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6 Replies to “Spanish prof. addresses the why’s of Europe born, muslim jihadis”

  1. Well, he clears the up the moderate vs radical muslim confusion nicely.

    Even moderate muslims do not accept apostasy, mixed marriages or proselytism from other religions.

  2. According to Muslim tradition, Abraham scarified Ismael and not Isaac on Mount Moriah. According to Jewish and Christians Abraham sacrificed Isaac and opened the Jewish and Christian covenant through Moses to Yeshua . To the support to the Jewish tradition, all Prophets up to Yeshua were issued from the Isaac line except Muhammad. Hence Abraham had not sacrificed both. Therefore, the one who sacrificed Ismael should be called Ibrahim. Hence we have two very different prophetic lines: the Abrahamic religions including Jews, Messianic Jews and Christians, and Ibrahimic religions including Islam, Amahdiya, Bahai. As a consequence, Islam is the antinomy of Judaism. Furthermore, Isa (Jesus?) of the Quran is not son of God and has not died on the cross to save the world. At the day of judgement, Isa will be assistant of the Mahdi and will confirm Islam is the true religion. Isa and Yeshua are not the same person and Islam is the antinomy of
    While Judaism says that righteous are son of the heavenly Father and Jesus enhances our sonship of Abba, the Quran says: Chapter (17) s?rat l-isr? (The Night Journey). Sahih International: And say, “Praise to Allah , who has not taken a son and has had no partner in [His] dominion . Surah Al-Furqan 63: And the slaves of the Most Beneficent (Allah) are those who walk on the earth in humility and sedateness. Hence, Allah has nothing in common with the Judean Christian God.

    They are some Sufi spiritual summits focussing on Allah a loving God, like R?bi?a al-?Adawiyya al-Qaysiyya or Mansur al-Hallaj. They all went out from the frame of Orthodox Islam and would be considered as heretics.

  3. He is right about Islam but he is wrong about there only being one human civilization. There are several civilizations and they are clashing right now.

    • He kind of had to say it – in response to the question he’s answering ~ ~ ‘Yes, we’re all _human beings ~~”

      Good guy, objective look at the RoP. He wouldn’t have been invited to this kind of panel in much of the rest of West Europe.

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