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  1. Notes from NorseRadish:

    Dzsihadfigyelo Runs Afoul of FISBEP

    (Hat Tip: Gates of Vienna)

    This action by Farcebook is just one more item on a veritable laundry-list of reasons why the eventual backlash against Social Media will be both brutal and decisive.

    The damage being done to Western Civilization by Social Media is incalculable—with their blatant show of favoritism towards Islam merely being the iceberg’s tip. Twitter’s new Orwellian policy of monitoring the offline behavior of its users is a splendid example of how these Internet titans are in the vanguard of anti-Constitutional assaults.

    Their arrogation of power presages some very difficult times ahead as people slowly but finally discover just how badly free speech and independent thought have been hindered, or outright maimed, by these would-be kingmakers.

    Expect near-continuous opposition to Trump even as Liberals move even further towards the Dark Side™ in their total contradiction of everything that Classical Liberalism always has stood for. This hypocrisy is both unforgivable and anti-American, especially with respect to its disquieting undertones of inciting violent hatred against White people.

    Any explanation for this hostility defies all reason when one takes into account which American demographic owns the most firearms. Just as how Islam continues to prod the nuclear-armed West with its pointed wooden stick, so do Liberals persistently antagonize those whose original (i.e., Constitutional) beliefs they continue to impudently shelter beneath.

    At some point in the not-too-distant future, that once-graciously proffered umbrella will be folded up faster than a linen napkin at a four star Michelin restaurant. Much like how so few in the West seem to realize that Islam has openly declared unending war against our way of life so, too, do Conservative Americans apparently remain relatively unaware that a new civil war has been declared against them by the Left.

    If one single (now-abandoned) political tradition epitomizes this rumbling tectonic shift in US politics, it is the disappearance of what was once termed the “Loyal Opposition”—who, despite whatever partisan differences, nonetheless sought to always do what was best for the nation.

    These Internet titans are prime movers in driving this polarization and there’ll be pure hell to pay for their complicity in dividing America in such a crippling manner. That they choose to also defend this nation’s self-declared Islamic foe only serves to remove any mitigating circumstances from their treachery.

    At the very least, look for a BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement to emerge that redirects much of middle class investment away from these hyper-Liberal engines. That would only be an opening salvo in terms of the true dimensions this conflict could (and likely will) reach as it is, literally, for the very heart and soul of America.

    • Hi NorseRadish,

      All companies have to employ people because of their Diversity.

      They are run by committees.

      The People of the Look. Islam, Socialism, and Kinsey Version climb aboard whence they could not.

      Only a matter of time before the sane run from poverty.

      Intimidators with the least path of resistance to define them. Willing Slaves.

      Soothing flattery about how brave they all are.

      It is only the mentally-ill who shatter the harmony, not these mentally-full.


      Marches of Solidarity.

      Little children’s approval.

    • One of the reasons that so many people refuse to accept the idea of the left declaring war on all the US stands for is that crooked as so many of the old time Democrats were they were loyal to the US and wanted only what was best for the US. This is why Bill Clinton was elected then W then Obama, People refused to think that any American could hate the US and want to destroy it. The left in their arrogance are counting on the vast majority of people to accept the idea that we are under attack. by some of our neighbors. What they are ignoring is the way the ownership of firearms and ammo rocketed under Obama, the people woke up and armed themselves to protect their freedom. They preferred to wait until the next election to vote for someone who would restore the rule of law but were ready to fight. In the election they voted to retain freedom by rejecting the Hillary Dictatorship. Now they are seeing the self proclaimed elite of both parties actively work to overturn the election that was on which way the US would go, back to freedom ot to Dictatorship. Once again the people are waiting to see if there is to be a peaceful resolution that will guarantee their freedom or if the massive number or weapons and the unbelievable amount of ammo the purchased during the 8 years of the Obama Dictatorship will be needed.

      Warning to the wanna be Dictators, We the People are awake and waiting, praying that this divide can be healed peacefully, but we are not going to give up any more of our rights and are demanding that those that were taken from us while we were asleep are returned to the people they belong to. We the People you look down on are the owners of this nation and are demanding that you cease destroying our nation in your quest for power. We have the vast majority of the military personal (active and retired) supporting us, We will be true to our oaths and we will retain our freedom. If you doubt that take a good hard look at history and look at what was done to the self proclaimed elite called the Nobility during the French Revolution. We the People much prefer that this doesn’t happen here, but if the terror is the price of retaining our freedom and the restoration of our rights we will reluctantly pay that price. We the veterans once wrote a black check to the US saying that we would give everything including our lives if necessary. If the continued freedom of our fellow citizens require it that check can be rewritten.

    • Defining deviancy down: Normalizing what was once considered deviant; with its corollary, finding deviant what was once considered normal.

      These witch-hunts for men over allegations of iffy behavior decades ago – it’s a climate that scares me. I don’t get it. Are these people cultural icons, is that their common denominator?

      Why should I care about do-ers and do-ees who sold the ‘liberated’ meme for a generation? Trash.
      Having my files hijacked brought home the very real dangers to our friends in the Counter-Jihad. My files from places like the Gates of Vienna, Rita’s “Postcards”, Hedbo cartoons- that could send me to jail in Europe, maybe soon in Canada as well.

