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4 Replies to “Michael Hansen and Bill Warner discuss the events and possible repercussions of the cancelation of the film, Killing Europe”

  1. The policies that are killing Europe are coming to the US, but we are waking up faster then the Europeans and with luck will be able to stop them before they destroy the US.

  2. Trouble for Angela Merkel — and the global elite

    By Michael Barone

    November 24, 2017 | 8:01pm

    It’s been a tough era for Davos Man, the personification of the great and the good who meet in the World Economic Forum in that Swiss ski resort every January. The rebukes just keep coming. The European debt crisis. Brexit. Donald Trump. And now, and once again unexpectedly, Angela Merkel’s failure to form a German government.

    For a dozen years, European elites who have recoiled from George W. Bush and swooned over Barack Obama have regarded Merkel as a rock-solid firmament of good sense. Her considerable internal political skills, her seeming unflappability and her upholding of conventional wisdoms, both well- and ill-founded, have made her a favorite at Davos.


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