Afghan Refugee Who Stabbed Teen Girl: Her Parents Had Already Reported Him To Police Two Weeks Ago

1. An original translation from Bild. Update – for a photo of the Afghan “child” refugee please scroll down or click here.

Afghan Stabs Ex Girlfriend (15) In Drugstore

The Girl’s Parents Had Already Reported Him To The Police Two Weeks Ago

Perpetrator in Germany since spring 2016 as an unaccompanied underage refugee 

The victim’s uncle, Jürgen Stöffler: “The last time I saw her was at our family celebration on Christmas day. Now she is dead and I still can’t believe it.‘”

By Janine Wollbrett
Dec. 28., 2017 – 1:52 PM CET

Kandel – A 15-year-old girl was stabbed down on Wednesday afternoon in a drugstore in Rhineland-Palatinate by an Afghan boy of the same age. He was the girl’s ex-boyfriend. This is what leading chief prosecutor Angelika Möhlig said on a press conference. An arrest warrant was issued.

The boy is in preliminary detention under strong suspicion of manslaughter. He has been refusing statement so far. According to the information, the girl broke up with the accused in the beginning of December. On wednesday, they encountered each other accidentally. The Afghan followed his ex-girlfriend and stabbed her repeatedly in the drugstore.

After the relationship of several months had ended, the youth had announced on social media that he wanted to “catch” his ex girlfriend, said Police Deputy Chief Eberhard Weber.

The Afghan entered Hesse in April 2016 as an unaccompanied underage refugee. He had been living in Neustadt an der Weinstraße (Rhineland-Palatinate) in a living group with three other youths since September 2017. He already had a record with the police for a hassle on the school yard.

Perpetrator Stabbed Her With a Kitchen Knife

The parents of the victim had pressed charges against the perpetrator for harassment two weeks ago. After the charge, the youth ignored the police’s citation several times. As a result, police delivered the citation personally to him before noon on the day of the crime.

The crime weapon is a 20 centimeter long kitchen knife. The weapon was secured, according to Dieter Lippold, leader of the investigation team. The Afghan did not resist arrest. There were no indications that he was under the influence of drugs. According to Lippold, he seemed quite indifferent. The two companions of the girl helped to detain the stabber until the police’s arrival.

The store is open again on the day after the deed, but shock and mourning run deep.

People have put flowers in front of the door, and lit candles. Customer Diana Jäger (31) was in the drugstore to fetch her photos at the evening of the deed. She heard an argument, then the girl’s screams: “I did not hear what it was about.” Then, the girl was lying on the floor, teenagers stood beside her. Diana Jäger: “They said, ‚Mia, stay awake!‘”

Everything went very fast. Jäger also saw the alleged perpetrator, she says: “He had a dirty smile on his face.”

The girl’s uncle, Jürgen Stöffler (55), says to BILD: “The last time I saw her was at our family celebration on Christmas day. We were in a Greek restaurant in Kandel. Now she is dead and I still can’t believe it. My brother-in-law called me yesterday and cried on the phone: ‚Mia was killed.‘”

The dm store manager, Roman Melcher (50), said to BILD: “I wish to express our deepest sympathy to the family. We are deeply saddened.”

2. Update
A photo of the “15 year old” Afghan child refugee has surfaced. His name is Abdul D.

In the afternoon, about 100 people of Kandel quietly and helplessly gathered in front of the supermarket.

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  1. Do you think these people coming here will be any different? Their get out of jail free card is the Quran that gives them permission to beat and kill Infidels where you find them. And when a girl gets involved with any of them they become property of Muslims as Muhammad instructed, and when there is disobedience to the Muslims demands they just kill them. This has to be stopped in America Now!

    • The USA today is 40% non-white. Do you think any European state is anywhere close to that? Also, most European countries have pro-white parties running in elections. No US Democrat or Republican would dare question non-white immigration (explicitly as non -white) or even object to anti-white racial quotas or set-asides.

    • I think that’s a bit harsh. Let’s judge the teachers. The brainwashing at the schools is so intense. At some schools, the pupils have to wear “anti racism” wristbands and pledge to report all instances of “racism” to the headmaster.

      • The teachers are a large part of the problem, as are the parents who don’t pay any attention to what the kids are being taught.

        • The teachers are a large part of the problem, as are the parents who don’t pay any attention to what the kids are being taught.

          Too right, Richard (in all respects).

          Throughout Western Civilization, far too many parents are voluntarily relinquishing their time-honored (and always-obligatory) role as ethical and moral guides—or instructors—for their offspring … especially with respect to the insanity of (unquestioningly) allowing Liberally infected academic establishments to program all children, including their own within the public school systems.

