A few links on Halal food and a possible way of avoiding it

First this terrifying video from Rebel Media from July, 2016:

Secondly, one of the most widely read articles Vlad ever did. An original translation by Bear, from a French veterinarian about the health issues connected to Halal slaughter and why.

Thirdly, a Facebook link dedicated to the halal food scam in Canada, much of which applies to the USA.

And last, something I have been looking to find for some time now.

There is an app that will let you identify halal certified foods that doesn’t add your personal information to an Islamic organization’s data base. Its called Buycott.

Below is the logo from the various application sources. You install, and select OTHER in the campaigns tab and one of the options is boycott halal, which does have many thousands of registered users. You then have to ID yourself with either Facebook (bad idea) or an email which means you can use any email you can access but doesn’t have to have your name. Gmail addresses are pretty much impossible to trace I am told.

I have no personal experience with this yet, but plan to try it out the next couple of weeks at the places I typically buy food stuffs. Here is hoping its all good.


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