militants to halt fighting.

    “I sincerely hope that the observation of Ramadan will provide an opportunity for all communities in Afghanistan to come closer to each other and build bridges peacefully. In the same spirit, I would like to call parties to the conflict to respect this religious obligation and halt the fighting,” Tadamachi said in a statement.

    He also added that the United Nations in Afghanistan remains committed to stand with the people of Afghanistan in their quest for a peaceful, united and prosperous Afghanistan.”

  7. Two women held after deadly Paris knife attack released (thelocal, May 20, 2018)

    “Two young women detained after a deadly jihadist stabbing in Paris have been released from custody following two days of police questioning, a judicial source said on Saturday.
    A judge ordered that the two women, who were taken in for questioning on Thursday, be released.

    Knife attacker Khamzat Azimov, a 20-year-old naturalised Frenchman of Chechen origin, had been on France’s two main watch lists for suspected radicals since 2016.

    A week ago he killed a 29-year-old man in the attack in Paris’s busy Opera district before being shot dead by police.

    A friend of the dead man, Abdul Hakim A, also a Chechen-born French national, was arrested on Sunday in the eastern city of Strasbourg, where the two men grew up, and later transferred to the headquarters of France’s domestic intelligence services in Paris.

    He was charged with “associating with criminal terrorists” on Thursday and remanded in custody.

    A source close to the inquiry said earlier one of the women was Ines Hamza, a radicalised 19-year-old who married Hakim A before trying to leave for Syria in January 2017.”

  8. French police arrest ‘strange’ Chechen with electrical equipment (thelocal, May 20. 2018)

    “French police arrested a man of Chechen origin on Saturday who they said was exhibiting “strange” behaviour and carrying electrical equipment that could be used to make an explosive device.

    The man was detained at the main railway station in the southern city of Marseilles after a member of the public reported he was acting bizarrely.

    Police found suspicious electrical equipment on him and the man refused to give his name.

    “What he had on him was not an explosive device, it was not dangerous in itself, but it was electrical, electronic equipment that could be used to make an explosive device,” public prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux told AFP.

    “We do not yet know his identity but this man says he is Chechen and speaks Russian,” he added.

    The Gare Saint Charles train station in Marseille was briefly evacuated and train traffic was stopped following the arrest.

    France has been on high alert after a Chechen-born Frenchman stabbed a man to death last week and wounded four others in an attack in Paris that investigators believe was terror-inspired.

    It was just the latest in a line of jihadist attacks that have killed more than 240 people in the last three years.

    Police and prosecutors said they were interrogating the man arrested in Marseilles to ascertain whether he was planning an attack.

    However the city’s mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin issued a statement saying an attack had been “foiled” and that the suspect had “obvious terrorist intentions”.”

    • Scotland Yard proudly presents: “Aleena”

      Now, isn’t she sorta hard to pick out from the usual “pub and porkpie” crowd?!?

      Whatever will the “Yard” do next to go even “deeper undercover”?

      The bind moggles

      No miscommunication there, right?!?

      No one wants that … wouldn’t be prudent, eh?

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