          This abandonment of their young—be it due to the arduous time-related demands of purposefully overworked dual-income marriages (see the following excerpted video dialogue), or the too-readily accepted notion of divorce as an expedient conflict-resolution tool—has eroded Western civilization, families, and the once-monogamous, solid, interpersonal relationships that were essential to creating North America beyond any previous doubt.

          All of which is a societal poison whose toxic influences are both (somewhat well-recognized) and poisonous beyond all belief.

          Also, for reasons of clarity, this following (lengthy, yet very important) excerpt by the brilliant commentator, Stefan Molyneux, is presented in plain text. This narrative (by begins at time point 00:54:20 in the video and is linked below:

          Children: The Greatest Resource

          From: The Handbook of Human Ownership

          When we say that human beings are the greatest resource, it’s important to be precise about what we mean.
          Human beings are naturally born with two characteristics – the first is a resistance to arbitrary authority, and the second is a natural susceptibility to obeying universal ethics.
          Anyone who doubts the first characteristic has never tried to parent a two-year-old, and anyone who doubts the second has never triggered or experienced moral guilt.

          Domesticating the human animal does not mean that everyone needs to turn out the same – in fact, it would be quite a disaster for us if they did.

          To most efficiently control the human farm, you need a majority of broken, self-attacking, insecure, shallow, vain and ambitious sheep, forever consumed by inconsequentialities like weight, abs and celebrities – and a minority of volatile, angry and dominant sheepdogs, which you can dress up in either a green or a blue costume, and use to threaten and manage the herd.

          Ruling classes have always had to separate children from their parents, otherwise it is almost impossible to substitute weird abstractions like “the state” or “a god” for the parent-child bond. Human children, like ducklings, will bond with whatever person or institution raises them, which is why we always need to get children – hopefully as young as possible – to bond with the State through government daycare and… “education”, I guess is the closest word.

          In the distant past, rulers made the error of forcibly removing children from their parents, which exposed their enslavement, and so destroyed their motivation. In the late Middle Ages, children were farmed out to wet-nurses, destroying the parent-child bond. In more recent times, the boarding school system separated children from their parents, destroying empathy and creating wonderfully brutal administrators and enforcers for a variety of European empires. (See: George Orwell.)

          In our constant quest to perfect human ownership, we have found a far better way to break these family bonds, and substitute allegiance to ourselves, in the form of patriotism and/or religiosity.

          It’s one of those beautiful win-win situations that come along so rarely – first, we raised taxes to the point where it became very difficult to maintain a reasonable lifestyle if one parent stayed home with the children. We also funded feminist groups to the tune of billions of dollars – one of the greatest investments we ever made – to encourage women to abandon their children and enter the workforce.

          Not only did this help break the parent-child bond, but it also moved women’s labor from nontaxable to taxable – a delightful coincidence of self-interest and practicality for us!

          With both parents working, all we had to do was create a few scares about the quality of child care, allowing us to move in to control and regulate that industry, remaking it to serve us best.

          In some countries, like the United States, children are effectively removed from parental care by the state within a few weeks or months after birth – in other countries, parents receive direct subsidies to stay at home, which is quite funny when you think about it (and there is precious little room for humor in much of this). We take money by force from the parents, keep a large portion for ourselves, use another portion to run up debts that their children will somehow have to pay off – and then dribble a few pennies down to the mother, who then feels that we are somehow doing her a great favor by allowing her to stay at home!

          It is a delicious irony that everyone remains so totally blind to reality that they run to us to protect their children from all kinds of harm, while we are the ones selling off their children’s future through national debts! It really is like hiring a thief to guard your property, and the amazing thing is that this is all so completely obvious, and never, ever spoken about!

          Sometimes, it would be tempting to feel bad about ruling people, but really, they are so very stupid that it seems almost helpful.

          Parenting has generally improved over the centuries, which also poses a grave threat to us, because if children are raised without aggression, they will both immediately see, and never accept, the reality of human ownership.

          As parenting has improved, it has become more important for us to intervene earlier and earlier. In the 19th century, it was okay to wait until the tax kittens were five or six before we started propagandizing them in government schools. However, as parenting has improved – particularly in the post-Second World War period, we have had to start intervening earlier and earlier, which is why we try and get at kids so soon after birth now.

          When kids were raised fairly well in the post-war period, it produced the disasters of the rebellious 1960s, which almost finished us, and so we began funding radical feminism, controlling teachers more and snatching the kids earlier and earlier to fix all that.

          So – we need some parents to create the sheep, and other parents to create the wolves, or the sociopaths who can be relied upon to attack whoever we point to. These sociopaths can be divided into those who guard the ruling class (the police and soldiers and prison guards and so on) – and the criminals that we always wave around to frighten people into running back to our “protection.”

