Why firing a black chef for making classical black American food is perfectly consistent with the narrative

Recently a black chef was fired from NYU for making a meal in the cafeteria for black history month. The meal, was foods that many, if not most black Americans grew up on as the video explains. So why fire him? Why is a black chef making fried chicken, watermelon water and cherry Kool aid for black history month racist?

Most people would laugh and say its “political correctness gone to extremes”.

Its actually political correctness hitting a bullseye.

The point of postmodernism, Communism, leftism and Islam, is to utterly obliterate the past of all cultural groups that stand in the way of their total dominance.

Both communism and Islam have strict rules about obliterating the past of conquered peoples. In fact Muslims refer to any habits, customs, inventions etc. that predate Islamic rule as being from “the time of ignorance”. Islamic ‘archaeologists’ actually destroy evidence of pre-Islamic peoples, which is why there are no Churches or Synagogues in Saudi Arabia despite it being Jewish and Christian lands for centuries before Mohammad.

It is also easy to prove that vegan gluten free food is infinitely more stereotypical of leftists or feminized males and classic far leftist white females than is fried chicken to black-americans. That will never be pulled from the menu for being stereotypical though.

But every group’s traditional foods will be, as soon as they are able to.

Different groups like different foods for a variety of possible reasons. It could, in some cases, even be genetic where one group evolved under conditions which favoured eating some foods over others, or it could be cultural where a group was raised a certain way because it was an homage to their ancestry. Both theories however, are in direct contradiction to The Blank Slate.

One thing all flavours of communism have in common, is the absolute and unchallengeable idea that all human beings are perfectly maleable, and equal in potential. That taken from parents young enough, and with their environment carefully controlled, you can create whatever you want from them. This has been repeated by leftist leaders across the 20th century from Mao, who referred to all babies as “a blank piece of paper upon which you can write what you want”, to Stalin and Hitler.

In order to create this perfect socialist man therefore, you have to divorce people from their pasts, which is what gives them a large part of their identity, and from their nation-state for the same reason. hence traditional Black-American food stuffs must be viewed as racist and the chef made an example of, even if he was black, and grew up on this food and made it because it reflects a very personal and real aspect of his past and the past of his entire group experience as a child, as is so well explained in this video.

Curious though that halal, Popeye chicken seems exempt from this prohibition isnt it?

“He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present, controls the past” -George Orwell

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10 Replies to “Why firing a black chef for making classical black American food is perfectly consistent with the narrative”

  1. I know a lot of whites, including middle and upper class whites who grew up eating Fried Chincken, out here it isn’t black food, it is food.

  2. I would love to hear what the complainer thought should be served… Maybe chicken parmigiana? Hey, I know! How about fried catfish.
    Really, this makes me sad. Probably the 2 cafeteria worker’s salaries combined don’t equal the $70,000/yr to go to NYU. But that isn’t the point, is it. It’s collateral damage for the cause… I would feel ashamed of myself if I was that angry young black woman (if I actually considered that my complaint caused 2 black employees to lose their jobs.)
    So what exactly would you serve for Black f’ing History Month, you spoiled little sh*t?

  3. Black History Month Menu
    Starters: Inoffensive shrimp
    With Forest Gum Gum sauce.
    Main: Wakanda Tenue
    Full-bodied steak d’force.
    Dessert: Ice cream cone
    To a Paw Paw recipe
    Drinks: You bring you own,
    The bare necessity..

  4. Every year on my birthday, I eat KFC…Remind me when I was my parents would make my birthday a special day…
    We were nor rich, we were « white folks » working parents, catholic.
    We were so happy.
    My mom and dad love us…we did not have much. KFC was such a special day.
    Black history month… which month is white history month.

    The Democrats’s plantation…eventually black people will revolt against the Democrat’s plantation.

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