  2. James O’Keefe: A Truth Seeker in an Age of Media Bias

    During the 2016 elections, Project Veritas published a series of undercover videos that showed leaders of Democratic organizations plotting to frame incidents around Trump. This included a video of Democratic political organizers Bob Creamer and Scott Foval boasting about starting fights at Trump rallies in order to paint Trump supporters as violent.

    The incident was confirmed by former Democratic National Committee (DNC) interim chairwoman Donna Brazile in her new book, “Hacks.” She writes: “I watched O’Keefe’s video with a sinking heart, knowing this was something we could not fight back against, not really. … The footage of Creamer and Scott Foval boasting about picking fights with crazy people in the line to a campaign rally looked terrible.”

    In a video published on June 28, Project Veritas exposed CNN political commentator Van Jones as saying that the stories alleging that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia are a “big nothing burger.” The group showed, through other undercover videos, that CNN was pushing the Trump–Russia narrative for ratings.

    Many of the establishment media are pushing for postmodernist social agendas, which can then be used to push legislation to create new power structures within the government. If anyone questions these agendas, they will often be attacked by the establishment media.

    O’Keefe has been all-too-familiar with this fact and has, on many occasions, been the focus of retaliatory character assassinations, legal attacks, and false accusations.

    The establishment responses to investigations from Project Veritas are often not to address the problems he exposes, but to instead attack him for exposing the problems.

    He said for many institutions pushing these agendas, “it’s like nihilism—there’s no value, there’s no morality, there’s no law, there’s no justice.”

    “It’s about a specific political objective—and that’s what we exposed in the New York Times investigation, it was a specific political objective and all means necessary to achieve that objective. That’s it,” he said.

    Within the postmodernist agenda, its protective institutions often frame their narratives and defenses around what O’Keefe described as their “cardinal virtues” of “race, sex, and class.” Anyone who questions these narratives is then accused of violating these “cardinal virtues.”

    Part of O’Keefe’s work, however, has been exposing that the same institutions that manipulate these narratives often do not uphold the values they claim to represent.

    NOTE: Eeyore, please consider including a link to the following, very credible (and remarkably dispassionate) assessment of Postmodernism in your website’s existing frame that currently is dedicated to, Dr. Stephen Hicks’s, “Explaining Postmodernism”.

    Your video link regarding this topic involves imbibing over six hours of material that may not reveal itself with sufficient alacrity to hold the too-short attention spans of many modern viewers (especially those from the television and digital generations). If anything, I will strive to transform this particular edition of, “Notes from NorseRadish”, into a more succinct and comprehensive monograph that can be used to keep interested visitors ensnared at this always-entertaining website.

    From the Encyclopædia Britannica: (All emphasis is added)

    An excerpt from of—

    Postmodernism – philosophy

    Indeed, many of the doctrines characteristically associated with postmodernism can fairly be described as the straightforward denial of general philosophical viewpoints that were taken for granted during the 18th-century Enlightenment, though they were not unique to that period. The most important of these viewpoints are the following.

    1. There is an objective natural reality, a reality whose existence and properties are logically independent of human beings—of their minds, their societies, their social practices, or their investigative techniques. Postmodernists dismiss this idea as a kind of naive realism. Such reality as there is, according to postmodernists, is a conceptual construct, an artifact of scientific practice and language. This point also applies to the investigation of past events by historians and to the description of social institutions, structures, or practices by social scientists.

    2. The descriptive and explanatory statements of scientists and historians can, in principle, be objectively true or false. The postmodern denial of this viewpoint—which follows from the rejection of an objective natural reality—is sometimes expressed by saying that there is no such thing as Truth.

    3. Through the use of reason and logic, and with the more specialized tools provided by science and technology, human beings are likely to change themselves and their societies for the better. It is reasonable to expect that future societies will be more humane, more just, more enlightened, and more prosperous than they are now. Postmodernists deny this Enlightenment faith in science and technology as instruments of human progress. Indeed, many postmodernists hold that the misguided (or unguided) pursuit of scientific and technological knowledge led to the development of technologies for killing on a massive scale in World War II. Some go so far as to say that science and technology—and even reason and logic—are inherently destructive and oppressive, because they have been used by evil people, especially during the 20th century, to destroy and oppress others.

    4. Reason and logic are universally valid—i.e., their laws are the same for, or apply equally to, any thinker and any domain of knowledge. For postmodernists, reason and logic too are merely conceptual constructs and are therefore valid only within the established intellectual traditions in which they are used. [Here emerges the vanguard of the now-popular ideological figment of “relativism”, be it moral, ethical or cultural—more on this later.]

    5. There is such a thing as human nature; it consists of faculties, aptitudes, or dispositions that are in some sense present in human beings at birth rather than learned or instilled through social forces. Postmodernists insist that all, or nearly all, aspects of human psychology are completely socially determined.

    6. Language refers to and represents a reality outside itself. According to postmodernists, language is not such a “mirror of nature,” as the American pragmatist philosopher Richard Rorty characterized the Enlightenment view. Inspired by the work of the Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure, postmodernists claim that language is semantically self-contained, or self-referential: the meaning of a word is not a static thing in the world or even an idea in the mind but rather a range of contrasts and differences with the meanings of other words. Because meanings are in this sense functions of other meanings—which themselves are functions of other meanings, and so on—they are never fully “present” to the speaker or hearer but are endlessly “deferred.” Self-reference characterizes not only natural languages but also the more specialized “discourses” of particular communities or traditions; such discourses are embedded in social practices and reflect the conceptual schemes and moral and intellectual values of the community or tradition in which they are used. The postmodern view of language and discourse is due largely to the French philosopher and literary theorist Jacques Derrida (1930–2004), the originator and leading practitioner of deconstruction.

