“Major event” explosion in Leicester flattened home


Daily Caller:


Daily Mail

DAILY MAIL -At least four people are critically injured as huge explosion obliterates Londis shop and the flat above in Leicester with passers-by battling to free casualties from the mangled wreckage with their bare hands

Emergency services to the scene of a ‘major incident’ in Leicester after a convenience store was destroyed
Photos show aftermath of the explosion at the Londis store, with flames completely engulfing the wreckage
Four people were admitted to hospital in a critical condition, said a Leicester Royal Infirmary spokesman


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11 Replies to ““Major event” explosion in Leicester flattened home”

  1. “British Gas creates 2,600 new jobs”
    The Telegraph – July 1, 2009

    The announcement came as the company opened a new Energy Academy in Leicester, which will train the engineers responsible for installing the smart meters.

    “The Dangers of Smart Meters”
    by Carl Weinschenk – January 10, 2017

  2. There was an explosion like this not too long ago in Canada, a store was flattened, that exeplsion came in a culturally enriched neighborhood.

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