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  1. ‘Islamophobic’ Jury Didn’t Have Enough Muslims, Says Convicted Rapist (breitbart, Nov 2, 2017)

    “A man imprisoned for 12 years for raping and making death threats to his wife has launched an appeal because he says the jury contained too many white Catholics and not enough Muslims.

    The man, convicted at Ireland’s Central Criminal Court in 2016, argued the jury was too ethnically and religiously “homogenous” to be fair and insisted the jury should have been warned about potential issues surrounding race and religion, The Times reports.

    Ronan Munro, the senior counsel for the defence, said that Islamophobia would mean the jury had preconceptions about how Muslims treat women and complained that the judge had not spoken about religion or the fact the man was married to the victim.

    During the trial, it was alleged that the man told his wife that she was a “commodity” he could have sex with whenever he wanted because they were living together, he explained.

    The jury of 11 men and one woman, including one non-white person, convicted him of raping his wife at their home in May 2014 and of threatening to cut her face and kill her.

    Mr. Munro claimed he was not accusing the jury of bias but demanded the jury should have been given a tailored warning because of the “hot topic” issue around Muslims today.

    He also claimed that not enough Muslims were called for jury service because of the electoral roll system, and presented academic studies purporting to show that Ireland was already awash with ‘Islamophobia’.

    Mary Rose Gearty, SC, for the Counsel for the Director of Public Prosecutions, rebuffed the claims and insisted the trial judge “rightly” refused to give a specific warning to the jury or special treatment to the case…”

  2. Number of Asylum Seekers Doubles in Two Years, As Germany Admits it has Lost Track of 30,000 Illegals (breitbart, Nov 2, 2017)

    “The number of asylum seekers and refugees in Germany has more than doubled in two years according to the latest figures from the Federal Statistics Office, but the nation is struggling to keep track of all the new arrivals.

    At the end of 2016 the number of people seeking asylum had hit 1.6 million, a rise of 113 per cent compared to the end of 2014. The figure is likely to have risen even further since.

    German newspaper Handelsblatt reports the breakdown of the 1.6 million figure, with 872,000 holding a “humanitarian residence permit”, and 158,000 in the country despite having had their asylum applications rejected. Of those, 75 per cent were given a “tolerance” — suspending the requirement for them to leave the country.

    In addition to those who had decisions made on their asylum status, there were another 573,000 whose applications for asylum hadn’t been ruled upon at all.

    Yet the 1.6 million figure could be even higher as the agency had excluded some 392,000 individuals for whom it was not clear whether they were asylum seekers or not.

    Of those arrivals who came in 2016, nearly two-thirds are men, while the largest foreign groups came from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

    The figures are further complicated by the admission of the Federal Ministry for the Interior, as reported by Welt, that many of the migrants who have their asylum applications rejected and are supposed to be deported instead disappear. While there is no clear figure of how many people may have vanished this way — a legacy of Germany’s chaotic handling of the migrant crisis — German press state is could be as high as 30,000.

    Despite the apparently large numbers of people involved, according to the statistical bureau, the 1.6 million migrants seeking protection in Germany constituted just 16 per cent of all foreigners in the country, in which one in five of all residents are from a foreign background.

    Breitbart London reported on the migration landmark in October as the number of foreign residents in Germany hit 18.6 million, with some German regions reaching as high as 30.5 per cent non-German.”

  3. UK Spending Almost £1m a Day in Foreign Aid on Asylum Seekers and Illegal Migrants in Britain (breitbart, Nov 2, 2017)

    “Home Office contributions to Britain’s foreign aid budget totalling £362 million a year are mostly spent on illegal migrants and asylum seekers in the UK.

    The enormous sum, equivalent to almost one million pounds sterling every day, makes up part of an even larger total spend, legally enshrined at 0.7 per cent of GDP by the David Cameron administration and estimated to stand at some £13.3 billion as of 2016.

    The money, the “majority” of which is spent on covering accommodation, meals, and other expenses for asylum seekers in Britain — most of whom arrive in the country illegally — could have been used to provide the cash-strapped National Health Service (NHS) with an extra 17,000 qualified staff nurses, reports the Daily Express.

    Responding to the revelations, UK Independence Party home affairs spokesman Jane Collins MEP pointed out that “the job of the Home Office is to protect our borders, not to fund those who illegally slip through them”…”

  4. Qatar Spends £400k to Push Arabic Language and Culture in British Schools (breitbart, Nov 2, 2017)

    “Qatar is spending £400,000 to promote the teaching of Arabic language and culture in British classrooms, according to reports.

