Four Wounded: Mentally Ill Person Hijacks Truck, Goes On A Rampage Through Würzburg

Your ordinary Wednesday in Germany. An original translation from Merkur:

Four Injured, Property Damage
Arrest! Insane Person Speeds Truck Through Würzburg

Horror drive through Würzburg: a supposedly mentally ill person raced through the city, injured people and damaged property.

Würzburg  – A suspected mentally ill man raced through Würzburg with a stolen small truck, injuring four. The 35-year-old hijacked the delivery truck of a bakery on Wednesday before noon, and took off with an employee of the bakery in the rear, police announce. At high speed, the German sped away, rammed an oncoming car, and several parked cars, before the truck got wedged. After the 35-year-old had exited the driver’s compartment, he pushed a motorcycle rider from his bike, and finally wounded himself. Four passers-by overpowered the man until police arrested him.

Property Damage and Injuries
The employee of the bakery, the driver of the oncoming car, the motorcyclist, and one of the passers-by were injured, according to police. At least eleven cars were damaged by the man on his run. He was taken to hospital.

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  1. The employee of the bakery, the driver of the oncoming car, the motorcyclist, and one of the passers-by were injured, according to police. At least eleven cars were damaged by the man on his run. He was taken to hospital.

    Please pardon me about always going for the numbers but it’s a dirty job that must be done.

    We have, potentially, four people injured or hospitalized (not including the perpetrator) Knowing Germany, even splinters are removed in fully staffed surgical theaters.

    That’s got to be a quick $25k–$50k right there, especially if any ambulances were rolled.

    Then, at “least eleven cars were damaged”. European cars are not cheap and neither are their mechanics. Toss in the towing, replacement rental cars, insurance paperwork, bodywork and repair … that’s gotta be an easy $100k–$200k right there.

    Finally, there’s the apprehension, medical treatment, prosecution, trial, imprisonment and potential deportation of the defendant. Considering that some 80% of the world’s homeless would probably rather live in a German jail than be on the streets. Well, I think everyone can see where this is going.

    So, one little thug nicks a bakery’s bobtail delivery lorry and the next thing we know, the German taxpayers are out more than one million dollars. As mentioned a few weeks ago about that German railway prayer stoppage: The Powers that Be know very well what this is and realize that it is bringing economic ruin to a lot of Europe’s financial elite.

    Much of the expected outrage is temporarily mitigated by the fact that so many high-tone Europeans pride themselves in their Multicultural attitudes (as they are chauffeured in and out of their gated communities). Just wait until some of those trust fund accounts dry up and there aren’t any coupons left to clip. All because of Nafri and Muslim parasitism.

    In the most unvarnished terms: Much like with how the necessary tectonic shifts in European thinking will sadly require several (totally avoidable) murders, rapes, assaults, and molestations by these Nafri–Muslims against the loved ones of prominent EU apparatchiks: So will there also need to be some undeniable contractions in the financial sector that affects those without any children or loved ones to worry about.

    There exists in Europe a bizarre 1%–1% Equation™ whose machinations are among some of the most evil imaginable. This same 1%–1% Equation™ is operating in America to a lesser extent. From all appearances, in The Colonies, there’s a bothersome lot of slap-and-tickle about Second Amendment Rights along with Law Enforcement agencies that (for the most part) don’t slobberingly embrace Political Correctness.

    Spectators certainly may try to tally up America’s own bottom one-or-two percent that cause so much crime and violence. Nevertheless, observers are recommended to scrutinize this nation’s top 1%. Their accumulation of wealth and unabashed greed defies polite expression.

    STORY-TIME: “On a Teeter Totter with an Elephant”.

    Given a lengthy enough lever, a single human being could play teeter totter with an elephant.

    Just make sure the elephant can’t jump off while you’re way up in the air.

    The above maxim cuts both ways and brings us back to the 1%–1% Equation™. It is vital to remember that the way things cut are completely different on either side of The Pond.

    Yes, the upper 1% in America and the EU both use race as an imbalancing factor—even when, as with Islam, it is an entirely irrelevant issue. That said, the EU has selected a far more perilous course where demographic replacement isn’t just a risk, it’s guaranteed!.

    Much like Hillary’s 2016, “deplorables” campaign comment, there was 0bama’s own (surreptitiously recorded) 2008 SF cocktail party tirade about how:

    “… it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations”

    Of course, there is the supreme insult irony of a Mulatto Poster Child for Affirmative Action pointing and laughing at some of America’s most hardscrabble and deep-roots contributors to this nation’s Industrial Revolution.

    Without Appalachian anthracite coal to fuel its boilers (be they stationary, naval, or institutional) and Bessemer furnaces, the USA never would have achieved even a tiny fraction of its post-Civil War grandeur. Regardless, the Kentucky and Virginian coal-miners are, to this day, belittled with “Deliverance” sorta stereotypical crap instead of being praised for the insanely heroic efforts that miners (around the world, I would hope to say) always have shown for their kith and kin.

    None of which changes how our world is at a technological juncture that will forever change the course of humanity. In the next few decades, automation and Expert Systems will replace some 50% of manual and middle-level management.

    The key is for regular, indigenous Europeans to start learning their political jujitsu and figuring out how to place the aforementioned aspects of vulnerability at the direct interface between Nafri–Muslim invaders and their main points of contact with the Eu’s elite.

    Nasty? Yes. Cruel? No.

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