Part III of the Nazi Pug trial

In the age of reason the following argument should be a slam dunk for the defence. But in the age of reason, this trial would not be happening any more than it happened for Mel Brooks for making The Producers.

The fact is, his intent which no one disputes, was trying to make a pug dog look evil as he had a bet with his girlfriend who said there was no way a pug could look evil.

So he made a quasi funny video where the Pug was a Nazi.

This therefore means, he knows and knew that the Nazis are evil.

QED now let him go.

But if you do not, then I want to see Mel Brooks on trial for trivializing Nazi horror to make it look funny cause clearly he wanted to gas stadiums of Jews by renormalizing Nazism.


If Pugman gets a guilty verdict, Mel Brooks must go on trial. Certainly if he ever steps foot in Scotland.

H/T Richard.

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5 Replies to “Part III of the Nazi Pug trial”

  1. The left has no sense of humor and doesn’t really understand using humor as a weapon, especially when it is used against one of their own.

    Yes under the current rules Mel Brooks would be arrested if he goes to Scotland, and if there is a guilty verdict in this show trial he would be well advised not to go to any nation that would honor a warrent issued by Scotland.

    • Yes. I received a puzzled phone call from the office of a congressman after they’d read my letter that someone had broken into the office 20 years before, was living undetected in the basement, had had children, and now wanted the whole family listed on the property’s deed.

  2. Allo Allo, Hogan’s Heroes, the producers and actors of these shows, must be quaking, and waiting for the dread knock of the thought police on the door.
    They will be prosecuted right? They are trivialising fascism aren’t they?

    But they won’t get a prosecution (I predict), but the state is doing it’s favourite thing, using the process as the punishment. This bloke has to defend himself against the state, at his own expense, and immense inconvenience, and fear. The people doing this have nothing to fear from this, no comeback, whether they win or lose.
    And they call everybody fascists, whilst undermining the legal basis of the country with their one sided, hideous legal bullying.
    What times, what times indeed.

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