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10 Replies to “Posters allegedly placed around the general area of Prof. Jordan Peterson’s home”

  1. I think that everybody should send the e-mail to the address provided, with our thoughts regarding Dr. Jordan Peterson. I am sure that our thoughts would be QUITE different for the ones expected by the people who made the posters.

  2. I’ve been totally expecting this for a while now. Jordan Peterson could be the biggest enemy the left faces and I’ve been wondering when they were going to figure that out and come for him. I was expecting a female student to come out of the woodwork and accuse him of sexual improprieties alleged to have occurred ten years ago, but this poster will do. You’d better believe the American Bridge Foundation and others have agents working on the good professor as we type, and they will find out if he got a speeding ticket 30 years ago and if any of his students bear him a grudge…

    And shame on these leftists for calling Peterson a racist and a Nazi and a misogynist and a homophobe. He is none of those things. But he does make a very good case for the complete abandonment of postmodernism and the halving of the university budgets – including the complete elimination of women’s studies and gender studies and protest 101 and safe spaces and microaggressions and political correctness all the stupid bullshit that has grown onto universities over the years.

    They should be afraid of Jordan because he’s right and they damn well know it. I just hope they don’t succeed in shutting him up or worse because they are definitely going to try…

  3. Shameful, but what do you expect from these braindead retards full of bad faith and bile. (Piss and vinegar, we used to call it.)

    Notice how no one has claimed ownership of these posters, talk about anonymous “poison pen” letters like how folks got denounced to the KGB, the Stasi or the Gestapo…

    Those silly buggers should go and take their medicine and cuddle their teddy bears instead of messing around with serious issues.

    They don’t even have the decency to give the man his credentials: Prof. or Dr. or anything.


    • Yes, they are silly, moronic, idiotic, sleazy and cowardly: they are Antifa, after all. But don’t underestimate their capacity for harm: they are also truly dangerous.

  4. There’s a direct line from those placing these posters to those who painted “Kauft nicht bei Juden” on jewish businesses in the 30’ies and early 40’ies of the last century . Ideologically blinded as they are , they’ll probably never realize that their hatred today is no different than the hatred from the nazis back then . Got to be brain-amputees , can’t think of any rational reason for acting like this…

  5. I am sure that he knows that the next step for the antifa types is to physically attack their political enemies. It won’t be during a demonstration or during a speech but in an ambush as he gets into a car or is going into his house. Everyone that is fighting against antifa in the west is at risk of this type of attack. The next stage after that (and it is a very short step to the next stage) is assassination of their political enemies. If the politicians order the police to soft pedal the investigations the internment camps will quickly follow.

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