Gay march against Putin, a curious RCMP action and more: Links 1, Oct. 23, 2017

1. One of those pesky tabs I have had open for a week intending to do something with it but always being overwhelmed with immediate things to be done, never got to. This video bugs me as they are propagating the myth that its somehow Putin responsible for the horrific treatment of homosexuals in the utterly Islamic province of the former USSR, Chechnya. This march is yet more proof that professional identity groups, whether its homosexual, Jewish, black or whatever, are shilling for Islam against the West and all states which are ethnographic nationalist but not Arab, black or Chinese, or Islamic.

Its like watching J street or other professional Jewish groups agitate against Israel. A Soros tactic from the ground on down.

Even a cursory look into the leaders of Chechnya at this time show that they are highly devout muslims who have a profoundly genocidal view of gay people.

2. Here is a story worth keeping an eye on. RCMP blocked off a street in Moncton NB. and was calling a specific man out by name, but there is no mention of what that name is.

3. AT LAST! A British MP makes sense!

The only way to deal with IS fighters coming back to the UK is to kill them.

It is in fact, the only practical way. Anything else will lead to mass killings of indigenous British people.

4. A fair interview of President Trump where is allowed to represent himself.

His claim that the Uranium One issue is a very very serious charge would seem obvious. But will it track? Will it get the attention and legal consequences it deserves, or that any other spy against US interests would get? Certainly Hillary thought so.

5. Identitarian Activists Unfurl Giant ‘Defend London, Stop Islamisation’ Banner on Westminster Bridge

Identitarian movement activists unveiled a large banner on Westminster Bridge Monday morning, their anti-Islamification message facing directly onto Britain’s Houses of Parliament.

The banner, which read besides the movement’s name and lambda symbol ‘Defend London Stop Islamisation’, is the latest in a string of Identitarian stunts across European cities, bringing attention to the anti-mass migration cause of the group.


Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, and many many more watching the news and sending in both information and corrections. There is a lot going on so look back to this site probably late tonight or tomorrow for a refutation of some ludicrous main-stream media taqiyya.


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  1. #3 Kill returning fighters:
    Isn’t she smart, much smarter than us. Isn’t she slick, don’t agitate other young people…
    Well madam, look in the mirror. It was your son that went to Syria and killed, not mine.
    And no, I don’t want them back here. Hell, any rational person wouldn’t want them in their society after their murder vacation camp.
    Look in the mirror lady. You helped build a traitor. I have no sympathy for you and yes, I would kill your son rather than set him loose in our society. I would do it myself and not think twice about it. People like your son should have two choices; stay in whatever hell hole he and his jihadi friends can find or, die.

    • Three imprinted souls:
      Revert, Convert and Invert.
      Islam, Socialism, Sexsquirrelity;
      All will claim they’re whole.
      Three ghoulish spirits:
      Pacifist, Communist, Feminist.
      Peace, Fraterity, Liberty
      Parading Useful Idiots.

      • Three Tribes go for war
        Caliphate, State and Mate.
        Ancient, Ground Zero, Modernity.
        They can’t unlearn. They saw.
        And now return and want to wear
        Pride, Preference and Impunity.
        Sons and daughters you’ll give up
        When they overwhelm the law.

    • You said it, Babs!
      And as a mother of soldier son who fought for us, you nail it.

      Such toxic moral relativism, what a noxious spew! Nothing’s good or bad, everything goes if you “contextualize it”. I wonder what kind of example she set for her kid, how she explained away her personal corruption. Cheating on dad, stealing when no one’s looking, facile lies. What a piece of work!

      Watching her, I get the concept of “honor killing”. A Boston police captain, a first-responder at the Marathon Bombing, found pressure-cooker bomb fixings in his son’s room. He turned him in to the FBI, said he’d take him out himself otherwise.

  2. At this point in time this is the only rational action towards the returning ISIS fighters, they haven’t changed and will simple move their massive thirst for blood and death to all of the European nations they left. the solution is barbaric but the left has worked to destroy civilization and re-instate barbarism as the default state of humanity. Very well in our fight to retain our national identities let us embrace barbarism with all of its faults and crimes, let us save our nations and then begin the long walk back to civilization and the rule of law. After all civilized people can learn to act like barbarians much easier and quicker then barbarians can learn to act like civilized people.

    • Your beloved dog gets rabies. You put him down.
      It’s just that simple.

      Later, you grieve. You curse yourself for not getting him inoculated, skimping on vets’ fees. You didn’t pay attention when you heard about sick raccoons found in the neighborhood. Too lazy to take him for a walk, you let him alone to run wild.

      Maybe you join the ASPCA. Donate toward to the Free Shots Fund.
      Rescue an abandoned mutt. You know better now.

      • I know what you are saying, yes they are rabid dogs that need to be put down. In the long run this will be the decision that most people will make, yet I still want the liberty to rail against the return to barbarism even when, especially when I see the need for our deliberately throwing away a little more of the hard won civilization. As time passes I am growing more convinced that Robert Howard was right, barbarism is the default setting for mankind. This is a sad conclusion, but there is a good side barbarians are also great explorers so this return may accelerate the exploration of space and move some of mankind from this fragile basket we ride on to other baskets increasing the chances that mankind will survive.

        We have invited the barbarians into the city and our home grown barbarians are joing them to destroy the city. I feel bad about all of the great art, all of he great books, all of the great music and movies that we are going to lose. This is why I try to keep as many of the books I like, the movies I like and the music I like because the more copies of all of the above that is spread out the better chance they will survive.

        • If you are going to save some movies please save some of the Hammer horror movies of the 50s and 60s. They didn’t bastardize the genera and make the monsters into the good guys. I am sick of good vampires.

          • Funny you should mention that. I blame Mary Shelly for a lot of the bullshit philosophy we have today. And her lineage and husband’s lineage bears it out. We talk about it in the panel chat I had with the Norwegians that I posted last night in fact.

            • I mentioned them because there were a couple of early hammer Dracula movies on the classic movie channel and I was thinking about how much better they are then the modern versions with the “good” vampires.

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