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2 Replies to “Libya may have funded former French PM,Sarkozy’s campaign”

  1. 1986
    Safe Passage for Terrorists: Secret deals with Libya by France, Italy reported

    WASHINGTON — France and Italy made secret deals with Libya during the 1970s to spare their citizens from attack in exchange for freedom for Libyan-sponsored terrorists to travel through Europe, U.S. officials said Thursday.

    The deals, which have since collapsed, were discovered by Reagan Administration officials last year when they attempted to bring the Europeans into a united effort to pressure Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi, one aide said.

    “The French had a deal with Libya and a deal with the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization),” a State Department official said. “Italy had its own deals. The French used to think that between the PLO and the Libyans, they had it all sewed up.”

    As a result, he said, “the French would look at a guy, a known terrorist, as he went through their airports and not lift a finger.”

    Today, officials said, such kid-gloves treatment is no more. The secret pacts disintegrated after Libyan-based terrorists bombed restaurants in Paris and attacked the Rome and Vienna airports last December, killing 16 people. Four of the terrorists also died in the airport attacks.

    Secretary of State George P. Shultz, who discussed terrorism last week with officials in France, Italy and Greece, says he is encouraged by the Europeans’ gradual movement toward more active cooperation with U.S. efforts against terrorism and the Reagan Administration’s campaign against Kadafi.

    [more- http://articles.latimes.com/print/1986-04-04/news/mn-24418_1_terrorists http://articles.latimes.com/1986-04-04/news/mn-24418_1_terrorists ]

  2. DAILY MAIL – French businessman suspected of funneling cash from Gaddafi to Nicolas Sarkozy is granted £1million bail after being arrested at Heathrow

    Alexandre Djouhri, 58, appeared in court in London after his arrest on Sunday
    He was granted bail on condition that he pays the security of £1 million
    He was told by the court that he faces ‘very serious allegations of corruption’
    But lawyers for Djouhri, who holds joint French and Algerian nationality, said they would fight extradition, arguing the case was politically motivated

    […]Wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and frequently tightening the knot on his dark blue tie, Djouhri was ordered to stay at his daughter’s home in London.

    Well known among France’s right wing political establishment, Djouhri has refused to respond to summons for questioning in Paris. He will next appear in court for an extradition hearing.¸

    […]Sitting impassively in the dock, bespectacled and wearing a suit, Djouhri listened as Summers said there were four substantive grounds on which extradition would be opposed.

    Mr Summers said there was an ‘overtly political genesis’ to the allegations, the French inquiry was yet to charge anyone, the warrant issued by France was insufficient and he questioned the state of French prisons. […]

    Djouhri, who earns about £200,000 a year, was granted bail on condition that he pays the security of £1 million.[…]Djouhri was also ordered to wear an electronic tagging device, remain in a specified area of London and report to police daily, while his passports and ID cards have already been seized.

    He will stay with his daughter, who lives in London, and the full extradition hearing will start on 17 April.


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