    While this preceding citation omits (for the sake of already-strained brevity) a final pair of useful elucidations about Postmodernism, the foregoing passage provides numerous, functional descriptions as to how this New-Age (rhymes with “sewage”) intellectual playtoy has—beyond all reasonable rational expectations—facilitated such a noxious, contemporary, and ongoing deconstruction of hard-won, priceless Enlightenment Era values.

    It is rather difficult to adequately convey the degree of my own instinctual revulsion for all things Postmodern. Unsurprisingly, many current (i.e., NOT Classical) Liberals seem to have an almost reflexive loathing and hostility for my own self—along with so many ideals, morals, and supremely nettlesome ethical dictates which I have never viewed as negotiable (unlike how so too many of them seem to do). Go figure…

    To describe the emergence of Postmodernism as any sort of (even) quasi-legitimate, “pendulum swing”, against the 20th century’s valid fixation upon Enlightenment era values, is to dismiss the entire foundation of Renaissance and scientifically derived culture—which so much of this last century’s overall</ miraculous progress has been founded upon.

    This Leftist opposition to recognition of objective reality is an unambiguous and anti-human stance best characterized by the (pervasive Liberal) cultural relativism which insists that Islamic values are equivalent to the West’s.

    Just as appalling are similar assertions that Muslim ethics are of equal merit to Western respect for rule-of-law. This represents a naked attempt at placing sharia law on a par (or compatible) with traditional American Constitutional rights—a notion that is tantamount to treason.

    Finally, there is the Left’s moral relativism which demands that supremely repulsive practices such as jihadist terrorism, so-called “honor killings”, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), polygamy, child marriage, purdah (Islamic confinement of women), punitive amputation, slavery, institutionalized Antisemitism, genocidal doctrine, rape, theocracy, and a host of other equally repugnant concepts merely are “cultural traditions” which any objection to is the equivalent of racism and intolerance.

    The absurdity of this being held up in defense of history’s most intolerant and murderous ideology simply transcends all credulity.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

    • “Finally, there is the Left’s moral relativism which demands that supremely repulsive practices such as jihadist terrorism, so-called “honor killings”, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), polygamy, child marriage, purdah (Islamic confinement of women), punitive amputation, slavery, institutionalized Antisemitism, genocidal doctrine, rape, theocracy, and a host of other equally repugnant concepts merely are “cultural traditions” which any objection to is the equivalent of racism and intolerance.”

      Finally, there is the Left’s moral relativism which demands that supremely repulsive practices such as pronoun terrorism, so-called “Politically Correct”, MGM (Male Gender Mutilation), polyandry, Child Love, shut up (confinement of men’s voices), punitive incarceration, wage-slavery, institutionalized Antisemitism, genocidal doctrine of babies, rape of innocence in schools, Diversity, and a host of other equally repugnant concepts merely are “cultural relativism” which any objection to is the equivalent of racism and intolerance.

  3. Gah!!!

    To describe the emergence of Postmodernism as any sort of (even) quasi-legitimate, “pendulum swing”, against the 20th century’s valid fixation upon Enlightenment era values, is to dismiss the entire foundation of Renaissance and scientifically derived culture—which so much of this last century’s overall miraculous progress has been founded upon.

    This Leftist opposition to recognition of objective reality is an unambiguous and anti-human stance best characterized by the (pervasive Liberal) cultural relativism which insists that Islamic values are equivalent to the West’s.

    Just as appalling are similar assertions that Muslim ethics are of equal merit to Western respect for rule-of-law. This represents a naked attempt at placing sharia law on a par (or compatible) with traditional American Constitutional rights—a notion that is tantamount to treason.

    Finally, there is the Left’s moral relativism which demands that supremely repulsive practices such as jihadist terrorism, so-called “honor killings”, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), polygamy, child marriage, purdah (Islamic confinement of women), punitive amputation, slavery, institutionalized Antisemitism, genocidal doctrine, rape, theocracy, and a host of other equally repugnant concepts merely are “cultural traditions” which any objection to is the equivalent of racism and intolerance.

    The absurdity of this being held up in defense of history’s most intolerant and murderous ideology simply transcends all credulity.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

  4. BEIRUT – Saudi Arabia’s state news agency is reporting that the kingdom has summoned its ambassador to Germany for consultations following statements made by Germany’s foreign minister in support of Lebanon.

    The Saudi Press Agency also says the kingdom will hand over a protest note to Germany’s ambassador to Riyadh.

    SPA said the Saudis were referring to Sigmar Gabriel’s comments earlier this week during a news conference with his Lebanese counterpart in which he criticized meddling in Lebanon’s affairs.

  5. Stephan Molyneaux makes a most insigtfull analysis of the wildly popular show “Stranger Things”.

    The second season of this show was just released (Netflix) and both seasons are beyond brilliant.

    OK – the video rambles on a bit at the first, tiresome and annoying. But, it gets totally brilliant a bit on in.

