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6 Replies to “Worthy opening monologue by Hungarian TV host, Zsolt Bayer”

  1. Nothing is what it seems to be.

    This is the same Bayer who wrote in 2011:
    (“The same stench,” http://mandiner.hu/cikk/20110104_ugyanaz_a_buz)
    ” ‘A stench is emanating’ from Hungary, writes some putrid end product by the name of Cohen from somewhere in England. Cohen, and Cohn-Bendit, and Schiff [Hungarian artist; all names Jewish]. And Népszava [Hungarian leftist daily] splashes the big man with the hammer in red on its page and demands freedom of the press. And most think this is something new and that we have never had a campaign like this. Bullshit. There is nothing new under the sun. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to dig all of them into the earth up to their necks in the forest of Orgovány* (…)”
    * During the so-called ‘white terror,’ in retaliation for the leftist revolution in 1918 in Hungary, dozens of leftists were massacred in the forest of Orgovány, just one case of many by extreme right commandos while Admiral Horthy turned a blind eye (no due process, no verdicts, no records of what happened there exactly.)
    The Hungarian Right is saying the right things about immigration, but the heads that say them used to be blatant anti-semites not so long ago.

    • You sound sympathetic to communism.

      I hope today’s budding collectivists of the west grant you and I the “due process” absent in those bad old days. I’m sure Merkel’s example comforts you. Bayer cannot be anti-Semitic by inviting western European Jews. If he once was then he has changed. If you are correct he would support Jobbik, which is tailored to anti-Semites.

      Maybe he offers his invitation to moderate or right-of-center Jewish people because he knows they will be an asset to Hungary. He clearly sees an opportunity here. His call for intelligent, talented human capital comes just as this capital is looking for a new home. Is he anti-Boer too?

      You’ve missed the salient point. Hungary recognizes it has a shrinking population while it faces a Globalist-engineered demographic catastrophe. Their current leadership knows they must fix this or extinguish. Again, you may or may not be right that he was an antisemite, but he clearly sees now that such sentiments are an unaffordable luxury. Staring down the double barrel of violent Muslims and Africans while your birth rate is a slow boat to zero ain’t much of a livin’, is it?

      Orban and company look West and see a river of human waste flowing into a neoMarxist EU. They look East and see Romanians, who are less than friendly to Hungarians, and tyrant Putin. They look South and see the same toxic cesspool they dealt with in the Ottomans.

      This Hungarian leadership is special. They are adapting for survival, and willing to change old ways of thinking. They are leading Europe whether you see it or not.

      You, conversely, lament the lack of due process provided by a dead admiral exactly 100 years ago. Frankly, you should be ashamed of yourself for labelling as antisemitic a man who invites Jewish people into his home. This is the kind of inversion tactic we see in PoMos, or Marxists–this rose by any name smells the “putrid” same. If you are such a rose then it is you who hates Jews, get it? The Commie always will.

      Things are changing, Ego. Try to keep up. Or maybe you just don’t believe in countries at all.

  2. You’re welcome Richard. I’d rather not continue on this subject, but will offer alternative views if it helps to get closer to truth.

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