          Again, the amount of doublethink required to maintain the delusion that the ruling class is not invested in crime – when even by our rules, we are all criminals – is really quite astounding! Governments control almost the entire environment of the poor, from public housing to food stamps to welfare checks to public schools – and it is this environment that produces the majority of criminals! For instance, governments require that children spend about 15,000 hours being educated in state schools, and yet when they emerge from this massive investment as illiterate and violent criminals, no one ever takes us to task!

          Never, ever underestimate the degree to which people will scatter themselves into a deep fog in order to avoid seeing the basic realities of their own cages.

          The strongest lock on the prison is always avoidance, not force. [emphasis added]

          And there you have it. Shattering what’s left of Western families (or whatever they have of genuine stability) is a supremely profitable enterprise of Globalist, Transnationalists that—Caucasian marriages, above all—will need to resist with vigorous, if not supremely violent, force.

          Absent these vigorous measures, there will arise nothing less than renewed “Civil Wars” (be they in Europe or America) which will propel internecine (and international) conflicts that most likely will make WWII look like a dainty cream tea.

          This entire evolution of scalding Islamism (and its cowardly, enabling breed of Euro-Socialist facilitators) is something that warrants nothing less than the very worst sort of unsympathetic retribution by those of us who have spent so many years opposing this unwarranted and unmerited crap.

          May we all find new ways of deftly causing even greater harm to this squirming, fork-tongued, constantly equivocating bunch of untrustworthy bastards.

          In this New Year milleau, it has become all the more imperative to cause serious (legal) damage to these wretched scumbags.

          On the bright side, Happy New Year!


    • During the Second Intifada Israel adopted a policy of cleaning up within 4 hours of an attack.
      Candle-&-teddybear shrines aren’t good for public health, they tend to increase generalized anxiety disorders.

  2. Another senseless death which should weigh on the conscience of Merkel. But will her immigration policy change? No sign of this yet.

  3. The fact that flowers and candles aren’t being deployed is not a good sign for the government leaders. The citizenry is no longer placated by the opportunity to create meaningless memorials. Something else is brewing.

      • I have been expecting the German people to eventually turn on those who are oppressing them. They have done this before granted not as often as some would want but they do tend to be long suffering but once aroused they are vicious.

  4. Germany is gone,nothing will make this people rise, they never did it in the course of history, they will never do it now.I know germans very well, they are block heads

    • Check out the religious wars during the Reformation, the upraising in the 1840s, the the red (communist) and black (non communist) organizations that worked against the Nazi’s. The Valkyrie conspiracy was only one of over a dozen attempts to assassinate Hitler. Granted these aren’t talked about these days but they occurred.

      • I love your optimism Richard. It’s reveals character and faith more than waiving a Bible or quoting Scripture.

        There’s no percentage in defeatism. As fully human creatures, we have free will. We’ll DO a whole lot better than we THINK we can. We’re more than flesh, we’re spirit and soul. We’ll do our forbears proud.

        Keep the faith, Baby.

  5. The only reason this story made the news was probably due to the fact that the parents had already reported the ex-boyfriend to the police and they are being vocal about it.

    As Egri Nök will confirm, there are hundreds of similar crimes occurring here daily since the population replacement began which hardly make a blip on the radar – never making German national news – forget international news.

    I find the “Germany is done” , “blame it on the parents” or blame it on the schools- far to simple. WE ARE ALL TO BLAME (even my children, when they do not stand up for what they believe in) and it is happening all over the west (in former Christian stronghold nations). This is a spiritual war.

    If you do not actively make a difference in your immediate environment – YOU ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM.

  6. No isolated case

    The case of Morgan Evenson continues a pattern of Somali crimes being covered up, downplayed, lightly investigated and eventually falling off the radar in Minnesota.

    Here are just some of the Somali-related cases in Minnesota that never seem to get resolved.