    The Qatar Foundation International (QFI) — a nonprofit founded by Qatari royal and Al Jazeera creator Sheikh bin Al Thani — is donating the money to a British Council initiative aimed at increasing the number of UK schools which offer Arabic as a foreign language.

    According to The Times, £70,000 of the cash gift will be spent opening Arabic language and culture programmes at nine schools in Britain, four of which are in Northern Ireland, three in Essex, one in Cardiff, and one in Bradford.

    Carine Allaf, director of programmes at QFI, said: “The Arabic language and Arab culture programme will ensure hundreds more students at schools across the UK are equipped with the 21st century skills they will need to participate in a more global future.”

    While the number of entries for GCSE Arabic rose from 3,780 in 2015 to 4,211 in 2016, the language — which a British Council report said would become “the second most vital” for the UK in the next two decades — is taught at one per cent of schools.

    Schools advisor at the council, Vicky Gough, said: “It is important that many more young people are given the opportunity to learn this language.”…”

  5. Women Sexually Assaulted By ‘North African, Arab’ Migrants in Cologne on Halloween (breitbart, Nov 2, 2017)

    “German police officers in the city of Halle were attacked by a gang of “youths” on Halloween night, and police in Cologne were forced to call for reinforcements due to sex attacks and violence from young migrant men.

    In Cologne, police had to call for reinforcements after drunken men, described as North Africans and Arabs, gathered near the site of the infamous Cologne New Year’s Eve sex attacks.

    Police say that there were “numerous brawls and disputes” and “three women were sexually harassed”, with two men being arrested in connection with the sex attacks, reports German news magazine Focus.

    A total of 33 individuals were arrested as a preventative measure and the situation deescalated shortly afterwards…”

    • “German police officers in the city of Halle were attacked by a gang of “youths” on Halloween night, and police in Cologne were forced to call for reinforcements due to sex attacks and violence from young migrant men.

      These German cops really need to start providing immigrant malefactors with a complimentary “wood shampoo” (i.e., repeated application of billy club to skull).

    • Zombie riot? Clashes with police turn festive celebrations into Halloween horror in Germany

      Disturbances broke out in several German cities, including Hamburg and Berlin, where groups of youths attacked passers-by and police as hundreds of young people celebrated Halloween across the country.

      Eggs and fireworks were hurled at law-enforcement officers in Hamburg, where several hundred youths rioted in three districts, Zeit Online reported. Six young people were detained, with two criminal cases initiated.

      Police had to reinforce their presence outside Cologne Cathedral over reports of “heavily intoxicated and aggressive groups of men,” in the city center, who were mostly of North African or Arab origin, according to Zeit.

      In Berlin, around 100 young people attacked passers-by and policemen. Many law-enforcement officials wore helmets and protective vests. “We had to summon our colleagues for support several times,” a police spokesman said, as cited by Zeit. Two teenagers aged 15 and 16 were briefly detained for causing serious bodily harm.

      Although the zombie walk in downtown Essen was largely peaceful, disturbances broke out at the railway station, forcing local authorities to close services for around an hour. Approximately 200 men reportedly gathered in small groups around the railway station. Some altercations occurred between them and participants of the zombie walk,</strong with verbal assaults and “a few offenses” hurled by both sides, Volker Stall of the Federal Police said, as cited by Der Spiegel.

      Massenausschreitungen nach Zombie-Walk in Essen: OB Kufen hat Angst vor … –

  6. BREAKING: Huge explosion blasts doors off a nightclub in Sweden sparking bomb fears (express, Nov 3, 2017)

    “A bomb squad has been called to the Babel nightclub in the centre of Malmö.

    Police chief officer Magnus Lefèvre said: “There has been some blow on the club, but we do not know what has been detonated.

    “The bomb group and technicians are on your way to investigating it.”

    No reports of casualties have emerged so far – the club was reportedly closed during the time of the explosion…”

  7. At least 56,000 migrants including criminals and illegal immigrants on the run in Britain (express, Nov 3, 2017)

    “AT LEAST 56,000 foreign nationals – including criminals and illegal migrants – are on the run in Britain.

    They should have been deported but the Home Office has lost track of them.

    Potentially dangerous offenders who have given officials the slip include those who were held but then released into the community.

    A damning report by an independent inspector on the security shambles made “difficult reading”, ministers admitted yesterday.

    It warned there was “little evidence” that effective action was being taken to locate the bulk of absconders, with nearly a third of planned deportations failing because of last-ditch legal challenges…”

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