More on Comey-Clinton, explosions and UN treachery: Links 1, Oct. 18, 17

1. Huma Abeden, Wiener, emails create more problems for Clinton

2. UN caught blackmailing companies to cut ties with Israel, Jews

The United Nations Human Rights Council is pressuring a major Israeli telecommunications company to cease operations in disputed areas of the Jewish state or face a potential designation as a human rights abuser, according to a copy of communications sent by the Human Rights Council that is being viewed as an attempt to blackmail international corporations into boycotting the Jewish state.

3. George Soros transfers $18B to open society foundation

Here is an interesting look at George Soros:

4. No, Islamic State group has not been defeated – BBC News

The above video is pure multiculti propaganda. And its rather perfect proof of the expression, “A half truth is the damnedest of lies”. The entire video is a desperate attempt to blame Islamic jihad on something like a polity. It is claiming that despite the Islamic State no longer being in existence, it is somehow still responsible for Islamic terror thanks to American and other geopolitical ambitions in the region.

Nowhere does it speak of Islamic history and how perfectly consistent Islamic terror has been for 1400 years with a slight lull after WW1.

This is another BBC attempt at deflection and a fairly disgusting one, and one that lends more weight to the notion that truth, obvious persistent and clear truth, about Islam, its history, scripture and current behaviour of followers, is somehow far right propaganda and deserving of 15 years in prison if you look at this evidence.

5. Here is an article about the event at the Romanian Opera that took place which we translated the video for you. It is actually written in a pretty fair manner.

6. Sweden bomb: Powerful explosion heard at entrance to Helsingborg police station.

(If this is anything, there will be videos translated to follow)

Swedish authorities say a powerful explosion outside a police station in southern Sweden has caused significant damage to the building.


There have been no injuries and nobody has been arrested. 

Police haven’t said what caused the blast at the police station in Helsingborg.


The country’s top police official, Dan Eliasson, called it “an attack against society.”

(No one injured means it probably was not muslims, but no one arrested could mean it was!)

7. Sessions Tells Senators he Urged Comey Firing

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., EB., Richard, Yucki, and many many more.

This just in: Two key figures associated with Trump dossier take the fifth



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    • We’ve got to be grateful there’s such a dearth of real news – wars, natural disasters, celebrity obits – the Wash [com]Post resorts to this rubbish.

      Even rich old men are supposed to mouth fashionable pieties or just shut up. Yeah, right, try it next time somebody’s grandpa is wound-up and “on”.

      This was meant to intimidate us, that’s all. Showing us the new, more constricted red-lines. A text-lesson from the mouthpiece of the CIA.

  1. ISIS hasn’t been defeated just as al Qaeda hasn’t be defeated, both groups have been damaged but are still active and are planning new attacks in the West. In the Middle East the war has shifted to a game between Iran and Turkey over control of that region with Russia stirring the pot and Israel working to prevent Iran completing their land bridge to the Mediterranean. The US is playing catch up due to the damage that Obama did to the US and our alliances around the world, we are now faced with the very difficult job of continuing to supply the Kurds, cutting off supplies to the terrorist groups Obama supported and helping Israel in their fight against Iran and the Iranian puppets.

    You can add helping Saudi in their fight against Iran and the Iranian puppets to the South of Saudi.

    Welcome to the world created by the left in their war to destroy civilization.


      On October 17, the US Special Envoy for the US-led coalition Brett McGurk visited the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)-held Ayn Issa town in the northern Raqqa countryside along with Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for Arabian Gulf Affairs Thamer al-Sabhan, according to Syrian opposition sources.

      Al-Sabhan is the former Saudi Ambassador to Iraq.

      According to the sources, McGurk and al-Sabhan met with the SDF’s Raqqa Civil Council to discuss the rebuilding of Raqqa city. The sources added that al-Sabhan met with many leaders of Syrian Arab tribes in Raqqa. This was the first time when a Saudi official visited the SDF-held areas, and publicly met with officials of the SDF.

      The real aim of the visit for sure goes beyond supporting the rebuilding of Raqqa city. The US might be pushing the Saudis to become a sponsor of the SDF.

      While Saudi Arabia and the SDF share some goals in Syria, they also disagree on many matters. For example, the SDF wasn’t invited by Saudi Arabia to the Syrian opposition meeting in Riyadh on August 21. And from its side, many political leaders of the SDF blamed Saudi-sponsored Syrian opposition groups on many occasions.

      Due to this, the US will need serious efforts to convince Saudi Arabia to become the supporter of the SDF, as the US may seek to decrease its direct support to the SDF after ISIS is defeated.

      In a related development, US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said at briefing on October 18 that US will “take the lead” in an effort to clear rubble and restore basic services in Raqqa, according to Reuters Agency.

      “The United States and our allies have prepared for next steps and will continue to work with partners to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need and support the stabilization efforts in Raqqa and other liberated areas,” Nauert said.

      Experts believe that running the Arab city of Raqqa will be a challenge for the Kurdish-dominated SDF even with the US support. If the SDF tries to implement some of its questionable policies in there, like forcing people to learn the Kurdish language, it will likely fail to run the city.

      Meanwhile, the newly formed Qeyam Movement continued its attacks against Kurdish units across the SDF-held area. The group released a new video claiming that another member of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) was killed by its members. The Qeyam Movement is an Arab anti-SDF group operating in the SDF-held area.


    • Syria: McGurk And AlSabhan Visit Raqqa Civil Council

      The Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition, Brett H. McGurk, and the Saudi Minister of State for Gulf Affairs, Thamer AlSabhan visited the temporary headquarters of Raqqa Civil Council in the town of Ayn Issa, north of Raqqa city, in order to provide support to the Council.

      + video

  2. Money quote: “The more she talks, the more the President [Trump] loves it.”

    Hillary’s inability to keep her mouth shut will prove one of the most damaging aspects of her entire post-2016 campaign or total political career.

    There are few more convincing people that might persuade the voting public as to why Democrats engaged in one of that party’s most corrupt and self-indicting initiatives.

    Welcome to hell, Hillary. There are few others who could ever be more deserving of that destination.

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