Hungarian PM, Viktor Orban, on Echo TV a week before the election

The upcoming election in Hungary is this coming Tuesday and while the polls show Viktor Orban ahead, those who have been paying attention around the world know that the organized left has been cheating in every way they can conceive of, even if they don’t get away with it, as the new Soros, ‘evolved laws’ hold them to a different standard, and of course if they win it doesn’t matter if they cheated because no one will look.

Here is Viktor Orban being interviewed by the same person in the monologue from two posts down, itself, very very worth watching.

Thank you CrossWare for the find and the translation.


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4 Replies to “Hungarian PM, Viktor Orban, on Echo TV a week before the election”

  1. Johnny Cash – San Quentin:

    ”Journalist, you’ve been livin’ hell to me
    You’ve prisoned me since nineteen seventy five
    I’ve seen ’em come and go and I’ve seen them take
    And not long ago I started askin’ why

    Journalist, I hate every inch of you.
    You’ve cut me and scarred me thru an’ thru.
    And I’ll walk a wiser weaker man;
    Mister Journalist why can’t you tell the truth?

    Journalist, what good do you think you do?
    Do you think I’ll be different when you’re through?
    You bent my heart and mind and you whart my soul,
    And your stone walls turn my blood a little cold.

    Journalist, may you rot and burn in hell.
    May your walls fall and may I live to tell.
    May all the world forget you ever stood.
    And may all the world regret you did no good.

    Journalist, I’ll hate every inch of you.”

  2. @ CrossWare: a tour de force of a translation ! Lots of work involved in that one, thanks.

    @ the world: This is a time where I wish I was Hungarian and could vote for this true leader !

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