    “Down below” = Islamic colonization

    Minor, difficult to see changes at first – then we lose or Will (literally and metaphorically)…

    Yet, the ‘down below’ is at first invisibly, but most definitely – with all its infections, corruption and destruction – altering the nature of the small Americana town….until the changes are so severe and deadly they can no longer be ignored.

    OK – I am not doing the analysis the justice it deserves – but, is brilliant and rather mind-blowing and an awesome piece of anti-post-modernism propaganda.

    Neat bit is that this show is wildly popular among millenials and high-tech people.

    Please start the video at 9:51 or so…drivel intro prior to this, mind-blowing analysis after:

  6. Taliban attack checkpoints in Afghanistan, killing 6 police (abcnews, Nov 19, 2017)

    “An Afghan official says the Taliban attacked three checkpoints in the western Farah province, killing six police.

    Mohammad Naser Mehri, a spokesman for the provincial governor, says eight other police were wounded in the attack late Saturday. He says eight insurgents were killed and at least five others were wounded in the battle.

    The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

    Elsewhere in Afghanistan, seven insurgents were killed and two others wounded when a bomb exploded prematurely in the northern Kunduz province. Mahbobullah Sayedi, a district chief, says the fighters died while trying to plant the bomb on a road used by Afghan security forces.”

  7. Anti-immigration politician could sit on Nobel committee (theguardian, Nov 19, 2017)

    “A populist anti-immigration politician could be elected to the Norwegian Nobel committee this week, sparking outrage and fears the credibility of the prestigious annual peace prize – and the legitimacy of the body that awards it – are at risk.

    Three of the five seats on the committee, which is chosen by Norway’s parliament and must reflect its political complexion, fall vacant this year after general elections that saw the populist Progress party return to government with a 16% vote share.

    The party said last week its controversial former leader Carl I Hagen, a vocal opponent of immigration who has also attacked Muslims, gay people and single mothers and called for Norway’s withdrawal from international human rights treaties, would be taking the Nobel committee seat it was entitled to.

    With parliament due to begin deliberating on all the candidates on Monday, fierce opposition to Hagen’s nomination has focused – in public, at least – on the longstanding convention that current government members and MPs should not be members of the Nobel committee.

    This is meant to ensure the committee cannot be subject to political pressure should, for example, its choice of laureate be considered likely to harm government interests – as in 2010, when China reacted furiously to the award of the prize to one of its leading dissidents, Liu Xiaobo.

    Hagen, 73, is the anti-immigrant Progress party’s first deputy MP, meaning he could be called to debate and vote in the Storting at any time should an MP be absent.

    “Appointing an active politician to the Nobel committee would absolutely send the wrong signal about the independence of the committee,” Abid Raja, a Liberal party MP and deputy speaker of the parliament, told the Guardian.

    “It’s vital for the legitimacy of the Nobel peace price that it’s completely independent from government and parliament. I’m surprised the Progress party is ready to break this tradition.”

    The Labour party leader, Jonas Gahr Støre, said committee members could not have formal ties to government. “As a deputy member, Hagen may be called to sit in parliament until 2021,” he said. “The Progress party has the right to appoint one member, but should definitely find another candidate.”

    In private, however, many are scandalised that a politician with Hagen’s views could find himself on the peace prize committee. “His opinions are not consistent with the values the prize promotes and that much of Norway wants to project,” said one politician, who asked not to be identified. “It’s that simple.”

    Among the veteran populist’s more outspoken comments are: “A society without ethnic minorities is a society in harmony,” “Single mothers … can thank themselves for their situation, and get too much public help,” “Without immigrants, Oslo wouldn’t have a housing crisis,” “Being gay … is nothing to celebrate,” and “alien cultures” must be resisted.

    In his 2007 book, Honestly Speaking, Hagen wrote of relations between ethnic Norwegians and the country’s Muslim community: “Freedom of expression is subordinate to the warlord, rapist and woman trafficker Muhammad.”

    The secretary of the Nobel committee and director of the Nobel Institute, Olav Njølstad, told the public broadcaster NRK that Hagen’s appointment would be “completely untenable” and “indicate little understanding and respect for the Nobel committee’s work”.

    Two of Norway’s leading newspapers, Aftenposten and Dagens Nyheter, have also published strongly worded editorials saying Hagen should not be appointed. The Progress party’s arguments – that its former leader deserved the job and had long experience – were irrelevant, Aftenposten said.

    Støre told the Guardian the Nobel peace prize, awarded this year to the anti-nuclear campaign group Ican, was “the world’s most prestigious prize. We should do our outmost to secure the integrity of the committee awarding it.””

    • A populist anti-immigration politician could be elected to the Norwegian Nobel committee this week, sparking outrage and fears the credibility of the prestigious annual peace prize – and the legitimacy of the body that awards it – are at risk.

      You’ve got to be fecking kidding me!?!

      Whatever, “outrage and fears the credibility of the prestigious annual peace prize – and the legitimacy of the body that awards it – are at risk” went over the event horizon back in 1994 when the Peace Prize was awarded to the grandfather of modern terrorism, Yasser Arafat.

      As if that were not bad enough, the Norwegian Nobel committee didn’t see the error of its ways and similarly lionized climate huckster, Al Gore. You’d have thought that they had finally embarrassed themselves quite enough but, clearly, this was not the case. They simply could not bring themselves to stop digging.

      The coffin’s final nail was driven in 2008 when 0bama was awarded the Peace Prize, essentially, for not being Bush 2.0. There is no way to adequately convey the destructive convergence represented by this one event.

