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8 Replies to “While we are all (understandably) looking at Britain, what’s happening in Canada I wonder?”

  1. Brittany Pettibone said it was Muslims interviewing her and wanting confirmation that she was planning on interviewing Tommy Robinson that decided her fate. Talk about conflict of interest.

  2. I can’t help but think Trudeau and his handlers are watching Britain like a how-to manual. Dissident Canadian voices will begin to feel more heat. This website will suffer more frequent service interruptions. The day may come when Lauren Southern is refused rentry into Canada, while returning IS fighters are allowed in and given free apartments with generous welfare.

    • You are probably right, the entire world is headed towards a massive war, during the first part of WWIII the western nations will be fighting civil wars at home and foreign enemies overseas. The future is looking very grim.

    • I was locked out of here this afternoon.
      WordPress pretended not to recognize me or my password. The screen shook “error” and the monkey shrieked “alert”.

      I went to the WordPress site – it recognized me, a friendly “hello”.
      So the problem was limited to Vlad Tepes. Sign of things to come?

      • I hope that’s not a sign of things to come, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were. So far I haven’t had a problem here but a few weeks ago I did have a problem accessing the Moonbattery site. Kept getting an error message when I tried to access the site. Couldn’t get in until the next day.

        Been noticing a few hiccups on & off on the Weasel Zippers site. The back button doesn’t want to work to go back to the main article page after reading an article. Not sure if that’s just stupid Windows 10 or a glitch on the site. Noticed on both Windows 7 & 10 the back button doesn’t always want to work the way it did on previous Windows versions. Ditto that with the refresh button. 🙁

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