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6 Replies to “Italian Psychiatrist argues with leftist on the merits of not having enormous 3rd world illegal migration”

  1. Leftists don’t want to hear the truth, whether it’s presented calmly or shouted at them since it’s a part of their “religious” dogma. If the beautiful blonde Kafir is groped, or raped or mugged, she might change her mind. Or maybe not.

  2. He is worried about out of control immigration and she is trying to change the discussion to gun control. Well the US with an armed citizenry are better equipped to survive this mess then the Europeans who have given up their weapons in the illusion of security. They are losing their national identities and are unable to accept that their governments can’t or more properly won’t protect them.

    What she and the other leftists in the world don’t want anyone to understand is that the places with the highest rates of gun violence are the ones with the strictest gun control laws. Most people in the US understand this which is why the left is having so much trouble passing any new gun control laws.

    What she and other leftists seem to be unable to grasp is that the situation in most European nations are so bad that only martial law is the only hope of providing any thing resembling security and that this will be at best a temporary solution.Although as the regular readers know I think that the declaration of martial law and the establishment of dictators in the European Nations is the goal of the left. Both the left and the Moslems are playing each other in the hopes that they will be able to take over the world in the coming chaos. Chaos that it is way too late to avoid, over the past 25 or so years there have been a dozen or more times when the coming war could have been stopped but the left refused to let us do anything to stop the coming chaos.

  3. I know exactly how he feels. If any of those women would just shut their mouths and open their ears for one second and took an honest look at what the street riff-raff of Libya, Eritrea, Somalia and Nigeria look like and imagine having a few thousand of them move right into their neighborhood. Remember when Lara Logan got gang raped by those guys in Cairo? Well that’s who you’d be getting by the tens-of-thousands – those guys. And remember that violent guys with tiny IQs don’t take kindly to explanations or arguments. Those things make them angry and make them think that you think you’re better than they are – so forget about talking…

    It’s as if liberals are in a coma and just can’t hear what’s being said or see what’s going on. They’re so intent on proving themselves morally superior that they blot out any and all discussion. It is so infuriating. They just won’t listen…

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