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2 Replies to “Israeli documentary on Islam, and Muslim Brotherhood penetration of the West: Ep. 4, The USA”

  1. Police Chief floats down the river Denial. –Ignores all the way Sharia’s arrival. “Nothing to see here folks,” he may as well say. “Just keep on moving and have a great day!”

    He’s the perfect dupe, really, and he probably knows. Maybe it’s because of him that Dearborn grows. Fourteen-hundred years, again and again, the Dearborns of history are always the same. Fear shuts him up and fear shuts them in. Fear let’s it grow and fear lets them win.

    If only they’d put as much into life as they put into death, dreams Chief Haddad at night. If only they’d put the country before Islam.

    And when the chief wakes up in the morning he puts on his uniform for another day’s work. He kisses his wife goodbye at the door. She watches him walk to his car. She wonders what happened to the man she married.

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