      America’s Founding Fathers were keenly aware of the potential for foreign-born individuals to have divided loyalties—or be more susceptible to external influences. It is specifically why the (very poorly defined) natural born citizen clause exists in the US Constitution.

      Along comes the Norwegian Nobel committee which, with ZERO legitimate reason, awards 0bama the Peace Prize. What was their objective? Imagine what sort of conflict the Oval Office’s newly elected chair-warmer might experience gazing up at his freshly minted Peace Prize while considering another troop surge in Afghanistan or Iraq.

      This was the Nobel committee’s primary objective and it was a picture-perfect example of the entire scenario that America’s Founding Fathers sought to strangle in the cradle with Section 1 of Article Two of the United States Constitution.

      Between 0bama’s dubious birthright, questionable loyalties, and overt alignment with Liberal entities like the Nobel committee, the stage was set for one of the most flagrant modern attempts by a foreign body to influence America’s military doctrine and National Security policy.

      Most ironic of all is how the possibility that a “populist anti-immigration politician could be elected to the Norwegian Nobel committee”, is one of the very few things that might reestablish a modicum of credibility for this thoroughly corrupted circle-jerking institution.

  8. Turkish capital bans LGBT cinema, exhibitions (reuters, Nov 19, 2017)

    “The Turkish capital Ankara has banned the public showing of films and exhibitions related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, the governor’s office said on Sunday, citing risks to public safety.

    The move is likely to deepen concern among rights activists and Turkey’s Western allies about its record on civil liberties under President Tayyip Erdogan’s Islamist-rooted AK Party.

    “Starting from Nov. 18, 2017, concerning our community’s public sensitivity, any events such as LGBT… cinema, theatre, panels, interviews, exhibitions are banned until further notice in our province to provide peace and security,” the governor’s office said in a statement.

    It said that such exhibitions could cause different groups in society to “publicly harbour hatred and hostility” toward each other and therefore pose a risk to public safety.

    Authorities in Ankara had already banned a German gay film festival on Wednesday, the day before it was due to start, citing public safety and terrorism risks.

    In addition, gay pride parades have been banned in Istanbul for the last two years running. Unlike in many Muslim countries, homosexuality is not a crime in Turkey, but there is widespread hostility to it.

    Civil liberties in Turkey have become a particular concern for the West following the attempted military coup in July 2016. Since then, more than 50,000 people have been jailed pending trial on suspicion of links to the coup. Some 150,000 people have been sacked or suspended from their jobs.

    Human rights groups and Turkey’s Western allies fear Erdogan is using the coup as a pretext to quash his opponents. Ankara says the measures are necessary, given the extent of the security threat it faces.”

  9. Americans aged 18-34 most likely to oppose assault weapons ban, poll finds (theguardian, Nov 19, 2017)

    “Resistance to a ban on military-style assault weapons is strongest among millennials, according to a new Quinnipiac poll released this week. It’s a finding that experts said might be driven by the popularity of first-person shooter video games such as Call of Duty and the increasing prominence of military-style guns in the consumer market.

    A large majority of Americans say they support a ban on the sale of assault weapons, a category of politically controversial guns that includes the AR-15-style rifles that have become the weapon of choice for mass shooters.

    The previous national federal ban on assault weapons lapsed more than a decade ago, and Congress has not renewed it. Military-style rifles, which play a prominent role in America’s most horrific mass shootings, are used in only a tiny fraction of America’s overall gun murders. Consumers legally own millions of AR-15 style rifles, which gun enthusiasts modify and adapt with different accessories.

    Opposition to an assault weapon ban was strongest among Republicans and among self-identified registered voters 18-34, the poll found. Unlike older Americans, millennials were closely divided on their support for an assault weapon ban, with 49% supporting and 44% opposing a ban.

    There was huge support for a return to banning the sale of assault weapons from voters over 50, with 70% support from over-50s and 77% support from over-65s.

    None of the other gun control questions in the Quinnipiac Poll had such a striking age divide, said David Yamane, a sociologist at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, who studies the culture of legal gun ownership in America…”

    • The polls were taken in the cities, most of the people outside the cities oppose the ban, not because they own one of the firearms but they may. They oppose the ban because we have seen the bans before, they do nothing but give the gun control groups reason to believe they can come back and take more of our firearms. The Second Amendment means what it says, it was written with the knowledge that firearms change and the writers wanted the people to own the same firearms that the military does. (at times this is a bad idea since the US government has been know to issue some real POS’s to the troops, not all of the firearms issued but some).

      • The polls were taken in the cities, most of the people outside the cities oppose the ban, not because they own one of the firearms but they may.

        I would wager that people in rural areas are much more sharply aware of the (only-half-humorous) adage:


        • You got that right, in the rural counties of Missouri the average response time is 30 minutes, call for an ambulance and it normally arrives well before anyone else.

          This 30 minute average response time has changed the minds of a lot of city people who move out into the country.

  10. Crunch time for Merkel to build coalition or face new polls

    Berlin (AFP) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel resumed complex coalition talks Saturday in a last-ditch effort to forge a government and avert a political crisis in Europe’s biggest economy.

    The veteran leader, in power since 2005, won a September 24 vote without a clear majority for her conservative CDU/CSU bloc, largely because of the rise of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), and must now build an unlikely alliance with the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) and left-leaning Greens.

