For anyone who forgot what in fact a feminist really is

Meanwhile, useful idiots in the West:

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13 Replies to “For anyone who forgot what in fact a feminist really is”

  1. I read two days ago that the women who have taken off their hijab are being arrested.
    An ayatollah was on T.V. saying these women were all on drugs and will be charged and treated accordingly. I feel terrible for what these women will be going through, probably death by hanging.

    • The hijab is empowering
      Once oppression – taken back
      Call me queer I Am Queer.
      Black, I’ll be more Black.
      For the power is now inside me
      Feminine to Feminist
      Nothing can be denied me,
      Re-Born Activist.

  2. If a woman puts on a hijab it’s empowering, if a woman takes off a hijab its empowering – what if it’s just left in the house? This is certainly a magic garment!

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