Hanukkah-Celebration cancelled for security concerns

An original translation by Egri Nok with many thanks.

From a German-Jewish publication

 Is Mühlheim just the Beginning?
Hanukkah-Celebration cancelled for security concerns

The Jewish Hanukkah Fest is traditionally celebrated in public. ON central places, large Hanukkah Chandelieres are erected, where, at the first night of the Holiday, in a festive and happy ceremony the first candle is lightened. This act manifests in public: Light chases out the Dark.

In Mülheim/Ruhr, this year, darkness won. This thursday, on the “Synagogue Square”, the third candle was supposed to be lightened in a public festive act. But now, the Jewish Community and the city had to cancel the celebration – for security reasons.


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6 Replies to “Hanukkah-Celebration cancelled for security concerns”

  1. Save the sighs for the German people.
    ZERO sympathy for JEWS who choose to live in Germany.

    If they’re drunken stupid, sated in the fleshpots of reparations, lazy or cowardly or both – who cares?
    Such is their deracination. Cut flowers. Kaput. Tod.

    You can free the Jew from the ghetto, but not if the ghetto dwells in his head.

    If he’s converted to Leftism, he’s probably addicted to pseudo-victim status. Try cold-turkey on aloha-snackbar.
    The full text of _MAOZ TSUR_ [Rock of Ages] is worth a look and a listen.

    Nothing PC – tikkun olam, ~just light a little candle ~ tra-lah, blah-blah~ – at all.

    Read the lyrics in English: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma%27oz_Tzur

    Listen to the martial cadence:


  2. Perhaps when Muslims and their willkommenskultur facilitators begin to experience extreme public discomfort at their mass-gatherings, maybe then they might begin to realize that imposing such constraints upon others isn’t so wise.

    All the same, once again, we in the West run smack-dab up against how Muslims have little hesitation about enduring penalties for causing mass suffering for us Infidels.

    Soon enough, it will be time for the West to impose such large-scale suffering upon Muslim populations to where they finally begin to rethink their drink mint tea.

    Should these Islamic loons prove utterly immune to such logic, then preventing them from all further participation in these (Western) festivities makes the best sense.

    After all, what use is there for such uncooperative and unethical wads of $h!t?

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