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6 Replies to “Pat Condell: Europe Is Killing Itself”

  1. What to say as we watch daily carnage and polarization of communities.
    People will start killing each other on the streets if this doesn’t stop.

    • That is coming and coming sooner then people think, the surprising thing is that it hasn’t started before this. It will start in one country and spread like the wildfires burning down California and the Iberian peninsula.

    • To the choir maybe but not an empty church. We spread the word where & when we can. There are pockets of resistance as Cordell points out.

  2. As usual Pat Condell nails it. Our only hope is in the Visigrad Four, the new Austrian government, possibly Trump if he gets out from under Neo-Con control. Our politicians and ‘leaders’ in Western Europe are like robots programmed only to work at children’s parties when they need to be programmed for street fighting.

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