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One Reply to “Prof. Janice Fiamengo on the fascist shutting down of a Freedom of Speech talk at the Ottawa Library”

  1. Hypothesis confirmed – again:
    Selective enforcement is passive promotion.

    • • Young people fed an unbalanced diet of leftist mush have strong “feelings”. Feelings are facts, words are as “hurtful” as sticks-&-stones.

    • • The mob response is primal, physical. Masked bullies don’t debate, they incite riot, advertise ‘by any means necessary’ – BAMN. That’s like a welcome mat for vicious cowards.
    The innumerate don’t do proportional. The triggered go from zero to off- the -charts.

    • • Violence unchecked escalates.

    • • • • Till the talking-points, programmed echo chamber roars: “Enough is enough!”

    • • • • Repression – BAMN – presents as backlash, though that’s been the plan from the get-go.

    There’s your totalitarian future.

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