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3 Replies to “Brad Johnson interview on Global Warming, and current terror threats”

  1. Every single one of those guys who went to fight for ISIS should be hunted down relentlessly, tried quickly, and then hanged by the neck until dead. The idea of letting them come back as if nothing happened is an insult to humanity. People who commit crimes against humanity should pay with their lives and humanity itself should be defended against such unspeakable evil. People have to know there will be no villa in France waiting for them when it’s over…

    • That is what should be done, right now Donald Trump is the only western leader with brains enough to see this and courage enough to do it. This is why the others hate him, he shows them up for the sniveling cry babies they are.

  2. I hope you are right about Hillary and the other high ranking Dems going to the pen, if they don’t the rule of law is dead in the US.

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