    But their deep policy differences, especially on immigration and the environment, have hobbled the monthlong negotiating marathon, leading party leaders to miss a Thursday deadline and declare they will push on until Sunday evening.

    Until and unless the motley crew of four parties, which spans the mainstream political spectrum, strikes a deal, Germany’s government remains in effective limbo with Merkel serving as a caretaker chancellor.

    If they fail, Germany would probably hold snap elect

  11. New leader for Macron’s party as honeymoon fades

    Lyon (AFP) – Emmanuel Macron’s party named a new leader Saturday as the French president faces the first rebellious grumblings in the 19-month-old movement that swept him to power.

    Christophe Castaner, a smooth-talking, ultra-loyal government spokesman, takes the helm of Republic on the Move (LREM) six months after Macron won the presidency in a sensational upset for French politics.

    Macron’s handpicked favourite, Castaner is a former Socialist MP who joined the 39-year-old’s centrist, pro-European campaign early in his run for presidency.

    “It’s not a dream, it’s not an ambition, it’s a chance, an honour, it’s a duty,” Castaner said, as he promised not to be “the leader of the movement”, but an “organiser, a facilitator”.

  12. Bangladesh arrests militant suspect in U.S. blogger killing (reuters, Nov 19, 2017)

    “Bangladesh police said on Sunday they had arrested a suspected leader of an Islamist group wanted in connection with the death in 2015 a U.S. blogger critical of religious extremism.

    Deputy police commissioner Masudur Rahman said the man, identified as Mojammel Hossain, 25, head of the intelligence wing of the al Qaeda-inspired militant group Ansar Ullah Bangla Team, was suspected of taking part in the killing of writer Avijit Roy.

    Roy, a U.S. citizen of Bangladeshi origin, was hacked to death by machete-wielding assailants in February 2015 while returning home with his wife from a Dhaka book fair. Roy’s widow, Rafida Ahmed, was seriously injured…”

  13. In Rio de Janeiro, ‘Complete Vulnerability’ as Violence Surges

    RIO DE JANEIRO — For teachers in this seaside megacity, Rio de Janeiro’s surge in violence has meant making a life-or-death judgment call with unnerving frequency: deciding whether to cancel classes because of nearby shootouts.

    For police officers, it has meant burying 119 of their own so far this year and surrendering ever more territory to drug gangs that have resumed open-air sales in teeming communities that had been declared “pacified” just a few years ago.

    Many ordinary residents of this city of about 6.5 million start the day scanning mobile apps that track live reports of gunfire before planning their commutes.

  14. Report: Schools Must Teach Britain Is an ‘Immigration Nation’ to Fight Islamophobia (breitbart, Nov 19, 2017)

    “The government should empower NGOs and race activists to police the media to ensure ethnic minorities are not portrayed in a bad light, and the school curriculum must be changed so that every child is taught Britain has no native population, according to a new report on Islamophobia.

    In Islamophobia: Still a Challenge for Us All, “race relations” think tank the Runnymede Trust alleges that “anti-Muslim racism” is responsible for all inequalities between Muslims and other groups in Britain “across a range of outcomes, from health, housing and environment to education, employment and criminal justice”.

    Lamenting that Muslims are subject to “demonisation” and “racial stereotyping” in Britain, one of the report’s 10 main recommendations is that the press and media be overhauled to ensure that news coverage is produced so as not to fuel negative perceptions of minority ethnic or religious groups.

    A press regulator should “investigate the prevalence of Islamophobia, racism and hatred espoused in the press”. which would not only look at the accuracy of coverage, but also examine whether “individual stories have wider negative effects on whole ethnic groups, and on wider social attitudes”, according to the report.

    As well as urging the press and wider media establish ethnic diversity quota targets for their journalists, editors, and senior management, the Trust writes that politicians must show “greater accountability for the impact on race relations of negative media coverage … of minority ethnic and religious groups.”

    To this end, it recommends the government set up a team of people from “race equality NGOs”, local authorities, and media practitioners “to initiate new strategies to combat racial prejudice in the media and negative public perceptions of minority ethnic groups”…”

  15. Inspectors to Interview Girls Wearing Hijabs in Primary Schools (breitbart, Nov 19, 2017)

    “School inspectors will speak to primary school girls wearing hijabs to ascertain why they are covering their hair, amidst concerns children as young as four are being forced to wear the garment by schools or their parents to protect their ‘modesty’.

    The announcement comes Sunday from chief inspector of schools, Amanda Spielman, and responses will be recorded in the schools’ inspectorate Ofsted reports for the first time, reports The Times.

    Earlier this year, it was revealed that almost one in five primary schools surveyed list the Islamic headscarf as part of their uniform policy, with girls as young as four being ‘forced‘ to wear a hijab to school.

    Spielman is to say that forcing girls to wear the Muslim headscarf could be seen as sexualising children as the hijab is supposedly worn from the onset of puberty.

    “In seeking to address these concerns, inspectors will talk to girls who wear such garments to ascertain why they do so in the school,” says Spielman.

    Schools could also be in breach of equality laws if girls are required to wear religious clothing but boys are not…”

  16. What if Ken Starr Was Right?

    In the longstanding liberal narrative about Bill Clinton and his scandals, the one pushed by Clinton courtiers and ratified in media coverage of his post-presidency, our 42nd president was only guilty of being a horndog, his affairs were nobody’s business but his family’s, and oral sex with Monica Lewinsky was a small thing that should never have put his presidency in peril.

