“I think you should stop using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”. Inigo Montoya.

The video was of a man complaining to his really noisy neighbour at 2:00 AM I think in Toronto, to please quiet down. The man, who is Iranian, accuses the complainer of being a “racist” and not respecting his Iranian culture where they traditionally say very loud good byes in the hallway at 2:00 AM with no consideration to the neighbours and openly calls him a racist again.

Then the complainer reveals that he is also Iranian and WTF is the fellow talking about and the noisy man tries to argue that if the complainer has been in Canada longer then he is still a racist and if he hasn’t been in Canada as long then he doesn’t get multiculturalism or something like that. At this point it gets confusing. Meanwhile the girlfriend of the loud person is trying to get him to drop it in the manner of a woman who has an unpredictably violent boyfriend may try to do.

The video was clearly secretly recorded, which is why it was likely taken down. It could potentially be restored, but I don’t feel its worth it as the point, that people use the racism card as a weapon to do anything they want if they are non-white, while an important point, is not manifest enough here or important enough to subject this Iranian man to more embarrassment than he already suffered, for what is in essence a squabble between neighbours over noise in the hall.

Anyone who has recently moved from a house to an apartment has faced that at least once, Although the attempt to deflect and use the all powerful magic word, “Racism” on his fellow Iranian, does make for interesting watching.

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    • Anyone got another copy of this video?

      I sure hope so, Miss Piggy, because YouTube won’t even display it independently.

      It’s time for people to begin caching all videos the moment that they appear.

      At the very least, capture the clip’s title and user name so that there’s some search terms.

      Google’s previous assault on Free Speech is now an openly declared war.

      All hail DuckDuckGo!

  1. I’d like to start a charity in the US and name is Reverse Racism and Reverse Sexism for any poor person who is unable to get a government grant or loan because of gender and race. I’d write a declaration of independence of sorts giving many examples of how the government discrimination has harmed people.

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