    Justine Damond, 40, was killed in July after calling police to report a sexual assault in progress in the ally next to her home in Minneapolis’s 5th precinct. Two officers arrived in a squad car, and the one sitting in the passenger seat, Officer Mohamed Noor, fired across his partner at Damon when she approached the police car in her nightgown.
    No formal charges have yet been brought against Noor, who was precinct’s first Somali refugee to be hired as a cop, a fact that Mayor Betsy Hodges had bragged about in her city newsletter.
    Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman was recorded earlier this month telling a gathering of union members that he was frustrated at a lack of evidence to charge Noor.
    Freeman has since apologized for his remarks, saying they were “ill-advised”, and promised more details on the “status of our charging decision” in the coming days. Relatives of Damond said last week they were concerned her death was not being investigated properly.
    For three straight days in late June 2016, residents of Linden Hills neighborhood on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis were terrorized by a group of more than a dozen Somali men in their early- to mid-20s. Several of the men threatened to rape a female resident of the community, saying it was their right under Shariah law, while others drove their cars over neighbors lawns shouting “jihad,” set off bottle rockets, and pretending to shoot people on the beach. The Minneapolis police were repeatedly called, but every time they responded too late to make any arrests, and the investigation never resulted in any arrests. The story was carried by one local TV station and ignored by the newspapers.
    In 2014 a mysterious New Year’s Day explosion occurred at a building containing several apartments and a grocery store in the heavily-Somali area of Cedar Riverside, Minneapolis. According to a Freedom of Information lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, the city fire department requested that the federal ATF not investigate the explosion, which killed three people, and the investigation has never come to an official conclusion on the cause. All of the apartments were occupied by Somali residents.
    In April 2017 WND reported on the presence of “Shariah cops” patrolling the streets of Cedar Riverside, making uninvited visits to the homes of local Somalis to make sure they were living in compliance with Sharia, requiring appropriate attire for women and minimal contact between unmarried members of the opposite sexes. Police said they were “monitoring” the situation but made no arrests, even though they knew the identity of the lead suspect, Abdullah Rashid, and had complaints from local Muslims about Rashid and his cohorts harassing them.
    In August 2017, someone threw a low-grade incendiary device into a window at the Dar al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington. The device was thrown into the imam’s office through a window at a time when the imam was not there. No one was hurt. Gov. Mark Dayton and local CAIR officials immediately labeled the incident an anti-Muslim “hate crime,” despite not having any evidence to tie the attack to an anti-Muslim person or group. No arrests have been made, but the mosque has raised thousands of dollars of sympathy money off the incident.
    In November 2017, a Somali man carried out a bloody knife attack against two brothers in the changing room of a clothing store at Mall of America. The police and local media described the incident as a botched robbery in which the two brothers were attacked after trying to stop the Somali from shoplifting. WND has since been told by a friend of the family that the narrative put out by the media was not accurate, that the attack was completely unprovoked and random.

    • I would step out on a limb here and say the education-media-government complex are 100% to blame. I don’t have a daughter but if I did in this climate, from what I hear from friends who do have daughters, trying to stop them from dating a muslim would result in screams that the parents are racist, the daughter would convert to islam, and possibly not visit the parents again. Maybe ever.

      The government has set out to deliberately create a climate of hatred for our own peoples, cultures, and histories via postmodern techniques of intellectual slight of hand and what amounts to industrial psychology. Its time people like Jordan Peterson and others in his field attempted to use the tools he developed and teaches to take back reason and self preservation as things valuable to us.

      Don’t get me wrong I sympathize with your position and even reasoning but I think you have the wrong target in some cases. And for sure, children of SJWs will all feel as you would expect and, as another contributor here posted, be wearing plastic penises in their whatevers due to forced “gender” confusion as we abandon science for cultural Marxism. But for regular parents there is bugger all they can do I bet.

  7. Germans were part of perpetrating one of the greatest crimes in the modern century, now this time it is the Germans will be the victims. This is a perfect what goes around comes around. Suffer Germany you deserve it.-

    • ‘Germans were part of perpetrating one of the greatest crimes in the modern century…’
      Well, I can understand why you believe that, having believed it myself for the greater part of my life. But it is 180 degrees wrong. It was Great Britain that started (engineered) both WW1 and WW2 and the greatest killer of the 20th century (indeed, of all human history) was…. Winston Churchill. I speak as someone who, only a few years ago, wept when I visited Churchill’s old home at Chartwell, which is near my old home. I have some personal involvement with all this because Anthony Eden, Churchill’s foreign secretary, is a cousin of my family (meaning that I am descended from the Eden family). Let me give you one fact that will get you on your way. It was Churchill who started what became known as the ‘Blitzkrieg’. Literally the day after he took office he ordered the bombing of German cities (that is, the mass murder of German civilians). He did this in order to force the Germans to retaliate because he had to make the British people hate the Germans and support the war. Hitler refused to respond for months but eventually had no choice. One other fact. Some 750,000 German civilians, mainly women and children, starved to death AFTER the end of WW1 as a result of a blockade by the Royal Navy (the British navy), but this number pales into insignificance when compared to the number of German civilians murdered by the Allies AFTER WW2, possibly 15 million people. The facts are out there. The Germans were the most cultured and civilized nation on earth and they have been broken and crushed for over 100 years. Even today, the lie is perpetuated – the biggest lie in the history of the world. Frankly, I am angry beyond words.

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