    That narrative could not survive the current wave of outrage over male sexual misconduct.

    So now a new one may be forming for the age of Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump. In this story, Kenneth Starr and the Republicans are still dismissed as partisan witch hunters. But liberals might be willing to concede that the Lewinsky affair was a pretty big deal morally, a clear abuse of sexual power, for which Clinton probably should have been pressured to resign.

    • The Dems are turning on the Clintons because of 1) they are soaking up all of the money and everyone has to go to them for enough money to run for office. 2) They won’t admit that Hillary is a bad candidate and are preventing other Dems from stepping up and taking over the party. People who might have a chance in winning the presidency. The newer Dems are discovering that they have no chance of doing anything because Hillary, Bill and their people control everything. This is why the current Democrat civil war is occurring. This isn’t about the Dems suddenly discovering the crimes of the Clintons and others in their party, they have always know about them. This is about the people who use to support the Clintons deciding that the Clintons have to go before they destroy the Democrats and insure that populist freedom loving people are elected and hold office long enough to reverse the damage the left has done to the United States.

      • As the old saying goes: “When you’re on top of the heap, the only direction Left is down.”

        The Clintons’ overweening greed and lust for control (sex, too) has seen this ultimate Liberal power couple paint themselves into a corner like few others of this time or any in the past.

        Short only of Muslims, Liberals have an almost unmatched tendency to cannibalize their own. This comparison reaches right down to the very worst trait of all. As in how both Islam and Liberals, “devour their young“. Be it through bomb vests or abortion, too often, children are seen by these two ruthless groups as a supremely disposable asset.

        One even could argue that Bill and Hillary—by bringing daughter Chelsea into the Clinton Foundation’s upper ranks—epitomize this willingness to compromise their offspring. If only because their child seems to be increasingly more vulnerable to (sharing in) charges of corruption and malfeasance that trails this entire crime family around like a used skein of toilet paper attached to the heel of their collective shoe.

        Small wonder then that the DNC (Democratic National Party) seems more than a little ready to engage in one of their most famous pastimes. Namely, throwing the latest (fallen-out-of-favor) figurehead straight under the bus.

        To close, even another hour’s writing on this particular topic—particularly the profound and divisive partisan damage being done to America by these monumental shites—would not be likely to see me squeeze out even a single tear. Go figure…

        “Deplorables”? Harumph!!!

  17. Richard: I posted this last night but think it is important enough to post again. The patients are escaping the hospitals because they fear the needles. For them to do this they are afraid of the drugs, they are afraid of modern medicine and thus are making it likely that the plague will move to Africa and from there to the rest of the world.

    INFECTED FUGITIVES Black Death patients are ESCAPING hospital and refusing treatment sparking fears it may spread

    Chief of medicine at plague hospital in Madagascar says patients are scared of needles and not used to hospital treatment.

    HOSPITAL patients suffering from the plague are running away from hospitals because they are scared of needles and aren’t used to hospital treatment.

    Security guards at the Central Anti-Plague Hospital in Ambohimindra, Madagascar, are tasked with keeping patients in as well as making sure those arriving follow safety procedures.

  18. What’s worse than what Roy Moore is accused of?
    By J.E. Dyer November 19, 2017

    That’s what John Ellis asks at PJ Media. He asks because Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, tweeted this week that Roy Moore’s critics are “guilty of doing much worse than what he has been accused of supposedly doing.” Ellis thinks that’s terrible.

    Franklin Graham

    The hypocrisy of Washington has no bounds. So many denouncing Roy Moore when they are guilty of doing much worse than what he has been accused of supposedly doing. Shame on those hypocrites.
    1:22 PM – Nov 17, 2017

    15,759 15,759 Replies
    7,629 7,629 Retweets

    I’m not sure I would have put things in Franklin Graham’s terms. I don’t know that it’s helpful to compare the seriousness of serious sins.

    But here’s what’s worse than what Roy Moore is accused of.

    • Franklin Graham: Moore Critics Are ‘Guilty of Doing Much Worse’

      Remind me to never leave my underage daughter in the care of Franklin Graham. In a mind-numbingly ill-conceived tweet, Graham defended Roy Moore by claiming that those calling for him to step down are guilty of worse acts than the crimes that Moore is accused of committing.

      Before getting to Franklin Graham, though, let’s recap the allegations against Roy Moore.

      To date, eight women have accused Roy Moore of sexually harassing or assaulting them. Several of the women were underage at the time that the alleged sexual harassment and/or assault took place. The worst of the accusations involve actual sexual assault of minors. The Washington Post writes, “Beverly Young Nelson was 16 when she worked at a restaurant called Old Hickory House in 1977. Moore, she said during a news conference this week, was a regular customer who, at one point, signed her high school yearbook. On one evening, he offered her a ride home. Nelson alleges that he instead drove behind the restaurant and assaulted her. Moore was 30.”

  19. Below is a video clip from Bourdain’s Parts Unknown (S07E07), where he travels to Cologne, Germany to interview an obscure “celebrity chef” named René Stessl who, like Bourdain, fancies himself to be an “artist”. Instead of talk about food and cooking, Stessl pontificated about how the import of (Muslim) refugees is the “final solution” for racism in Germany, by race-mixing, so that in 70-80 years, there will longer be “white people” in Germany and the world — as if only white people are the source of racism.

