Germany: Syrian Sets House On Fire, 17 Wounded, 1 Dead

A Syrian set fire to an apartment house in Leipzig in the early morning hours of Good Friday, killing one person and wounding 17. A local fire engine enthusiast, Einsatzfahrten Leipzig, filmed the following footage:

This next video by Bild shows the two who are locked on the roof jump down into the firefighters’ cushion:

Bild report 16 wounded, two of them critically, and one dead. 34 people lost their home.

When police searched the house on Friday afternoon with a thermographic camera, they found what they initially thought was a male body. But the autopsy later revealed that it was a female body. Police also found several dead pets in the house.

Police confirm that the arsonist is a 32-year-old Syrian, a resident of that very house, and that he will be charged with arson and murder.

Residents locked on the roof flash a torchlight to catch the firefighters’ attention. Photo: Einsatzfahrten Leipzig.

A woman hands a toddler to firefighters. Photo: Silvio Buerger

The wounded are taken to hospitals. Photo: Silvio Buerger

Deceased Pets lie in the street after the fire. Photo: Silvio Buerger


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  1. The Islamic invaders are bringing their old rivalries and wars with them, crimes like this will continue as long as the invaders are tolerated in Europe.

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