Hamburg: Iranian Kills Wife In Front Of Their 1 Year Old Daughter

Photo: Röer/NDR

An original translation of a police press release:
POL-HH: 171214-3. Homicide in Hamburg-Bramfeld
14.12.2017 – 17:29

Hamburg (ots) – date of crime: 14.12.2017 scene of crime: Hamburg-Bramfeld, Mützendorpsteed

A 35-year old Iranian was found today before noon by police officers in her own apartment, gravely injured. She succumbed to her injuries shortly thereafter in the hospital. The homicide division (LKA 41) is leading the investigations.

According to the current state of investigations, a 43-year-old Iranian rang his neighbor’s doorbell, handed his daughter to the neighbor, and asked to call the police.

The arriving police officers then found a gravely injured woman in the apartment of the Iranian. She was immediately taken to hospital, but there, succumbed to her injuries shortly after.

The 43-year-old who is the suspect was found injured, too. He was taken to hospital to treat his inuries as an in-patient. There, he is under police surveillance. His injuries are not life threatening.

For the time being, it is yet unclear in which relationship the victim stood with the suspect.

After first investigations, both were living together with their mutual daughter in the apartment in Hamburg-Bramfeld.

The 1-year-old child was taken into custody and is taken care of by the crisis intervention team of the German Red Cross.

The investigations of the LKA 41, especially into the backgrounds of the deed and the course of events, are ongoing.

Translator’s note:
According to NDR (public broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk), the woman was stabbed, and the father has already come under investigations for dangerous battery earlier this year.

The NDR news report features this video:


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  1. Stopped reading after “Muslim Husband Kills Wife In Front of Children”..Been there done that too many times..Chalk up another one..(that we know about)..Thanks Vlad..

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