    Bourdain not just heartily agrees, he bemoans that it would take as long as 70-80 years.

  20. Europe: Destroyed by the West’s Indifference?

    by Giulio Meotti
    November 19, 2017 at 5:00 am

    There are pictures one cannot forget — for instance, of Russian troops hoisting their flag over burning Berlin in 1945. It was the end of Nazism but the rise of Communism. Another photo is of U.S. Marines raising the American flag over the battle-scarred Japanese island of Iwo Jima.

    Today the West faces another totalitarianism: radical Islam. One place that witnessed the new horror is Mount Sinjar in the Nineveh province of Iraq, once a home to religious minorities, especially Christians and Yazidis. Thousands of years of history changed when the jihadists of ISIS invaded Sinjar in August of 2014. They slaughtered men and enslaved girls and women. Christian churches were razed to the ground, and houses of worship, looted.

    In 2016 alone, 90,000 Christians around the world were murdered for their faith, according to a report from the Center for the Study of Global Christianity. Between 2005 and 2015, 900,000 Christians were martyred. According to Open Doors, another Christian advocacy group, one out of every 12 Christians today experiences extreme persecution for their faith; the total comes to 215 million around the world.

  21. BREAKING: 15 people killed in stampede for food (express, Nov 19, 2017) (express, Nov 19, 2017)

    “AT LEAST 15 people, mainly women and elderly people, have died in a stampede for food in a town in Morocco.

    Local media has reported the death toll is expected to rise, following the crush in Sidi Boualam, close to the city of Essaouira on the Atlantic coast.

    Most of the dead were women or elderly people, reports said, blaming the the crush on ‘disorganisation’.

    Most of the victims died from suffocation, Telquel reported.

    A number of other people are believed to have been injured in a rush for food supplies being given out by a humanitarian organisation.

    Various reports put the number of injuries as being as high as 40 and as low as five.

    The BBC reported that it is not clear who was handing out the food packages but they had been donated by an unamed charity.

    More to follow.”

  22. Italy: Hundreds of asylum seekers stuck in limbo, forced to live in tunnel

    Hundreds of asylum seekers have been sleeping in a tunnel in the Italian town of Gorizia, on the border with Slovenia, since last August, waiting for verdicts on their asylum applications.

    Asylum seekers, mostly from Pakistan, Afghanistan and India, were seen sleeping on blankets on the tunnel floor and being provided food and medical assistance by local volunteers. One asylum seeker described the situation as “living in Hell.”

  23. Liberal student claims access to the outdoors is now a form of white supremacy
    7 hours

    Do you love the great outdoors? Do you find nature comfortable and relaxing? Well, if you do, it’s probably because you’re white, according to a student at Claremont Colleges in California.
    Woah, what?

    That’s right. In a recent op-ed in a student-ran newspaper, student Malcolm McCann claimed that non-white people are excluded from the outdoors because of white supremacy.

    “Due to the predominance of whiteness in the outdoors, people of color have been denied access to the outdoors,” the op-ed says.

  24. Professor Travels Country to Get Whites to Feel Bad About Themselves

    We’ve heard of people giving up their careers to go be missionaries in third-world countries, to help the homeless, or even to pursue some dream they’ve harbored since childhood, but this has to be one of the dumbest reasons to “leave it all behind” that we’ve ever heard.

    A professor at the University of Washington has quit her full-time career in academia to travel the country and write books that explain to white people why they should actually spend the majority of their time feeling really bad about themselves. And Robin DiAngelo, the author of a forthcoming book about a term she coined – “white fragility – is doing her part to make sure that they do.

    DiAngelo, in case you had any doubt about it, is herself white.

    • “A professor at the University of Washington has quit her full-time career in academia to travel the country and write books that explain to white people why they should actually spend the majority of their time feeling really bad about themselves.”

      The echo chamber in our own head.

      “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

      “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites [Virtue Signalers ] do in the synagogues [Universities] and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

      Weighing up who gave what… no one more jealous, envious and selfish than a Socialist.

  25. Report: Migrants Make up Half of Norwegian Welfare Recipients (breitbart, Nov 19, 2017)

    “Norwegian Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Anniken Hauglie has raised alarm bells after a report has revealed that migrants account for half of the welfare beneficiaries in the country.

    The report, which comes from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), claims that not only are a disproportionate number of migrants receiving welfare, but many are living below the poverty line. Minister Hauglie has warned that the poor migrants could be forming an underclass in Norwegian society, Verdens Gang reports.

    “The report confirms that one of the main causes of poverty in Norway is immigration. 28.5 per cent of immigrants live in sustained low income,” Hauglie said.

    “It’s alarming. The worst thing that can happen is that immigrants and refugees become their own subclass in Norwegian society,” she added.

    From 2011 to 2015, the poverty rate in Norway has increased from 7.7 per cent to 9.3 per cent. Immigrants, though they only make up 16.8 per cent of the total population, account for 28.5 per cent of all people considered to be in poverty in the country.

    “To reduce poverty in Norway, more immigrants have to work,” Hauglie said. “Without language, it is difficult to get in the Norwegian labour market,” she added and recommended that more emphasis is put on having migrants learn Norwegian and not put them in jobs where they do not have frequent contact with native speakers…”

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